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Monthly Archives: December 2005

  1. Born on June, 28th…..I am a Cancer.
  2. Named after my Great Grandmother who’s Great-Great Grandmother was a lady in waiting for the Queen of England.
  3. I am 6 feet tall.
  4. I was a skinny Tom Boy growing up.
  5. My best friend was a poodle named Dino.
  6. My sister is old enough to be my Mother.
  7. My Mother raised my sister’s child, so my niece is like my sister…
  8. My Mothers Father said I would be his protégé’.
  9. He could play every musical instrument he ever picked up.
  10. He owned a restaurant and car lot.
  11. He lost both due to gambling.
  12. I cant play any instruments.
  13. Nor do I gamble
  14. I want to work for myself one day.
  15. I am a homebody.
  16. I have some OCD’s
  17. People chewing with there mouth open is a pet peeve of mine.
  18. I love to write.
  19. I want to write a book one day.
  20. I loved High School.
  21. I was in the color guard and Marching Band.
  22. I was the rifle captain.
  23. I was a prep in High School.
  24. I had perfect measurements….36, 24, 36.
  25. I drank way too much in College.
  26. I was kicked out of a bar once for doing the Peewee Herman dance on top of the bar, while in College.
  27. My formal schooling is in Commercial Art and Photography.
  28. I still do lots of Photography.
  29. I love to photograph the human body.
  30. I was a College Cheerleader.
  31. I use to ride horses…..hunter jumpers.
  32. I am brave.
  33. I am not afraid of mice or bats.
  34. I am scared of poisonous spiders.
  35. I use to have night terrors about spiders.
  36. I danced with a dance group for years.
  37. I can put my legs behind my neck.
  38. I use to race street legal racecars.
  39. I love to have a pedicure.
  40. I am voluptuous!
  41. I love being a Mom
  42. The thing I am most proud of is my children.
  43. I have two sets of twins, one year apart.
  44. I once had 5 children 3 and under.
  45. I have anxiety disorder.
  46. I take no medication for it.
  47. I need to take medication for it.
  48. I own my own home.
  49. I have no credit cards.
  50. I paid cash for my cars.
  51. I love camping and fishing.
  52. I can snow and water ski.
  53. I wish I lived on a lake.
  54. I hate to clean up dog poo.
  55. I drive everywhere with a dog in the car with me.
  56. I love my dogs.
  57. I once managed an automotive detail shop.
  58. I was the only woman who worked there.
  59. My first job there was washing cars.
  60. I favorite job ever was working on a horse farm.
  61. I am always early.
  62. I sleep about 5 hours a night.
  63. I am up at 4AM nearly every day.
  64. I have never used an alarm clock.
  65. I love Mexican and Chinese food.
  66. I use to model.
  67. I love for a man to open my door.
  68. I use to be a lifeguard.
  69. I saved my niece from drowning when I was 10.
  70. I once saved a strangers life in a restaurant when she was choking. 
  71. I do animal rescue and always will.
  72. I read continually and read only non-fiction books.
  73. My favorite sport is Basketball.
  74. I never played basketball.
  75. My Father has a genius IQ.
  76. My Father disowned me 20 years ago.
  77. My Father is prejudice. 
  78. I don’t understand prejudice people.
  79. My Mother was my best friend.
  80. My Mother was the opposite of my Father in every way.
  81. She died of breast cancer.
  82. Two of her children died before her.
  83. I look forward to Grandchildren one day.
  84. My favorite food is T-Bone steak.
  85. I can cook soul food.
  86. I studied K-9 nutrition for years.
  87. I have given 3 cars away.
  88. I hung out with Eddy Murphy once.
  89. I partied with the guys from Motley Crew when I was 18.
  90. Motley Crew was more fun than Eddy Murphy.
  91. I have traveled to 48 states.
  92. I want to own a small farm one day.
  93. I have not had a vacation in 18 years.
  94. I need a vacation.
  95. People often think I am Hispanic.
  96. I am part American Indian.
  97. I know American Sign Language.
  98. My brother was deaf.
  99. He was killed by a drunk driver.
  100. I loved peer teaching special needs kids when in school.
  101. I do great impressions.

Tricia says so anyways……..when I told her that I had been featured on MSN spaces and 200 thousand people looked at my space in one day she said, “Well, good……now maybe we can get you married off, so you no longer have to be married to a dog.”  I replied with my usual (In the best quirky, nasal voice I can muster up)….”Well, that’s not very friendly……”     We both laughed…..


