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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Sometimes things simple things happen that make you realize how lucky you are.  That is what happened to me this past weekend at the lake. 


Sierah, Marcus, Stacy and I decided to take a day trip to a nearby lake.  This is a State Park that I first visited when I was 6 days old……I spent nearly every summer there growing up and I have made a point to take my children as often as I possible.


Being there with Marcus and Stacy made me realized how lucky I am to have had those experiences my entire life.  Neither Stacy nor Marcus camped or did anything like that growing up.  Nor did they have pets, etc…Things to me that were as much a part of my life as filling my lungs with air every time I took a breath.


I joked with Stacy telling him I cant imagine his Mom even going to the Lake, (she is a lovely lady who I adore, but scared of bugs and stuff) he said, “We didn’t go to the lake and if we did we would have had to sat in the car with the windows rolled up and the air conditioner on.”


Me on the other hand grew up digging in the dirt, picking and eating vegetables from my Mothers garden, swimming in the pool, carrying home toads and gardener snakes, dragging home stray dogs and hiding them in my bedroom, my dog and I getting sprayed my stray skunks, Tomato Juice baths with my dog to de-skunk us both, knee deep in the slimy crick that ran behind my house with my dog Dino catching tad poles and skipping rocks….as I grew I spent summers at the lake camping, boating, skiing and tubing…….racing go-carts around the track my Dad built in the back yard, riding my horse, riding my brothers motorcycle, jumping off my parents roof into the pool, flying in a twin engine plane on the weekends with my inebriated Dad and Uncle, going to the car races with my brother to watch him race cars and drive in the demolition derby… name it I did it and I loved every minute of it. 


I truly feel blessed to have all of those experiences. 


Now I want to share as many of those as I can with Stacy….Yesterday as he and I sat and watched the boats race across the water it made me want to water ski or ride a jet ski, it brought back memories of learning how to dock the boat and nearly taking out the entire dock and my Dad at the same time, dropping anchor by the lily pads (at 4:00 AM) with my Mom and fishing for hours, my brother spending hours in the boat teaching me how to bare-foot and trick ski, the time I was tubing and lost my bikini bottoms in the lake, watching the fourth of July fire works from the boat while floating in the middle of the lake….the list is endless……all of those memories……and there sat Stacy experiencing the Lake for the first time yesterday.  I wished we could of done more, but I guess just being there was enough.  We had a ball….


It was a strange and wonderful feeling……he loved the lake and wants to return this weekend.  He even wants to camp and he has never been camping before.  I am excited and feel like a kid all over again!  I cant wait and neither can he……



It has been a while since I posted.  Cant say it is for any other reason than simply being busy.


So much has happened since my last post,,,,,, including my boss getting fired.  The same week they fired a lady who has been here for 13 years.  That is scary…..Now as far as my boss goes it really shocked me.  I thought he was doing well……I was absolutely shocked when I got the email. 


Then I felt really bad because so many people thought that I would then get that job.  I wouldn’t WANT that job……it is a preverbal hot seat.  I have had 4 bosses in two years.  Too high of a turn over rate for me.  I want my Brian back!!!


I called Brian at home and asked him what happened…he didn’t really know….they just offered him a nice severance package and sent him packing.  That just sucks.


I haven’t even spoken to the other lady yet but she was one that I saw coming.  Doesn’t make it any easier I guess.  She has worked her for a long time…….two people getting whacked in one week sent a chill thru the rest of us.  Me included.




Sierah’s basketball team is playing in a summer league out of town.  They are playing out of town because last year they “blew out” all of the other Fort Wayne teams by 40 points or more.  It was of no good to them to simply blow out teams, they needed some competition so they decided to get in another league.  (It is a small town about 40 minutes from here.)  They play 4 games a week, two games Tuesday and two games Thursday. 


The interesting part about all of this is the team that is hosting the league is the team we lost to in the Regional last year.  I hate to say it but it is an extremely racist little town and Fort Wayne teams have always had a notoriously hard time playing there.  We all hate to go there because racism is so prevalent.


Sierah’s team is now in this little town blowing out everyone, are the only undefeated team,  won the tournament Saturday, ……our only problem is…… the hosting teams head coach..


