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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Philly versus Key West? Yeah, right.


Here are 10 reasons that Key West actually tops Philly:    I agree!!

1) Its 72 degrees in Key West today. Philadelphia is 33 degrees. Where would you rather get a tan? (I should just end the list there, but I promised nine more reasons).

2) Yellowtail snapper, grouper, stone crab claws, lobster, and other fresh seafood are on the menu in Key West. Hey Philly: you sure about that pork roll?

3) In 2005, Philadelphia was ranked as the sixth-most dangerous among 32 American cities with populations over 500,000. The murder rate in Philadelphia is 1 per day. Key West, on the other hand, is quite safe. Most crimes involve a bottle of booze, two bleary-eyed men, and a woman that should only dance with her insane husband.

4) Key West has free cats! Well, not really. But in Key West, if you want a pet, you only have to put a bowl of water on your porch. A cat, is bound to show up at your door looking for a better deal out of life. (just don’t consider yourself its owner).

5) Ever notice that everything tastes better when eaten outdoors? Its easy in Key West. That’s probably why we don’t mind lousy soft-pretzels.

6) Key Westers don’t worry too much about the price of gasoline. I, for one, only fill up the car once a month. Key West is 2 miles by 4 miles – many locals get around on bicycles. Or walking (imagine that Philly!).

7) Key West is always ready for a party – every night of the week. Heck, Key West is so party ready, it even celebrates the sun setting each day.

8) Warm beaches are the norm in Key West. And with water temperatures typically between 70-80 degrees, you can leave that woolen bathing suit in Pennsylvania.

9) Traffic jams, a daily occurrence in Philly, are non-existent in Key West. However, you may have to wait a few minutes for that daiquiri during happy hour.

10) In Key West, you can go to work with a big hangover and no one thinks you have a drinking problem.