Let me remind you she doesn’t mean “Dog” as in a man who is no good…….she means a dog as in Stellar, Murphy, Bear or Oreo.  (Pick one, they all sleep with me) 


She thinks I spend too much time at home with my dogs…….well……maybe I do, but what’s a busy, dog loving, home body, girl to do?  I mean I work full time, I have 5 kids who keep me really busy, a small herd of animals and a house that seems to be in a constant state of remodel……who would want to jump into that big ball of wax?  Well, who in their right mind would want to?


I did recently have a guy named Russell ask me out…….his Mom lives in the building that I manage, I just love his Mom, he seems like a really nice guy but there is NO spark!  I need spark guys…….I do.  This guy would be perfect to go out to lunch with, maybe even a nice dinner at Texas Road House…. steak and then some conversation while eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor……or even a movie, but that’s it. 


He has asked that I spend New Years Eve with him………..NO!  Sorry Russell, but I plan on doing the same thing I did last year…….a hot shower, putting on my fuzzy jimmies and slippers, a fire in the fire place, a good book, drinking a bottle of cheap Champaign by myself, and falling asleep on the couch by around 11 with the dogs all around me, only to be woke by the gun shots at midnight……


Here is the REAL problem….He is NOT a dog person…….he made this evident one day after he saw Stellar’s photo with Santa on my desk.  He said, “I use to have a Great Dane”  I said, “Oh yeah, what happened to him?”  He then said one sentence that sealed his fate with me………He replied, ”I had to get rid of him because I could smell him……no matter how many times I gave him a bath I could smell him……so I built him an outdoor kennel and someone stole him.” 


Hell, the story didn’t even match up…….first he said he had to get rid of him, then he said he was stolen.  He proceeded to tell me that he then got a Rotwellier puppy and that was stolen too……I felt like saying, “How many days did it take you to notice he was gone?”  UGH!  NON DOG PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE DOGS!   They also shouldn’t try to date Laura, the “Must love dogs” lady!




The "still looking"…..Laura


I have had no luck getting motivated today at work…….I did manage to get my box for the soldiers finished and it includes, Q-tips, cotton balls, lotion, deodorant, tooth paste, dental floss, a brush, writing paper, pens, thank you cards, antibacterial wipes and gel, and lots of snacks….candy and gum.  I guess it is just enough to put a smile on someone’s face that happens to be a long way from home…..I hope they enjoy the goodies! 


I did make it thru the Holiday guests at my house without Stellar eating anything off of the table or counter (that I am aware of anyways), he did get a chance to meet a baby for the first time……he was a bit scared of the little screaming bundle of pink blankets, so he kept his distance….but he was a total gentleman.  My friend Laura kept laughing at how Stellar lays on the couch next to me and presses his face directly on my body and looks up at me.  Everyone that sees him do it says, “Awhhhhhh!”  He is SUCH a ham!


Our weather has brought us a bit of warmer weather and this is wonderful news to most, but to me it means a back yard full of thawed out poo that needs shoveled….. not to mention the previously forgotten & frozen, re-discovered, now wet woobies that will need to be gotten up before any of my K-9 crew can drag any of them back into the house…and plunk the soaking wet things directly onto my couch or bed… Guess my work for me will be cut out for me tonight.  Oh joy! 


I feel compelled to mention, since I have gotten hits from so many animal lovers all over, that this is a great time of the year to either donate or volunteer at your local animal shelter, ASPCA or rescue.  Most of the agencies have “Wish Lists” that include simple things like laundry soap and bleach (Things you may already have a few extra of at home) or if you don’t have enough money to donate an item……volunteering your time would be great.  I use to volunteer at my local SPCA in the cat room…….I just sat and loved on the cats…how easy is that?……they NEED that and I was happy to oblige them.  Doing so may also make you decide to make a 4-legged addition to your family!


If you have a moment please visit an interesting site……It is Linda Tellington Jones “Tellington T Touch site.  I first read a book about this a few years back and began practicing this on my dogs.  It has worked beautifully on Stellar.  It is something that might make a difference in someone’s life and or the life of their animal.  Please visit, look around on the site!


One other place that I would like you to visit just to ad a smile to your day….  This is Bark magazines Smiling dogs gallery.  I always enjoy this section of my magazine when it comes……how can you not smile at a smiling dog? 


Have a great day guys!



I had a wonderful Christmas…….filled with family, friends, great food, surprise phone calls, surprise guests, a power screwdriver (I asked for and received tools for Christmas!) and a whole lot more!  YES!  I hope everyone had a great Holiday.  I did! 


