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Monthly Archives: April 2008

I needed that…….just getting away.  Walking, watching the dogs run and smile, letting the wind whip around me, sun on my face…….no worries.


It was warm, sunny and windy.  The dogs had a ball.  This was my first trip like this with Mocha and she was so busy running, sniffing and zooming around that by the time we were ready to leave, she was exhausted.  She jumped back up in the truck and wouldn’t even get out for a drink of water.


We went to a dam that had the water lowered…….the ground we walked on somehow seemed almost like the surface of the moon…..well, as I imagine it anyways.  The only problem I encountered was when I went too close to the water and instantly went chin high in mud….this stuff was like quick sand and it sucked me straight down……take a close look at the photos, one with Mocha leaning on me you can see my muddy sneaker and sock.




If you ever spend any time with you dogs walking off leash each one has his own personality when allowed to run free.  Bear has always been the scout.  He runs out ahead, stopping to look back to make sure I am following him.  When he drifts off track, he makes a point to NOT look at me and not hear me.  He lets me call him a couple times before he turns around.


Mocha on the other hand stuck close to me.  Sometimes so close I turned to find her and didn’t see her….only because she was right up under me.  She would periodically jet off behind Bear to see what he was sniffing or rolling in…….but when I called her she would zoom straight back for me with this big smile on her face. 


Once when I called Bear….. and he played deaf while sniffing something interesting to him, she zoomed back up the hill and barked at him.  She only headed back my direction when Bear turned around and headed back.  She clearly knew I was yelling for him to head my way and went to get him for me.  I couldn’t do anything but laugh.  (She is so bossy)


The dogs and I slept well last night after walking miles and spending the better half of the day outside.  I think we all needed it!



It is above 60 degrees today, the sun is out and I am thrilled.  So thrilled in fact I am going to take half a personal day, go to the lake with one or two of the dogs and walk on the beach.  Bask in the sun and watch my dogs run and play…….


It has been a long winter…..lots of really crappy weather, a ton of snow, ice cold rain and gloomy day after gloomy day……..Today is a total relief from that.  Sunny and warm, ahhhh.


I have also decided to take a trip this summer…….a real trip to someplace warm and tropical.  I am in the initial states of planning but I almost have it figured out where I will be going and staying.  I am so excited about going I cant stand it!


I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  Its just that along with the two properties I already manage, my employer and saddled me with a 3rd property……..a tax credit property.  I am so busy I cant tell you most days if I am coming or going.


But today…….I will be going to the lake for a break.