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Monthly Archives: March 2007




Well I survived inspecting the bedbug lady’s house, but just barely.  I swear I hate bugs especially no-seum-type stuff that my blind as a bat self cant see scurrying around.


It’s Friday and the kids have all abandoned me for the campground for a week of camping.  I will be joining them tonight after work.  It should be fun.  The first camping trip of the season… hard, come home exhausted and smelling of camp fire smoke.


My friend Kim has the most adorable dog up for adoption.  His name is Herbie, so if anyone is looking to adopt a darling lap dog at a reasonable price.  Please check him out.  He is so darn cute!


Have a great weekend all…..


In our jobs we all have parts we like and parts we dislike.  One of the parts of my job I have always disliked is apartment inspections.  Not only do I not care to invade someone else’s space, poking around looking at their stuff but when you are doing 10 or so inspections a day……you end up with funky apartment smells on you.  Good, bad or indifferent they are smells that are not your own…..smoke….fried chicken…..stinky air freshener… old people smell…..etc.


Going in and out of these apartments always leaves me feeling like I want to leave work and go home and take a shower……I seriously don’t like it.  (I much prefer to smell like Caress body wash and Cabotine perfume.) 


Now mind you, most of my residents keep nice apartments but there are the few who we are forced to put on housekeeping probation and go back and continue to further inspect, if they don’t get it together they eventually get evicted.  At my new complex, I have more than a few of these.  Lets just say the previous manager was a bit lax on housekeeping inspections……(she didn’t do ANY!)


Now since they gave me an additional property to run, they have also given us an inspector to help cut down on our inspection workload.  (I am extremely thankful for this.)  He is a strange little guy, but I am still grateful that he is helping me out by doing most of my inspections.




Last week my maintenance man came to me and told me about a resident who had long term terrible housekeeping and the previous manager never did anything about it even though he noted it on every work order.  So I told him I would tag her door and inspect her apartment 48 hours later.  I sent an email to our inspector guy (Vince) and asked him to join me if he wanted to so I could take photos (if need be) and he could do the written part of the inspection.  He agreed.




Literally 5 minutes after I returned from tagging her door, the central maintenance dispatcher called me and said “Sorry for what I’m about to tell you because I know its going to make you itch all day, (*as she chuckles into the phone) but I just spoke to the Orkin guy who called and said he was just in 915 (the door I had just tagged) and said she has BEDBUGS…. the worst case of bedbugs that he has ever seen.  They are so bad in fact that she has probably infected the neighboring apartments.”  He said “bedbugs are almost non-existent in the states but they are starting to make a come back and he is calling out two supervisors to view the apartment so they can figure out how to best treat it.”


I said, “Great, my apartment complex will now be on the map as the place in the States where bedbugs made a come back.”    Oy.  I can see me on 60 minutes now “Ms Moore, as the manager of this complex how could you have let this happen?”……Me as I cover my face……”No comment!”




So today is my inspection of the bedbug lady’s apartment……..the supervisor bought us some stuff to spray on before we enter the apartment to keep the little buggers at bay.   I plan on taping the bottom of my pant legs so they cant slip up my leg, I got Vince and I each a little lunch lady hat to put over our head so they cant hide away in our hair and I will be calling my supervisor and asking for hazard pay.  (Oh, and NO… I will not be posting pictures of me in the lunch lady hat!)


Now if you excuse me I plan on surfing the net for info on bedbugs so I can find out if they jump, fly or run fast so I know how to keep them the h@ll off of me!


So what are YOU doing at work today?





 Eww……Im itching just thinking about it.

Thanks to everyone who posted (and came out of the bushes) who has been concerned about me.  I SoooOoooOoo appreciate you all.


I am doing very well.  Trying to get better every day!




Going thru pictures tonight I decided to post some of the kids photos that the KIDS took.


They include The Christmas Party, Tacky Day during homecoming at school, friends, family and some of the furry family members of our extended family. 


Our life at our house includes a camera……I dont know what we would do without it!  🙂




My celulitus has returned with a vengeance.  Within 3 days of the bump re-appearing, I was in the lobby of my Doctor’s office crying.  No weeping, no sobbing, just tears streaming down my cheeks as I sat silently in pain, waiting on my name to be called.  The pain in my lower leg could only be described as feeling like I had been “hit in the chin with a sledgehammer and my skin felt like it had been set on fire.”  My legs were cramping, my mussels contracting and I could hardly walk.  My everything hurt.  I took a book to read while in the Doctors office waiting room, but the gesture was pointless… the pain was so intense I found myself unable to concentrate on the book long enough to connect words together to make sentences… entire body was hurting and my brain seemed to be unable to function while in pain overdrive.


Once I finally made it to the examination room, the nurse weighed me (I am SURE that scale is wrong by the way) took my blood pressure and temperature and asked the usual questions.  I sat in the chair in the corner, slouched over my purse, head held firmly in two hands and answered her with as brief of replies and I could.  I swear it even hurt to talk.  My jaw hurt…. it hand to of been from clenching my teeth together the previous night, while I laid in bed unable to sleep due to the pain……


First my Doctor gave me the blues for not returning for my follow up visit.  (Hey, I thought I was getting better……..why waste both of our time and my money?)  She then drilled me about not taking care of myself; this illness could kill me if left untreated, etc. etc.  (Okay Doc, I got the point you have scared me already just give me my prescription and let me go…..)


