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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Today I pick Sierah up from the airport; she should be nice and brown from the Florida sun.  I spoke to her daily while she was gone, I just wish I could have spent some more time with her before she heads back to IU.  (In two days.) 


Thursday while at my family site (apartment comples) I saw some kids chasing a cat.  This black and white cat that has went from apartment to apartment.  He was originally with a young lady who was living in her unit with no electricity prior to me evicting her.  When she left she just chucked the cat outside to fend for himself. 


A week or so later I saw him at another apartment and he literally looked like he was trying to escape from a window upstairs…….So then on Thursday while I was driving the grounds I noticed a group of kids throwing rocks and stuff at something……I thought for a moment it was another child, but it was a cat…..the black and white cat.


I yelled for the kids to stop and they all ran off, and the cat was long gone.


About 2 hours later while eating lunch at my desk I caught a black and white blur out of the corner of my eye.  It was the cat, he was frantic and panting, it was almost 100 degrees out and he sought shelter from the sun under my van. 


I ran outside calling “kitty, kitty, kitty”……I got a long “Meeeoooooow” in return.  It took me almost an hour to coax him out but I finally got a hold of him and headed into my office with him. 


He didn’t seem none to happy about being picked up or me walking quickly toward my office with him but once we got inside the air-conditioned office, I gave him a drink of water and he sniffed out every inch of my office, rubbed all over me, he jumped up onto my desk and flopped down on a stack of papers……he then proceeded to start cleaning himself, and gave me that look like, “This will do….”


That’s when I noticed what appeared to be ketchup and mustard on him… appeared someone had been throwing food at him.  His hair was just falling out by the handful, I don’t know if its from stress or poor food, but the skinny guy seemed at ease in my office.


On the way home in the van he escaped from the cardboard box I had placed him in for the trip, he made two laps around the van then settled down on my lap, feet up on the door, looking out the window like a dog.  He road the entire way home like that.


He has been at the house for about 4 or 5 days now and has settled in nicely.  Charlie Tuna isn’t too happy about the arrangement but he seeks refuge from the new kitty in my bedroom lying directly on top of me making sure he rubs his scent on me from head to toe.


The new kitty is adjusting well to the dogs and bats them in the nose if they get too close.  He spends most of his day following me around, relaxing in any one of the million windows in my house or on the screened in front porch stretched out on his blanket……. eating or pooping.  He certainly seems to be making up for any lost meals.  Not only that, he also eats anything I am eating…..a serious little piggy.


I am going to take him to the vet next week for shots and a check up but he has already gained weight.  He is doing great.


Now I just have to think of a name for him……any ideas?



 (PS, my camera is broken, but while Sierah is home I will snap a couple photos of him and post them.) 

I road my bike to work today. Can you believe it?   (And yes, I am still up and walking)  Phew! 


Normally this wouldn’t work out because I work out of two offices daily and they are rather far apart, (much too far for me to peddle between them) but today I am working only half a day because I have to get Sierah to the airport by about 12:30…. and then register the younger kids for school once her flight leaves….so I took half the day off.


This morning I decided to try out my new/old bike, purchased directly from the Goodwill.  (It cost $39.00 and seriously looks like Napoleon Dynamites bike…if that doesn’t help describe it, it looks like a bike from “Leave it to Beaver”….  it just needs a wicker basket on the front of it…lol)


Sierah is picking the bike and me up at noon.  (Thank goodness because it’s 98 degrees out.)Confused


I loved riding my bike to work……I seriously did.  Other than the fact I may need one of those really fat padded seats for my big rear end, it was great.  It had been so long since I had road a bike I felt kind of wobbly at first.  Plus the breaks squeak so darn loud people from across the street at the gas station turned and looked to see what the noise was when I hit the breaks before I went over the bumpy railroad tracks.  I couldn’t do anything other than laugh…. and then pray no one I knew was over there pumping gas.  (and make a mental note to myself….*have someone fix stupid LOUD @ss breaks.)


Well…’s time for me to head to the airport and see my baby off to the Sunny State of Florida…….lil turd……wish I was going……ugh.