Now, getting down to business!  I have a mission for my blog dork friends and all of the other bloggers and non-bloggers just surfing around and happened upon my space.  You too now have an assignment. 


Here it is!


Go to  Also linked on the top left side of my page, find a soldier, get a medium size cardboard box, fill it with goodies (and requested items) and send it off……..then open up your heart and let it fill up with all the warm fuzzy stuff!……Ahhhhhh  


It is the Holiday time…… something special for someone else! Yes, someone you don’t even know!  In a way it is a random act of kindness …….it makes both people feel good.  It is a great feeling to do something nice for someone you don’t even know……especially a soldier!  I didn’t come up with this idea alone, my BLOG friend Kelly ( mentioned this to me a month or so ago and my procrastinating self, waited till recently to visit the site and start a box.  The stuff they need and have requested and is simple to buy and find……PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send a box and a letter.  I promise you will feel good about it…..and the receiving soldier will appreciate all he or she receives.  A win-win situation!  Go ahead and fill one of those empty boxes you have in your living room right now.  You know you have one!




My day today will include lunch with Laura at our favorite lil Mexican place, a visit to Tania in the hospital, finishing my box of stuff for the soldiers, dropping off and picking up the kids from shopping (I will NOT go near the mall!) and maybe a nap (with dogs piled up on top of me)…….I think I need one right now……ZzzzZzz.  I am exhausted after yesterday….where did I sit down my freekin coffee!!!!     


PHEW!!!  I AM glad its over……..till next year…….



WOW is what first comes to mind………being featured on MSN kind of blew my mind.  Laughed out loud when I went to search the Internet and a link to my space was also on the opening page for MSN…..thinking to myself….what if someone from work clicks on the link…Good lord…..wouldnt that be crazy?  Now seeing that link up there was kind of surreal.  Going into my statistics and seeing that almost 200 thousand people visited……geez!  So many people, if only momentarily, glimpsed into my life… pack of previously unwanted animals and all of those crazy kids of mine.  HELLO!


It is great though, it allowed creature loving people everywhere to gravitate to one spot, even if for only a few minutes and I LOVE it!  Looking thru all of the comments is almost overwhelming (Now I know how Kenny feels…..well, other than the women drooling all over him of coarse).  This is honestly the best Christmas gift ever!  Thank you!


So many people have showed up and relayed stories to me that have left me wanting to have long conversations with them and get to know them better.  I love hearing about people’s animals, rescued animals, etc.  My hope is to one day write a book about them………….I repeatedly checked out the books Second Chances and Found Dogs    from my local library……..I would love one day to do a similar book for cats.  I have always been amazed at the effect that rescued animals has on people’s lives.  Mine included…….and all who have stopped by and relayed their own stories.  Just amazing to me in so many different ways…….


I had to laugh at Stellar (My rescued Great Dane) this morning because while I was sitting on the couch, drinking my morning coffee…….he was in front of me wining and dancing around, he had just eaten and been outside so I knew that wasn’t the issue…..turns out that once Franny got down off of the couch and ran off to investigate something, that left an open spot on the couch next to me…he immediately filled the void…that is what that big crazy dog wanted.  ME!  He thinks he has to sit right next to me all the time, well….more like on top of me and have my arm draped over him or else he is not happy.  Considering it wasn’t too long ago that he was a bag of bones, scurrying away from me in the woods every time I tried to come close to him, he has readily adjusted to becoming a spoiled housedog.  Maybe even taking it to the next level.  Thinks to self……*What is the word for the male equivalent to a Diva?*  I’m not sure what they are called, but I am sure I have one in the making at my house……that spoiled giant black and white dog of mine.  My Diva dog.


Last night I discovered he loves baked chicken.  I gave my dogs the left over meat from chicken fajita’s and Stellar went crazy.  He loved it.  He has been poking me with his nose and running over the crock pot every time he caught me in the kitchen so when I was finally getting ready to give him some chicken breast, he had this big string of drool hanging out of his mouth, wining, and stomping his front feet with excitement……How could I not give him some?  Then he wanted his and everyone else’s too…..