During a game (against the team we lost to in Regionals) the head coach came over and started going off on a small group of us.  I guess he was pissed because his team was down by 15 but none of us knew what he was actually talking about.  He kept saying “I’ll put you out if you say one more word, don’t say one more word.”  Bla bla bla, going on and on.   Then he walked away.  We all looked around and said, “Who was he talking to?”    None of us had been talking to the refs, the coaches or anything.  We were yelling for our team.  So he comes back and started the same sh*t, basically harassing us and I said, “No one was talking to you, we were talking amongst ourselves, no one was talking to you!!.”  Well…..that really pissed him off so he kept going off…….I kept saying the same thing.  Now he has me pissed off.


Just then a parent from our team, who was sitting about 5 bleachers back, who also happens to be a Fort Wayne Police Officer says to the coach…..”Speak to them with respect sir.”  The A-hole coach says, “I’ll talk to them any way I want to…….this aint the Fort Wayne league, we’ve got rules in Huntington, I’ll give you your dollar back too and put you out too.  I’ll call the police if I have to.” (Guess he didn’t know he was already talking to the police)  The cop says, “I aint going no damn where, just like them… I didn’t do anything wrong.”   It started an all out war………We all left there so mad.  (This was Tuesday)


Thursday when they returned to play they started the same sh*t.  The head coach even followed me out of the bathroom, down the hall trying to get me to come into the big gym to talk to him alone…..I told him he was crazy I wasn’t going anywhere with him and I had nothing to say to him.  He followed behind me harassing me till I got to where the girls were playing.  If it weren’t for my child, I would have busted that damn guy in the nose right there in the hallway.  He seriously pissed me off.


I’ve got to say it was the most disappointing thing I have seen since my child has been playing High School Basketball……a coach with a serious case of racist behavior, sour grapes, poor sportsmanship, poor coaching professionalism,……the list is endless. It was pure D ugly.


I’m not worried about it though……that old man will get his…not only on the basketball court but you know what?… God hates ugly…..and that includes old, evil, ugly acting basketball coaches.


Let the season begin!  Go South Side!



I purchased a little Escort station wagon for myself Friday……Yes….A station wagon…..ugh……just the thought makes most peoples top lip curl up….including mine but it was available for a great price and only has 21 thousand miles on it.  So….I thought it would be ideal for me to drive for work considering I do so much driving, it is a 4 cylinder, good on gas and runs great.


The interesting thing about the wagon, now affectionately named “Kid tested, mother approved car” is that it has manual everything……no big deal to me, but it brought the strangest comment from my second oldest child when I asked her to lock the door after getting out of it for the first time.


Me:  “Lock the door please because I can’t do it from over here.”

Acacia:  With a puzzled look on her face…..”Just push this thing down?”  Pointing to the door lock.

Me:    Oy.


Now mind you my children have not lived a privileged life, but somehow I guess I have managed to go for years, lucking out, finding cars with power windows and locks.  


I simply don’t have enough money to purchase really nice cars with all the bells and whistles (like Grandpa’s new BMW Z that all you have to do is take the key into the service area, they plug it into a machine and know what if anything is wrong with the car.)…..I always have to purchase car for cash clunkers that get me from A to B with hopefully little or no problems.


Acacia caught me off guard for a moment asking me about the door locks… then we both laughed when I said…. “Yeah, well duh ya goober.”


Guess she forgot about the previous manual locking vehicles I had over the years that were……well……full of personality. 


There was the incredibly ugly Citation that had a door that would periodically swing open when you turned a corner too fast and finally died in the middle of Rudisill Street leaving me walking with 5 children in the middle of summer in 98 degree temperatures… there was the little red Honda hatchback that wasn’t actually big enough to fit all of us so Devon often opted to ride in what we called “the trunk” (not really the trunk, but the hatchback part)….Oh and it wouldn’t start if it got too hot, so you had to always park in the shade, and last but not least….there was the green truck that had a rusted out floorboard that was so bad in fact if you drove thru a puddle doing about 25 mph or so, and didn’t have the floor mat over the hole in the floor you would get soaked….now…..all of these lovely vehicles had manual locking doors.  So tell me how could she possibly forget about all of those memorable cars?….






