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I understand a young woman had the idea for the adopt-athon and I couldn’t be happier.  I believe they had over 30 shelters and rescue groups in one place at one time, and more dogs than I could count.  (there was even a pony there!) 

I went to help Katie, but I did take the Chi’s from the hoarding case.  They were not exactly thrilled about the whole situation, but they were happy to be held even by strangers, as they were not to happy about being in the puppy pen.  lol  (They are just a bit spoiled now!) 

SooOOOOoo what do you do for your dogs at an adoption event with hundreds of other dogs there, to get them to stand out?  You get them Tutu’s of coarse.

And stood out they did!  The Tutu’s were a big hit with the other rescue people and for the dogs who didn’t mind them, they were walked with them on…….they were just fun and made everyone smile.

The event was a success, the Hope clinic who put it on said it will be an annual event and for me personally it was nothing short of a miracle because “Mama Dog”, my rescue from the abuse case last year was adopted.  She had been in Foster between me and Laura C, for a year.

The night before the event a neighbor knocked on Katie’s door, he had two puppies with him.  He had been driving down HWY 24 and saw the man in front of him slow down just enough to throw two dark objects out the window of a moving car.  He slowed to see what it was….

Some idiot had thrown them out like trash along a busy Highway.  (This is where I always say “I like my dogs better than most humans”, but you guys already know that.)  They survived and Katie took them to the event so maybe someone would meet them and fall in love with them.

They were a big hit with the little ones at the event, and soaked up all of the attention.  Even from the wee little ones who wanted to meet a puppy for the first time.

I’m so thankful for all of the people who work tirelessly to save “thrown away” animals lives, and thankful to the people who are open and willing to give a little furry creature a second chance at life.

 See you next year Hope!  🙂

Late tonight I will leave for vacation… 2:00AM we will be heading to Indy to catch our flight…..we have a short, 1.5 hour layover in Memphis then sunny Florida here we come.


My last 30 days or so at work have been so stressful…..I just want to spend 7 days letting my steam out.  I plan on snorkeling every chance I get……soaking up some sun and eating at interesting places.  I love those little out of the way places that look like a hole in the wall but have great service and surprisingly good food…..


It has been storming here like crazy.  Last night a huge tree limb feel into the street and almost onto my car…….that would have been SOOOOO not good.  When I went past at lunch today the limb still had the entire street blocked. 


Lightning struck directly across the street last night and after almost pissing my pants when it hit, I tried to resume my packing……only about 15 minutes later to realized my buddy Bear was hiding in the closet.  (Oreo hides in the basement……)  lol  I told them both they have acceptable severe weather escape plans. 


Since I last posted I found…..well the daycare lady who works next to one of my offices found a little dog.  A tiny blond, Maltese/Yorkie looking little bugger.  She trotted into the daycare along with the kids when they returned from the playground.  Once they put her back outside she never left our building.  About a half hour later I noticed her and brought her inside….she was STINKY and completely matted.  It took Sierah, Taryn and I over 3 hours to cut all of her mats out, comb and bath her.  I never knew something so small could smell so bad……but she is the cutest little thing you have ever seen.  No tag or anything…….


On the car ride home it was evident that she had never been in a car…….her lack of housetraining indicated to me that she was unfamiliar with “no potty in the house rules” so maybe someone kept her outside all of the time…..but she has such a sweet demeanor.  She actually is a little dingy for lack of a better term, she trots around without a care in the world.  She has learned to love being loved on by the kids and I and she howls in the morning when I leave……waking all the kids…….(I DO find this funny)   


We have named her Sophie and I call her “Sophie noodle” because she will let you lay her anyway you please and she will stay there…….she is seriously like a wet noodle.


I am going to miss the kids while on vacation but I am really going to miss the dogs……the kids I will be able to text and talk to but the doggies are going to be stressed…….I know.  Bear and Mocha for sure but Mom needs a break…..a break with some sun, sand and a frozen fruity drink with an umbrella in it……


I will return with stories and photos of the Keys……See you in a week!



I needed that…….just getting away.  Walking, watching the dogs run and smile, letting the wind whip around me, sun on my face…….no worries.


It was warm, sunny and windy.  The dogs had a ball.  This was my first trip like this with Mocha and she was so busy running, sniffing and zooming around that by the time we were ready to leave, she was exhausted.  She jumped back up in the truck and wouldn’t even get out for a drink of water.


