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I looked for so long at the shelters website where I got some of my crew that I still feel somehow compelled to look. 


I want you guys to please take a look at this wonderful boy up for adoption.  His time is running out and I imagine he would have already been adopted, had he only been yellow instead of black.  Please take a look at him and note the bottom of the paragraph that says, “I am house broken and an all around great dog.”  Maybe somebody will see this and adopt him…….




PS…Note about the little black rescue dog.  The lady took her to my Vet and he confirmed my suspicion, she had been burned at one time, badly.  He said her hair will never re-grow over that scar due to the severity of the burn.  She also tested positive for heart worm…….


  1. Those poor little puppies.  Thank you for looking out for them.

  2.   If only I could….seeing stuff like that and thinking about them being put down makes me want to cry…poor babies… : (  Some day I’ll have tons of them….(and lots of land for them to enjoy)

  3. Some of my foster babies are listed on Petfinder. 
    You know what my other dream for my micro farm is… To turn it into a mini Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  How cool would that be??!!!
    I hope some of the soreness is easing from the fall the other day.

  4. I think they should, if they could, make all animal shelters, non killing ones.  The one in my city doesn’t euthanize animals and that makes me feel good. With my job I got to travel out into the country and I met many a person that had safe houses for animals. I wanted to take many an animal home.
    Unfortunately, my border collie mix has been by herself for so long that she is such a stong personality she won’t tolerate other dogs. All she has ever wanted to do with our cats is herd them. She would never hurt them,  Everynow and then she’ll find a dog that she will bond with but it;s on her own terms. She had a boyfriend once but he moved away. She’s very people oriented and wants to be with people. To make a long story short, I don;t think I could have another dog around her. She would be extremely jealous of it and fuss at it all the time.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Thanks for featuring that beautiful lab mixwithall the exposure your site gets,I hope it helps him find a home,they are such wonderful animals.I have never seen one that wasn’t great with kids.                                                                                                          Let me guess,the lady with the little black dog has not got the funds to undergo heartworm treatment,let alone any treatment for the horrible burn scar,poor baby.                                                                                                            I hope you are feeling better now,i got pulled down last month by Pete,(doesn’t know his own strength)All the while I am trying to see if i can even get back up,he’s exploring my aunts garden.Eventually had no choice but to let him of the leash just to get up. He is training with a halti now.With the fibromyalgia an muscle injury is twice as hard to get over. Get plenty of rest,(yeah right).                                                                          

  6. … if I could only give homes to all the dogs that need them! Hopefully I hit the big  jackpot power ball and open up a "forever home"  place for all these souls who need one…

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