So I spent half of my day sitting at the Orthodontists office while Sierah had her entire mouth wired up.  I must say I was impressed with the Doctor’s office….it ran like a finely tuned machine.  I was impressed with the Doctor (who also happens to be extremely polite and good-looking) the entire office staff, who all had perfect teeth and smiles and were all incredibly perky despite the early hour, the decked out lobby geared towards kids with built in X-Boxes, Play Stations, plasma TV’s, the incredibly smooth operation of the entire office, the touch screen monitor with photos of the kids on it so the children were able to check themselves in when they get there, the fresh Panera bread…The list is endless….I guess you could say the whole office was great……..but the thing that impressed me the most was the coffee machine….the Keurig Special Edition B-60 Single Cup Brewer.  This is the Cadillac of all coffee machines…….I WANT ONE!  I have to have one.  I love it.  It was so cool……you put a little cup in the top, that is the size of a large creamer, close the lid, pick the size of your cup, set your cup below and bam….in a flash you have perfectly brewed coffee.  What’s not to love about that?


Sierah’s Dad showed up to pay his half of the money and he was also immediately impressed with the office…….I said, “Yeah, and the best part is they have the coolest coffee machine ever.”  He had to go check it out ……he liked it.  He liked it so much in fact he then asked the lady at the desk a line of questions about it, where she got it, where she purchased the little things of coffee, etc. 


I must say I WILL be purchasing myself one of these coffee machines…….but I was thinking….. Since I paid almost $6000 for her braces yesterday ….wouldn’t it seem fair if the orthodontist just threw one in for good measure….?  A “thanks for the 6 grand” kind of gift. 


Seems logical to me…..


Now if he did that……I would be REALLY impressed!



Blog clarification:


The tattoo.  I did receive a tattoo this weekend, but not the sankofa symbol…that will be next, maybe in about 3 weeks on my birthday…the first tattoo was Stacy’s name.  Yes I know this is going to send many of you into a panic but I look at it this way… name has been on his body for 15 years.  About 10 years ago he put my name on him again at the base of his neck…..our time apart, he never removed them.  On the way to the tattoo shop I thought about that over and over.  I decided to put his name over my heart…it will remain there no matter what the future brings us…I took a photo right afterwards, I will post it tonight.  Stacy asked that he and I both get the “sankofa” symbol the same day, in the same location……the meaning is also significant in our relationship.  I agreed…..Disclaimer:  Tattoos are addictive.



The famous football player:


Sorry guys, cant tell ya his name…..but I will tell ya that he played for the Colts years ago then was later traded to another team in another state.  I will tell you though how we met…. because I have always found it kind of interesting. 


I use to go to Indy all of the time with my little brother Mario (he is the top naked guy  in the photo ladies…Click here for a photo of him with clothes on)….and a group of friends of ours, this included my friend who was engaged to Rod Woodson (another football player) at the time……we (thanks to my infamous lil bro) got us into all of the best clubs VIP sections and we met all of the famous people who either lived in Indy or visited Indy….. 


It was in one of these VIP sections that I turned down drinks from that same football player I later dated.  You see I was the designated driver for my friends that evening and was not drinking anything except soda….Just in the club dancing and having fun..  He kept sending me drinks and I kept refusing them, so he then would have to drink my drinks along with his own drinks…..  Finally toward the end of the night he and I danced a few dances, talked for a while……….. it was late so we were drawing the evening to a close……by that time, he was completely inebriated. (I imagine drinking my drinks didn’t help)   His friends had all left him except his buddy who had rode with him….he was drunk too but not nearly as drunk…none the less he was still unable to drive the little sports car home because he didn’t know how to drive a stick.  My drunk friend said no one could drive his car except me (still not sure why he chose me)……So there I was with two big, beautiful, drunk football players……my friends had to take the “buddy” due to the sports car limited seating capabilities and I followed them back to my new friends place, got him out of the car, got him to his condo, up the stairs, into his bed, slid his shoes off, left his keys on the night stand with a note telling him I hoped he felt better in the morning, kissed him on the forehead, locked the door on my way out and went home……


I didn’t see him for weeks…..when I did finally see him again he was like, “Why didn’t you leave me your number….I’ve been trying to find you for weeks……bla bla bla.”  He later told me that he couldn’t believe I didn’t rob or take his car or any of his stuff…. that night, because he had several thousand dollars cash on him, (Brilliant idea when going out drinking) I had his keys to his car and total access to his apartment…..His friend told him how drunk he was, he didn’t remember much.  He just knew I got him home and didn’t bother any of his stuff.