Him drooling breaks my heart because when he lived in the woods, he would stand off in a distance and drool as I made his food ready…. Mixing the dry and canned dog food as best I could…….his string of drool always reminds me how hungry he was at one time.  (As if I need a reminder)  Now it is an indicator of his changing pallet……even though I am now trying to eliminate his acquired taste for those tootsie type rolls fresh out of the cat litter box. Eww!  *shakes head and rolls eyes*


Well, it is time for me to prepare my house for guests this evening….. All should be okay…. I will just try to keep the adults wine glasses full and a supply of marshmallows on the ends of the sticks for the kids……while I pray Stellar doesn’t eat the cheese ball off of the Dinning room table and the 3 legged cat doesn’t decide to ascend up the tree with that cat nip snorting look, while I have house guests…….*fingers crossed*    


Here is to second chances…….once abandoned, now spoiled house dogs and the people who rescued and love them……and to all the people who still love them (the people) despite loving a dog…or two.  


I hope everyone has a beautiful Holiday…….


Laura and crew……



PS…..To all my Blog Dork Friends!  I love you guys!  Thank you for allowing me into your world, one paragraph at a time……..Wishing you all have a beautiful Holiday!

Okay, so I did get a bit of Christmas spirit yesterday while cooking Christmas dinner for a large majority of my residents.  (I would say about 60 came down to eat)  The group of residents who were suppose to cook backed out and that left ME to cook for about 60 people……alone.  (Normally I cook for 6) 


So in a pinch who do I call?  My 17 year old daughter Sierah, fresh from basketball practice……I’ve got to say she came thru for me.  (Thanks CC!!)  The two of us together managed to pull off an entire Christmas dinner for 60 with all the fixin’s.


Somewhere in between panic and mashed potato madness, I felt a twinge of the old Christmas spirit that I have been lacking. 


Someone had came downstairs, brought a boom box and turned on the local station that has played continuous Christmas music since the day after Christmas.  When it turned on, it happened to be playing Bing Cosby’s “White Christmas” and I instantly had a flash back to about 1972, standing next to my Mom as she rolled out Christmas cookies….her rolling the dough out, flour everywhere, listening to her sing along with Bing Cosby.  That had been her favorite song since my brother went to Vietnam and often just listening to it, made her cry.  In a flash, I was right there next to my Mom ,7 years old, standing in the kitchen of the house I grew up in… is amazing what a memory can do for you.  It brought me joy in an instant …and a tad bit Christmas spirit… a kid Christmas at our house was always special.


Jenna and Devon wrapped gifts last night……it surprised me that Devon was actually interested in wrapping, he had honestly bugged me for days about doing it, so last night I let them wrap…….It was a little more like “Wrapping School” as I coached them along, but they still wrapped.  Jenna was trying to help Devon….. that was something like the blind leading the blind, so I had to coach a little….. 


The 3 legged cat proved quite agile.  He shimmied straight up the Christmas tree last night stopping only because his face was starting to poke out of the branches, ¾ of the way up the tree……he turned and looked at me and looked like he had just sniffed some bomb cat nip and drank a couple martinis.   He was high on Christmas tree…..or something……heck, maybe he just had the Christmas spirit I’ve been so desperately searching for, but whatever it was I had to laugh out loud when I plucked him from the tree.  He didn’t want me to love on him as he normally does when I pick him up, he gave me a love bite on the end of my nose, jumped straight down and sped off, as fast as his 3 legs would carry him…..I fluffed a couple braches, fixed the garland then chucked to myself as I walked away from the tree…….crazy darn cat… do all these crazy animals find me?


I guess in the last 24 hours I have somehow found some Christmas spirit, somewhere between cooking for the masses and my crazy tree-climbing cat. 


Now, if I could just finish my Christmas shopping without having a panic attack at the mall…….that would be great! 


Happy Holidays everyone!



Christmas is just a few days away and I still and minus the Christmas spirit.  I have been shopping, spending, buying, looking, preparing to give gifts and I still don’t have an ounce of Christmas spirit.  Nothing, zip, nada.  Bah humbug!


My friend Laura and her kids will be at my house Friday evening and I am not prepared for that either………Her kids have requested I make my famous cheese ball… may be a miracle if I actually drag myself to the store, buy the ingredients and get the darn thing made.  Bah humbug! 


There is suppose to be a Christmas dinner here at work today and the stuff for the dinner has not yet been purchased… me.  Dinner may be postponed for one more day.  Bah humbug!


Then there are those gifts that you have to give, that you don’t actually want to, but you are somehow obligated to give…….I have a few family members that I am not that close to, that I will have to buy something for even though I don’t spend any time with them any other part of the year.  I don’t like that……giving a gift you really don’t want to give.  Then you still feel bad if you just decide NOT to give them a gift at all……I would rather spend more money on the people who I am close to.