We went to a dam that had the water lowered…….the ground we walked on somehow seemed almost like the surface of the moon…..well, as I imagine it anyways.  The only problem I encountered was when I went too close to the water and instantly went chin high in mud….this stuff was like quick sand and it sucked me straight down……take a close look at the photos, one with Mocha leaning on me you can see my muddy sneaker and sock.




If you ever spend any time with you dogs walking off leash each one has his own personality when allowed to run free.  Bear has always been the scout.  He runs out ahead, stopping to look back to make sure I am following him.  When he drifts off track, he makes a point to NOT look at me and not hear me.  He lets me call him a couple times before he turns around.


Mocha on the other hand stuck close to me.  Sometimes so close I turned to find her and didn’t see her….only because she was right up under me.  She would periodically jet off behind Bear to see what he was sniffing or rolling in…….but when I called her she would zoom straight back for me with this big smile on her face. 


Once when I called Bear….. and he played deaf while sniffing something interesting to him, she zoomed back up the hill and barked at him.  She only headed back my direction when Bear turned around and headed back.  She clearly knew I was yelling for him to head my way and went to get him for me.  I couldn’t do anything but laugh.  (She is so bossy)


The dogs and I slept well last night after walking miles and spending the better half of the day outside.  I think we all needed it!



Simbeau 001Meet Simbeau.


He is a Rottie mix, 4 month old puppy in need of a forever home.  He is already neutered, housetrained, up to date on shots and smart as a whip.  He has short, soft hair and will be a medium sized dog.  He loves the company of other dogs, but will need either another pup to play with or a tolerant older dog as he is rambunctious and loves to romp and play. 


He needs to go to a home where he will get lots of exercise; mental stimulation and can sleep in the bed with his humans at night.  (He is already spoiled.)  He loves to ride in the car and is extremely focused and obedient for such a young dog.  He would excel at obedience or other advanced K-9 training.


This photo was of him sitting intently looking at me after I asked him to sit.  He wanted his treat!


This weekend I walked Murphy, Bear and Mocha at a local park, off leash.  The park is almost void of people except for a few gay men and an occasional biker, jogger or dog walker that emerge from a local historic neighborhood full of 30 something, 9-5ers who live in houses I can only dream of……it is understood that gay men go to this park to meet one another so I guess most people simply avoid the park. 


Everyone except me!  The dogs and I love it. 


I find great joy in letting my dogs run off leash.  ~~  Bear loves to run along the edge of the woods and sniff….stopping only to linger on certain scents or mark on an occasional twig.  I imagine he picks up the scent of all the little creatures that pass thru the brush at night.  (All of whom he would love to give chase to.)  He zig zags in and out of the tree line (I take the dry road on the walking path) looking up only occasionally to check on me.


Murphy just loves to zoom around random like a rabbit…it is almost amazing to see how fast his little legs will carry him.  He also makes a valiant effort to try to pee on everything in site.  Every few minutes he will zoom back towards me with a giant smile on his face and request I throw his ball for him, all the while dodging Mochas fly bys while she does giant figure 8’s around him…playfully taunting him as she swoops past. 


Watching the dogs run free always brings a smile to my face but watching Mocha run along with a huge smile on her face, made me feel great inside.  It is times like those when you see this little creature that was lost, abandoned, neglected…. miserable in a shelter, near the end of her life if someone didn’t come along soon……finally feel joy again. 


 Its times like those that renew my spirit and remind me of why I continue to do rescue work with animals. 


 Red heartMe


Take your dog on a walk today! 

It has taken me a couple days to even be able to write about it….. but on Wednesday I had to have my old dog Cheyenne put to sleep.


She had deteriorated so quickly in the last two weeks…..I couldn’t allow her to go on that way any longer.  It was time.


I knew it was time as the vet gave her that last shot into her vein, but knowing that didn’t change the fact I was devistated taking her….I was on my hands and knees with my red swollen, tear covered face pressed against her fur sobbing like a baby a few moments later.




The past 13 years I have been truly blessed in the fact she has graced my life and my children’s lives.  Of anybody who helped me raise my children, it was her….that old dog of mine.  She taught them compassion, protected us when we had to live in undesirable neighborhoods and was my constant companion no matter where I went or what I did. 


