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Anybody that reads a lot generally has a favorite author and/or a favorite type of book they read.  I would say my all time favorite is Elise Lufkin……I have read her books numerous times, almost too numerous to mention.  Prior to MSN’s spaces partnering with, I had mentioned Elise Lufkin’s books “Found Dogs” and “Second Chances” in random blogs.  These are books I always recommend people read if they are even considering adopting a dog…..They are full of true, wonderful stories about dogs who have found a second chance at life. 


These books are two of my most favorite books ever. Being able to post my favorite books on my BLOG was a sheer bonus for me.    Not only have I checked them out repeatedly, read and reread them over and over.  I have purchased the books multiple times as gifts for friends whom I thought would appreciate the books…..leaving myself no copies…..hence the constant borrowing from the library.  I am at the library on average 3 times a week, and I don’t think I could count the number of times I have checked out these books in the last few years.  A seriously ridiculous amount. 


I checked both books out this past weekend because I wanted to do a short book review on my BLOG, mention my favorite stories from both books, etc.  Sierah was with me and said, “Mom, how many times are you going to check these books out?”  *eye roll* 


While searching for a link for people to follow from my BLOG, for the book “Second Chances” I came across a Web page for the book.  I was surprised to find one, book marked it and decided to go back and maybe submit a story at a later date.


A few days ago, I made my way back and left a link for my blog……I think I suggested to look at my “Stellar Stories.”  Leaving a post and kind of assuming I would never hear anything back.


Much to my surprise I received an email today in regard to the link, saying she wasn’t able to take the link to my BLOG and asked that I cut and paste a story on the site.  I sent another email in return, agreed to post something about one of my rescue dogs, and again tried a link to my BLOG.  bla bla bla.


So imagine my surprise when I received a return email from Elise Lufkin herself.  *scream of joy*  I think I took a double take at the “from” line……I was like, “No, way….it cant be.  It IS!  OMG, I cant wait to tell Sierah”……..(She seriously might be the only person who might understand what a big deal this is to me.)  Yes, I am a total dork and I know it!


Elise sent be a beautiful email….. she enjoyed the BLOG, photos of the dogs and kids, the story of the little rescue dog, thanked me for featuring her books on the blog, suggested I write a little something for my favorite magazine “Bark”, told me about a new book she is working on, (I cant wait) and closed her post with this line……..drum roll please….. “If you give me your address, I’d like to send you signed copies of my books.   Elise”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Autographed copies of my favorite books sent from the Author herself……. Somebody pinch me!  Woo-Hoo! 


I cried tiny little happy tears……yup……I am a total goober……I know it and I am happy as can be that my most favorite author in the world emailed me today.  (I will now start stalking the mailman)


Somebody pinch me!  


Elise, you are the best!