He pursued me via my friends who lived in Indy….we finally met (sober) and started dating.  He would drive to Fort Wayne to visit me, fly me to his games, etc. etc.  It was fun and a whirlwind romance……when he moved I missed him….he wanted me to tell him I loved him, but I didn’t……..he wanted me to have his child, but I wouldn’t…..his life was too fast paced for me.  I cant imagine being the wife of a sports personality…their fans are relentless……*Wonder whatever happened to him……One of those fun while it lasted things…..


Moving on…..


The record album:


Nothing exciting… was the cover (2 actually) of a marching band record album.  A photographer shot me on the field at Soldier Stadium and later contacted me school, had me sign the release, sent a copy of the album, etc.  A year later they were doing another and wanted a photo of me again……so I did it two years in a row.  So, it was NO great album……just a novelty…… although I did do a “Snap on Tool” calendar once……(but that’s another story….)



This weekend:


It was a nice long weekend ……kind of relaxing…..went to the movies to see The Sentinel with Stacy, went shopping, got caught in a severe thunderstorm….. and yesterday had to laugh when I realized how much Sierah is like me while driving home from court (The boy pleaded guilty so Acacia didn’t have to testify)…….we are driving down the street and she shouted, “Mom, that was a turtle trying to cross the street!”  I shot her a puzzled look…..thinking *is she amazed a big turtle is in the street trying to cross or does she want to help it?…She wanted to help it..…  She had a panicked look on her face I am all too familiar with when I see a stray dog darting thru traffic……I turned the van around and out she jumped.  After a few minutes and one near-turtle-miss by a passing lady in a red Ford, she had traffic stopped in both directions on Wells street and was in full-throttle-turtle-rescue mode.  Our subject of rescue was a large snapping turtle that tried to no avail to bite his rescuer the entire route to his new home and broke wind about half way thru our route (pu).  I have no idea how he got where he was, but it was not a situation that would have been conducive to a long turtle life span.  The large pond at the zoo seemed like a great place to deposit our find…our only detour was a little girl who was there to feed the ducks and when she noticed what Sierah had in her hand she wanted to “pet the turtle”…. Once all of the turtle love was over and Sierah placed him on the sand, he made a b-line for the water and off he went…….A new turtle home and the little guy was now safe…and his new situation was certainly better than being squashed in the middle of Wells street.  Sierah can now ad turtle rescue to her list of accomplishments…


Then off we went to Applebee’s for lunch…..





My oldest child becomes a “brace face”……(photos will follow)




I have spent the first 40 years of my life tattoo-less……I have lived in the skin I was born with…..with no alterations, other than my pierced ears and the array of stretch marks that my child bearing years have left up my tummy.  My voluptuous breast, although many have questioned if they are real or not……are indeed mine……it is a product of DNA rather than a great plastic surgeon…….So as to this date……I sport the skin and accessories that I was born in……but not for much longer.


I have decided to get a tattoo. 


I have done many things in my life….raced street legal race cars, jump 6 foot fences on a beautiful thoroughbred,  danced on the bar at O’Salivan’s Pub in my cheerleading skirt,  became a member of the Heineken Club at the Munchie Emporium and had my name written on the ceiling after drinking 12 Heinekens in a row,  dated a famous football player, a finalist in the show us your tan contest without showing my ta-ta’s, voted girl with the sexiest legs in school,  won a zillion drinking games against burly football players because I have the constitution of a horse,  been on the cover of a record album…..the array of strange random stuff I have done and/or been a party to are endless……I think I have done it all except one thing…. get a tattoo……so…..I guess at age 40 it’s time.


I have thought long and hard about this and I finally decided what my body art will consist of…..


The tattoo will be a symbol…..a “sankofa”.  It is a Adinkra symbol from the Ghana Coast of Africa.  It translates to “you must understand and learn from your past in order to move into the future.” 


Ah….the things I’ve learned in the past 40 years…….I could write a book……but what a great 40 years it has been. 


So now I guess the next 40 will include a tattoo…..or two.