She was an ideal dog and will never be able to be replaced.  She had such a strong Mothering instinct we called her “Big Mama.”  She mothered everyone in the house from me, to the kids, to the other dogs, rescue dogs, even the cats.  She loved all of us and constantly was grooming or checking on us.


Every night she spent about an hour grooming her best doggie friend Tonka.  When Tonka first came to me many, many years ago as a rescue she was broken…..mind, body and spirit.  I loved her and cared for her but Cheynne taught her how to love and trust other dogs.  She was her constant companion even when I was unable to be there, she never left her side untill she got better.


Over the years Cheyenne also fostered several litters of puppies and a litter of kittens that lost their mama at 1 week old.  Cheyenne not only loved on them and protected them (no one could come near them except the kids and I) but after we fed them she would stimulate them and then clean them up.  Her cleaning moisture rate had something to be desired because afterward they would end up totally soaked from her giant tongue but none the less the tiny kitties adored her and she would allow them to sleep, climb and pounce all over her till they day they left the house. They day they left, she looked all over for them and cried………she made me cry.


Once we brought home a Momma dog and 9 pups from the shelter to Foster and Cheyenne immediately appointed herself “Foster Mom” to the pups.  As soon as we would get the real momma out of the baby pool that we kept the puppies in, Cheyenne would tiptoe straight into the pool, nudge the puppies around a little, lay down and groom them and love on them.  She even a few days later produced sympathy milk and began nursing them.  She nursed them for weeks and took her roll of Foster Mom very seriously.  (They were the fattest little puppies ever)  I can still vividly remember her herding them outside in the yard when they would venture too far into the grass.


She was a doggie friend to the numerous rescue dogs who have rotated thru our house over the years.  All dogs seemed to love her, she had a way about her that made a nervous, anxious dog somehow calm down and be comfortable.


One of my favorite memories with her was every year at Ward Elementary School she got to come into Ms. Castle’s kindergarten class and meet a room full of excited, wiggly 5 year olds.  I came along with bone shaped cookies for the kids, treats for the kids to give Cheyenne, a “Carl” book to look at with the kids and a Polaroid camera and film.  Often for the children it was their first experience with a dog and she was always her normal loving self.  Passing out lots of kisses, ignoring little feet that accidentally stepped on her and performing on her mark when I asked her to do her tricks.  She stood patiently to take photos and get hugs from all of the kids and the kids with home with a new positive experience with a dog, and a photo of themselves and “Big Mama”.


She was my alarm clock for the last 13 years, nudging me with her nose at about 5:00 –5:30AM every day get me up, slept in the bed with me every night, camped in more places with me than I can remember and I am sure of the fact she would of given her own life to protect my family.


To her I will forever be grateful…she was a wonderful old soul, and I miss her more than I can ever explain.


My heart hurts so bad….My life has forever changed without her.



RIP my friend Cheyenne…… RIP.



Ms Cheyenne

Some people are people watchers….while others (like myself) can fall as easily into a similar category called dog watchers.  Being a dog watcher doesn’t entail babysitting someone’s dogs while they are on vacation ~ but they are people who like to sit at the dog park (or other random places people and their dogs congregate) and watch dogs.


I guess I watch the people just as much as the dogs, but I always find observing the human and the K-9 interaction so interesting.  I know this isn’t the case with everyone just as I know everyone doesn’t share my fascination for forensic science or chickens and farming, but it is still something I find myself drawn to do.


During the winter months there was much less going on at the parks and other places I go but the weather is starting to warm up bringing people and their K-9 companions out to exercise and soak up the sun.


There is nothing more that I love than to watch a dog and human who obviously love each other …either walking in the park, playing ball, jogging, hiking or having fun doing anything that they both enjoy….I seriously find a huge amount of joy in this.  The language between human and dog may be unspoken but easy for me to read in both human and K-9 body language.




On the flip side when you see a dog that is fearful of a human or obviously not having a good time, I find it absolutely heart wrenching to watch. 


This comes to mind today because after seeing this man, three dogs and his girlfriend at the park a few days ago, the image of this man is still haunting me. 


I sat in my car waiting on a prescription to be filled and noticed a couple walking towards my car, one dog on a leash held by the woman and two dogs scurrying just along side of the tree line.  One dog was a puss-gutted beagle and the other a black lab that had one of the worst coats I have ever seen.


