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Monthly Archives: September 2010

People that do this to ANY dog just PISS ME OFF. 

She came to me broken…….physically and mentally.  Kathy from the shelter called and asked me if I would be interested in taking this little grey dog that was in bad shape.  She said that she thought she had “lost her eye”…….it was now a pocket of puss there.  (Please note the photo above, YES that is puss in her right eye.)

When I got there, she was perfectly still, stoic, maybe in shock, in pain…..I don’t know, but she was clearly “broken”…She didn’t want anyone to touch her or pick her up, aside from the puss filled eye, she was all bones, matted at the base of her hair and the mats created sores all over her body, nails that were growing out sideways……..she wanted nothing to do with ME or anyone else.  It was as if her mind had taken her to another place…a place far away from the pain and suffering she had endured before ending up at the shelter.


Once I got her home, she seemed uninterested in the dogs and certainly untrusting  AND uninterested in humans.  She just sort of sat back and watched me from afar.  She hid for days and then a few days later she followed me from room to room, however she didn’t actually come close to me on purpose for weeks and weeks. 

After a trip to the Vet the meds cleared up her horrible eye infection and her eye was actually came out unharmed, so we then focused on helping this little malnourished creature put on some weight…..A few days later the groomer tried grooming her and all of her hair started falling out.  That crazy hair fell out in large clumps, once she started cutting the mats out, everything just started coming out, clump after clump.  She was left with very little, really thin, strange hair, some totally naked parts of her freckled body showed through and then you could really tell she was a bag of bones….ribs, spine…everything showing now…….a trip back to the Vet proved she was malnourished, full of worms, had a thyroid condition that she would need to take medication for the rest of her life BUT on a good note was heartworm negative.   (So we had at least ONE good note!)

Nothing the Vet could give me, would help her regain her trust in humans, however I did everything in my power to show her love and help her to learn to trust again. 

As I would go about my daily business in the house, she finally drew closer and closer…..even learning how to go up and down the stairs to follow me.  She learned the sound of the treat jar lid opening meant a dog bone with peanut butter on it was waiting for her, she found rays of sun that landed on the wood floors to lay on, she quickly learned to be house trained, she decided at some point she was going to be the boss of the other dogs,  and then she decided at about week 3 that just maybe she might like to sleep on the bed with me.  (She no longer wanted to sleep on the fluffy blanket on the floor next to the bed.)  That day somehow seemed to be a turning point for us, she jumped up on the bed when I was half asleep, sniffed all around me face, made several turns, dug a little bit then laid down and let out this huge sigh……Maybe, just maybe at that moment she realized she was going to be okay.  (Or at least that’s how it “felt” to me)  She was healthy for the first time in God knows how long, had as much food as she could eat, she was clean and growing beautiful hair in placed of the freckled skin, she was living indoors and finally had a human who really loved her…….not much to ask for, but evidently more than the previous person EVER provided for her.

She was going from a blank, broken dog to a happy dog…..slowly


Weeks turned into months and she finally started trusting and loving me.  After several months she even decided she wanted to “play”……After months and months, she has grown into the most loving, loyal little dog ever.  She loves going anywhere I go…it doesn’t matter if it’s by car or by foot, she’s ready. (I’m coming with you Mom!)  I can’t leave the house without her slipping out the door with me and then spinning in circles of joy because she knows we are “going bye-bye”.   She has traveled to IU a couple of times, been camping…..on more road trips than I can recall and she is the perfect travel buddy.  I cant explain what a 360 this little lady has done, I really cant.


Recently I took her to the State Park to walk at the beach to soak up a beautiful sunny day we were having and see what she thought of the water….she LOVED IT……she was in pure bliss, she was zooming around, running in and out of the water and had this HUGE smile on her face the entire time we were there.  She LOVED it and seeing her little soul so happy made my spirit soar……..It seriously was one of the best days of my life.  I so clearly made such a difference in her world……..

Seeing her run and have so much fun that day, I couldn’t help but think back to the dog I picked up at the shelter that day defeated and broken…the dog who was vacant…she was certainly no longer that same broken dog…that dog is long, long gone.

So you see, this is why I do what I do……For the love of a dog…….she here I am, still trying to change lost dogs lives, one dog at a time.

I love you Fuzzy-wuzz…

I decided a few weeks ago that I would begin to blog again……..I miss writing, I miss getting my creative juices flowing and telling a story or two…. however as I sit here wanting to write my first post, the curser is blinking and I am staring blankly at the white page.  Uh Nothing…..*crickets chirp….I’ve got nothing!  Blank…………..

Uh-hem…..get it together Laura……..Okay…

Well, I guess I cant start where I left off because too much water has passed under the bridge in the last few years.  The kids have grown and moved out of the house…….(all except one) and everything in my life has changed…..strange, but it has really, except for the constant stream of rescue dogs, little different furry faces all in need of new homes, various treatments, medications, good food, a warm place to sleep and lots of love………For every one I choose to take home with me, the memory of at least 5 more (that I wanted to take) left sanding at the shelter as I turn down the country road and head home……..burns in my brain for days, if not weeks after I leave….it breaks my heart. Sometimes I NEVER stop thinking about that (or those) dogs that I left behind.

The things I have found hardest to deal with during all of these years of rescue work are the people……..the people at the beginning and the end of the rescue equation.  The stupid people who have abandoned or abused them as well as the many stupid people I have to deal with to simply find a home for ONE dog……..

The idiots out there are endless. 

One day while at the shelter picking up a dog, a guy came and inquired about dropping the two dogs off that he had in the car.  The guy that runs the shelter explained that he couldn’t take the dogs because they were from a different county……..the guy left… pulled down the long driveway, turned down the county road and drove for about 300 yards and stopped the car, opened the door and put both dogs out.  Then promptly drove off.  One of the two dogs was so old he had cataracts in both eyes and his muzzle was completely grey.  Neither dog knew what to do and stood and watched the car drive off….. The emotion that rose inside of me (even more than wanting to go scoop up both dogs and bring them to the safety of my home) was me wanting to jump in my car and ram the back of this idiots SUV!  (Freekin idiot!!!) 

So despite the idiots…….on both sides of the equation……I continue to do what I do… (well, maybe sometimes 3) dogs at a time….

So meet Fuzz, one of my latest fuzzy faces in need of some new digs…..her story is the one I shall tell next.