I do love to buy gifts……I would rather give than receive any day, but I hate feeling pressure to buy stuff when you are not sure if it is something they will like.  Like with my kids, I would much rather them pick their own clothes out…..then I know they will like it.  Each child has his or her own style and some are easier for me to buy for than the others. 


Oh well, I guess there are only a few days left…….then this madness will all be over with for another year………..


How many days left till Spring?          Bah humbug!  



My co-worker and friend Tania was in a horrible car accident this morning on her way to work.  She is currently in the hospital with a broken vertebra in her neck, her daughter Sailor is fine, but her 10-year-old daughter Felicity didn’t survive the accident.


Death is such a difficult thing, but when such a young life is taken, it makes it so much harder to understand….I will remember her beautiful little self in so many different ways…. but I have a particularly fond memory of her from her last birthday party….. Watching her jumping in and out of the pool at the club house splashing a little boy who was invited, adamantly denying that she “liked” her little male friend (while grinning ear to ear) who came to her party….the first boy to be invited to previously all girl birthday parties….


She was smart, beautiful, full of life, had gorgeous long curly hair and the biggest most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.


May God bless her family and help see them through.  Tania, I love you and I am so sorry my friend…..


She will be missed by so many.


Rest in peace little angel.


RIP Felicity Martin 8-17-95  to  12-19-05

Most of Stellar’s ghosts are leaving him, he is no longer fearful in the yard without me, he will now go everywhere in the entire yard, he runs and plays with the other dogs (He loves to chase Oreo around) and when cars pass he only stops what he is doing and looks…….no longer tail tucking and running back to the house.  He genuinely seems happy now.  I was in the basement last night doing laundry, he followed me down of coarse and while I stood there and watched him eating I noticed something great…….Stellar has mussels again.  He has gained a ton of weight, I wont know exactly how much till his vet visit on Saturday, but finally his body has enough mass to once again create mussel……that is wonderful.  All of his sores near his feet have healed, most of his fur around his collar had fallen out and that is almost all of the way back in and his fur feels like silk.  He has an incredibly soft coat……if you have ever felt the soft coat of a greyhound, it is something like that.  The only signs he still shows of his life in the woods are the frost bitten tips of his ears and his incredibly ruff foot pads. 


I even took him this weekend to meet Santa at Pet Smart.  (A fund raiser for a local Greyhound Club)  He was a bit nervous at first but he settled down quickly and took two great photos with Santa.  The in house trainer stopped me and asked me about him because she has Dane’s too.  I told her his story and she said he was remarkably settled for the ordeal he had been thru.  I had tons of people stop and want to pet him and talk to him and he did wonderfully.


Last night when we went to sleep, well I was actually in bed reading and occasionally looking out the window at the snow coming down, he decided to lay across me……directly over my legs and I swear he was so heavy I could not move.  I kept trying to get him to lie next to me, but he wanted to be right on top of me.  When I finally got him next to me, he wouldn’t leave me alone, nudging me, putting his snout in my hair and sniffing, putting his foot on my book, acting silly……Finally he went to sleep with his head on my pillow and my arm wrapped around him.  He is such a big baby.  Every once in a while he would open one eye to look at me and I could hear his tail hitting the bed as he wagged it.  Him being happy, made me happy.  I am such a sucker for that big dog.


Life is good! 



Someone said something to me the other day and it just pissed me off.  They had found out that I had a bunch of shelter dogs and said, “Why would you want someone else’s problem?”  This just made me made.  I said, “I hope you don’t have an animal at your house”……..They said, “Yeah, a papered dog, not someone else’s problem.” 


Now, I must say anyone that knows me knows I have no problem voicing my opinion.  This was one of those times I was not going to keep my opinion to myself. 


I feel strongly about shelter dogs.  Yes, I use to have papered dogs, I even showed dogs at one point, was versed in my dogs pedigrees, studied K-9 nutrition, etc…….but over the years my focus directed solely to rescue.  I don’t expect everyone to feel the way I do about them, but little narrow-minded people piss me off.


First of all, you can get full blooded dogs, of the breed of your choice, every day of the week on “Pet finder” (an example) or local shelters, rescues or even breed specific rescues.  Unless you are going to show dogs, or you are a responsible breeder and breed dogs, your pedigree is useless.  Most people don’t even understand them. 


These dogs aren’t someone else’s problem…….normally the problem is the people.  What people fail to realize, even at no kill shelters the dogs whose temperament is aggressive with people are not adopted out.  Often times the dogs in shelters are totally house trained, are great all around dogs, etc.  People dump dogs for a whole multitude of reasons……most are just plain stupid reasons.  People who work at shelters hear the lame reasons day in and day out.  I imagine that same reason runs thru their head when they hold the dog while he is being put down…….sad, but true.