What caught my attention was not only the fact the guy had the dogs off leash running in the park while lots of other people were in the park, but the fact that he was flapping his arms in the air yelling and screaming at the dogs while walking.  The beagle seemed to just keep himself at a safe distance from the man and would periodically flash back a glance at the guy to make sure he was still far enough away to avoid being hit… but the lab was clearly terrified.  Every time the man swung his arms and yelled, the lab sunk further and further into him self just as his tail sunk further and further between his legs…….he was crouched so low that I honestly didn’t even realize he was a full grown lab until they tried to load them into the truck parked directly in front of me. 


I don’t know what the man was saying as he was walking nor could I figure out what the dog was doing wrong, but the only thing really clear to me was the fact the dog had no idea what the guy wanted of him……He didn’t know what he was doing wrong.


By the time they got to the truck, the woman got into the cab of the truck with her dog….the two loose dogs did everything in their power to get away from the guy.  The beagle hung out below the car parked next door while the lab continued to flee from the man, darting from car to car for cover.  My heart hurt while I watched them but I did my best to mind my own business until the guy drew back his leg and kicked the black lab.  That was the end of me minding my own business.


I swung open my car door and slid out of the car in one swift motion……..shouting “Hey, don’t do that again or I’ll call the cops.”  (While I secretly prayed the dogs would run away, as fast as their little legs would carry them.)  He said, “Mind your own fucking business lady.”  I said, “Do it again and watch what I do” while swinging my cell phone in the air.


Now I am no dummy, I know that people who abuse animals, 99% if the time also end up abusing humans if they aren’t already doing so…..I knew this guy could potentially come over and punch me or kick me like he had the lab…. and in the boxing ring compared to this big guy….I didn’t stand a chance.


I then said, “If you don’t want them, I’ll take them.”  (Instantly thinking, maybe I should of said all of this before I told him I’d call the cops on him…)  As soon as I got it out of my mouth the girlfriend rolled out of the passenger side of the truck, stood and took a long look at me as if to size me up in some strange fashion and quickly went to helping the boyfriend collect the dogs.  I couldn’t help but wonder if he hurt her too……I stood in silence as I waited on some response from the man or the woman……they both swiftly took to ignoring me.  (I wanted to make a mental note of his license plate but I was unable to see it with the tailgate of the truck down.)  Damn, I’m thinking….run dogs, run!!


The dogs were finally caught and chucked into the back of an open truck bed much like someone would throw in a bag of mulch; the tailgate slammed shut and the truck sped out of the parking lot. 


My heart hurt inside as I watched the truck drive off in the distance.  I pressed my eyes shut and said a prayer for the dogs.

 This behavior IS exactly why I prefer K-9 companions to humans any day.  Some people are just idiots.

I found a really cool Pit Bull Site called BAD RAP (Bay Area Dog lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) Please check it out, it’s a great positive Pit Bull site.  I love it and they also have great stuff to buy.  (I am ordering a bumper sticker that says “Resist Ignorance, Educate, Inspire”.)  Be sure to check out the Bad Rap Store


The co-founder of the organization is a guy named Tim Racer who does the most fascinating carousel carvings I have ever seen. Just look at this Pit Bull Rocker he has done of his dog Sally.  Simply amazing.  If you love dogs, you have got to check out his work at   He is a fabulously talented artist AND loves dogs.  Now you know that makes him better than okay in my book! 


Meet the new kid on the block…..Winston.


He is a beautiful, fancy, red-red nose with eagle eyes. (yellowish green eyes) He is approximately 6 months old and is still under weight even after a two-week stay at the Vet.


Sadly his story is similar to all too many other dogs, pit bulls exspecially…someone abandoned him when they moved out of a house.  Not only did they abandon him with no food or water but also he was left outside in the frigid Indiana winter weather.  He has a patch of hair that is still missing from the frostbite that he suffered as a result of some idiot leaving him out there to die.


Despite his ruff beginning, he is a wonderful, happy, curious, smart, loving dog who gets along well with my other dogs and the cat.  He loves to play with a ball or his rope and absolutely loves human contact. 


