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Monthly Archives: November 2007


The new photos were taken at our indoor “bonfire” when weather didn’t permit for us to have it outside.


Sierah brought home her new boyfriend from IU to meet the family, we had all the fixins for Smores, a huge pot of beans and rice and some “better than sex cake”……ummm… favorite.  Oh yeah, and a house FULL of people. 


Due to an anxiety disorder I don’t generally like to have lots of people in the house at once but I guess I did okay, didn’t pass out or throw up or anything… I guess all went well.


I had to corral the dogs in my room the 4 hours people were at the house, so the people who didn’t like animals weren’t frightened but also to protect the dogs from my niece.  She is seriously like Angelica from the Rug Rats……Holding the cat up in the air by its tail, rubbing its fur the wrong way while saying….”Nice Kitty” (in a little evil voice)…..


Speaking of cats…….AJ is now affectionately known as “Chubby”.  He is an eating machine, not only is his food and my food fair game, but he periodically even eats the dogs food.  (I hear a yipe, yipe, yipe from the kitchen and go in there to find AJ eating out of Murphy’s bowl and Murphy hiding under the table shaking.  (Murphy is such a punk)  lol     All AJ has to do is walk past him and look at him and Murphy screams and runs off.    Thinking