I personally even had a guy one time tell me a puppy was vicious because it growled at his child.  I asked what was happening when the puppy growled at the child and he said they were playing……..I asked if the child had any limits with the dog.  He looked at me extremely puzzled……I said, “have you taught any limits with your child….no tail pulling, no ear pulling, if he goes in his crate, that is off limits, etc.”……the guy laughed and said, “My kid should be able to do anything to my dog and him not growl.”  (Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog …..or have children for that matter…..)


I have even witnessed my own great niece and great nephew treat their own cat in a way that made me stomach cramp.  Holding the cat in all of these crazy positions till finally the cat scratched one of the kids.  I had asked them to not hold the cat that way….(hanging him upside down basically) and my grown niece said, “That cat is so mean”…….I said you have got to be kidding me…….the kids are mean to the cat…..she laughed and said, “She doesn’t care”………I wanted to scream.  This is my own niece who was raised with me……has a masters degree…….STUPID!


The idiot maintenance guy here was talking about his cat the other day and said, “I spank it every time it scratches my speakers.”  I said, “You SPANK your cat?”  I was instantly mad.  I wont go into our conversation that followed but he made me so angry, I don’t think he will ever speak to me about an animal again.  He IS someone who shouldn’t own a cat or dog period. 


I am not one of those nut jobs who are all left wing about animals, but I guess I just love my animals.  I genuinely love them.  I grew up with a two poodles and my Mom adored them, loving those dogs taught me compassion.  My poodle Dino who lived to around age 20 was my best friend growing up.  He went everywhere and did everything with me.  He even slept under the covers with me at night…….


After he passed my Mother adopted a previously abused poodle named “Fifi Georgette”.  She was without question my Mom’s dog, not mine……as a matter of fact that little dog really disliked me.  Chased me around the house if I walked past one of her chew toys or food bowl.  She was 8 lbs of poodle dynamite, but adored my Mom…she was the only one who could handle her.  After having her for about 6 months, she ran out of the house and got hit by the neighbor’s car.  (We lived in what could be considered the country.)  She broke some vertebra’s and did some other damage and my Mom paid for a costly surgery and slept on the floor with her while she recovered, cooked for her, babied her, etc.  After that, the two of them were inseparable and my Mom spent several thousand dollars fencing in part of our yard for Fifi.   


I thought of that when I laid on the floor with my dog Tonka running sub-Q IV’s on her when she first came to me.  She was so sick in fact the Vet said to me, “Laura, if she makes it the first 48 hours, she just may pull thru.”  (Not very promising)  She did make it and after I did all of the stuff for her, the same stuff that Mom had done for Fifi many years prior, she too is stuck to me like glue.  Always has been….. and that was about 7 years ago. 


I am certain of one thing about shelter dogs.  (Or rescue dogs)   They know that they were saved…….if you have ever known one, you will understand this.  It is really hard to explain otherwise. 


All of my dogs have suffered at some point and all are still grateful….that I am sure of.  Tonka is still grateful for fresh water…..something so simple that she did without for so long.  Bear was at the shelter for 6 months before I adopted him and he pulled all of his hair out due to being so stressed…..he is a perfect house dog and my constant companion, Oreo’s back legs were bent from living in a small crate before he came to the shelter…..they have straightened out at our house and his favorite place is outside in the yard…..Stellar, well, you all know his story……..they each have one.


I just wish I could convince people to adopt a shelter dog or cat….or two…..instead of buying a puppy from the paper.


Often times people pay big bucks to get these designer dogs…..crosses of poodle & lab or two little pedigreed dogs……($700) and you can go to a shelter and find interesting mixes every day if that is what you want.  Much cheaper plus you are saving a life.  A living breathing being.


Know that owning a dog is more than chaining it to a dog house in the back yard and taking it food out once a day…….they want to be part of your pack, be in the house with you, etc.  If nothing else, let them come into the house at night in a crate….that would be better than just leaving them outside all of the time.  I have a neighbor who has a dog who lives outside all of the time…I feel bad for him, I wish they would at least get him a doggy friend.


I guess this is all just opinion… opinion.  It is just how I am…..I will always have room at my house for a stray or broken soul with 4 legs…….this is something most people cant understand, but true animal lovers do.


Written by the lady who has a house full of shelter dogs and a 3 legged cat who showed up and decided to stay……and more dust bunnies than I can count….