This dog is a keeper.  If I didn’t already have too many dogs I wouldn’t re-home him, he would stay here for the rest of his days.  He just has this quality about him that really appeals to me.  Plus he is smart as a whip and curious about everything.  This is a very smart dog who could use a job to keep his mind busy…search and rescue, agility or obedience training.


I imagine he would love to go and do anything his human enjoyed doing.  He rides well in the car, walks well on a leash (still learning but doing well) and appears to be at least crate broken.  He has been vet checked, is current on all shots, including rabies and is parasite free.


I pray I can find the perfect home for him before he gets too attached to all of us. 


When my friend Kim dropped him off, he wanted to go with her when she walked back across the street to her car.  It broke my heart….so often abused or abandoned dogs quickly get attached to someone who takes good care of them (a rescue person or Foster home) and then they have to go thru the stress of being re-homed all over again. ~~~ Well, I guess it is one of the things I dislike about Fostering but the end result is what’s rewarding.  J Finding the pup a great home.


These photos above were taken last night of Winston in bed with Acacia.  Although he gets in bed to love on and play with his human, he prefers to sleep in his doggie bed with his bone at night.  Please note his frostbite on his back in photo #7.  I am giving him kelp to help re-grow that patch of hair.  It may or may not come back in.  Either way, hair or no hair in that little area, he’s perfect just the way he is.  He is such an awesome dog.  He is ready for a second chance….



PS…Just look at that face!  🙂

Rescuing dogs is difficult.  I’ve got to take my hat off to anyone who can do it for any extended period of time because it is so stressful…..ultimately very rewarding, but still stressful.  Normally the stressors are not the fact you love and care for the animal then have to re-home it, the added vet bills, increased amount of food, time and everything else you need to rescue the animal, but the people that you are forced to deal with along the way.  After a while, most rescue people, shelter staff, etc would prefer the company of a dog to a human……some burn out…..some begin to dislike people as a whole….some find a way to continue and just deal with the people in the best way they can. 


Despite what everyone else thinks and my outward appearances at work, I am not a good people person.  To be honest, I never have been.  I grew up rather shy and introverted…my two best friends being Dino my dog and my Mother.  I was lucky in the fact that I learned people skills from my Mother who was without a doubt the most charismatic person I knew…She taught me well…. I can charm the pants off a snake if need be, but I to honest I would rather sit at home curled up on the couch reading a book, with my animals stretched out all around me, than being in the company of most humans I know.




This week I had a guy get referred to me for a rescue pit puppy by an old co-worker of mine who is now a realtor, Marcia.  She emailed ahead and said he would be contacting me…she knows the rescue routine because she has a rescued BBD that everyday at lunch (rain or shine) she traveled home to walk down the River Greenway to relieve himself.  She knows what it entails to get a rescue dog, the application, the home visit, the requirements…I start off with a few questions for my prospective person…how many kids do you have and what ages and what age of dog they looking for…let the person know I’ll be doing a home check, the dog must live indoors only, the animals must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age; if it is a puppy at the time of adoption.  (Otherwise I take it to be spayed and neutered.)  And all of other normal stuff…


In the mean time I contact my friend Kim at the shelter where Bear and Oreo came from to see if they have a nice pit puppy.  She had the perfect dog in mind!! A little dog that had been abandoned who they were suppose to already put to sleep and he had for some unknown reason been spared that fate so far……he came in as an neglect case and had a unusual medical condition…his penis was stuck outside of his shaft.  This condition had already been corrected by the Vet… while at the Vet’s office he not only won over the Vet but also the entire vet office staff with his wonderful disposition.  They didn’t want to return him to the shelter, but wanted desperately to find him a new home. 


When Kim told me about the puppy and his story I told her to go ahead and have the neuter done, I would pay for it. If things didn’t pan out with this guy I would find somewhere else for him to be placed…seemed the puppy had far too many lucky breaks since being rescued, to now be put to sleep…I will just be one more piece of his puzzle, by trying to find him a new home and helping to give him a second chance.



Well, within minutes I got a return email from this guy (who turned out to be an idiot) who Marcia referred to me and it was clear he wouldn’t be the correct home for the puppy…..


So now I have another little Pit puppy…who I don’t even know his name yet…….who will be on his way to my house this week…. And hopefully very quickly we will find him a really great home.


You see how quickly I get one placed and then get myself right into another one…and I thought I was going to take a break for a little while.  Oy.