She asked me if I had been seeing the specialist for my fibromialgia.  I replied “No.”  She asked if I thought my joint pain was a fibromialigia flair up due to the infection in my body.  I replied, “Hum….not sure, but I can hardly make it up or down the stairs and I am feeling worse than I ever have in my life.  Please just give me a shot or something to make this pain stop so I can go back to work.”  Tears still flowing….while clutching a hard white tissue in each hand.


She left the room and I could hear she and the nurse (who had been in the room with me previously) talking in low voices in the hall…….Doctor stepped back in the room and said, “Ms. Moore…..your blood pressure…. you have never had a problem with it have you?”  I said, “Oh no, as a matter of fact it has always been low, extremely low.  So low in fact I use to constantly pass out because of it.”  She glanced up from her file just long enough to say, “Well, it’s dangerously high today.  So high in fact, you could have a heart attack.” 


I said, “A what?  Are you sure.”  Now I know what a stupid response this was……..but it is exactly what came to my mind.  “No, not me….she must have someone else’s chart by mistake.  It couldn’t be mine.”  She said, “That feeling in your head you mentioned to me, like you have been spun in circles, that is your blood pressure.”  I sat on the end of the examination table frozen thinking of how many days I had been feeling like that.  It may have even been two weeks.


The tightness in my chest and pain in my back…….it was my blood pressure and not my anxiety disorder although they present themselves almost exactly the same.  I get chest pain and/or tightness, difficulty breathing, a pain in my back just on the inside of my left shoulder blade, numb fingertips, tongue and lips. 


When it’s bad, its really bad.   It shuts me down.  I even have a Bach’s flower remedy spray I keep in my purse to squirt in my mouth in the event I am out somewhere when it chooses to rear it’s ugly head.  The spray does temporarily help.


She told me that she wanted me to see a dermatologist for my cellulitus, they would need to do a biopsy of the area because she had no idea what we were dealing with.  She then said, “I am out of the office Monday so I want you to return on Tuesday….if your blood pressure isn’t down, we will need to put you on medication….if you have any extreme chest pain or start feeling worse, get to the hospital right away.”


I said, “Well, maybe it’s just high because I’m in a lot of pain right now.”  She said, “That can elevate it but yours is dangerously high.  Please go home and get some rest.’




That is a 4-letter word to me.  I don’t know much about resting, I never seem to get any and when I am supposed to rest for one reason or another, it never seems to work out that way.  I guess I just don’t REST well.  I get sick, go to the Doctors office and get those Doctor’s notes for days off work, telling me I need to rest…….I just ball them up, stuff them into the bottom of my coach bag and head back to work. 


But not on this day…I will follow her advise…..I sat in my car looking at the Doctor note, prescription papers and next appointment date cards I held in my hand.  I was going to go home and stay in bed for 4 days, just as she requested and try to get some rest.


The heart thing scared me…..and not much scares me.  My heart… I have one, that’s about all I know about it….just like yours….. it is always plugging along doing what it’s suppose to do with no interaction, coaxing or friendly reminders from me.  It just handles its own business while I handle mine…..while I sleep, play and work.  Even while I was in hot pursue of Winston with my freshly air dried line items, it also reminded me that I am no longer a young chick with a great wind span…..I am a middle age, out of shape lady who needs to drop a few pounds and eat a few less fries and a few less burgers.   ….but it still kept doing it’s job.  Tick, tick, tick.


It is just the thought of it no longer doing what it’s suppose to do and me having absolutely no control over it when and if it decides to stop……..that’s what scares me.


Rest……..I need some rest…..

 Just what the Doctor ordered.

Some people are people watchers….while others (like myself) can fall as easily into a similar category called dog watchers.  Being a dog watcher doesn’t entail babysitting someone’s dogs while they are on vacation ~ but they are people who like to sit at the dog park (or other random places people and their dogs congregate) and watch dogs.


I guess I watch the people just as much as the dogs, but I always find observing the human and the K-9 interaction so interesting.  I know this isn’t the case with everyone just as I know everyone doesn’t share my fascination for forensic science or chickens and farming, but it is still something I find myself drawn to do.


During the winter months there was much less going on at the parks and other places I go but the weather is starting to warm up bringing people and their K-9 companions out to exercise and soak up the sun.


There is nothing more that I love than to watch a dog and human who obviously love each other …either walking in the park, playing ball, jogging, hiking or having fun doing anything that they both enjoy….I seriously find a huge amount of joy in this.  The language between human and dog may be unspoken but easy for me to read in both human and K-9 body language.




On the flip side when you see a dog that is fearful of a human or obviously not having a good time, I find it absolutely heart wrenching to watch. 


This comes to mind today because after seeing this man, three dogs and his girlfriend at the park a few days ago, the image of this man is still haunting me. 


I sat in my car waiting on a prescription to be filled and noticed a couple walking towards my car, one dog on a leash held by the woman and two dogs scurrying just along side of the tree line.  One dog was a puss-gutted beagle and the other a black lab that had one of the worst coats I have ever seen.


What caught my attention was not only the fact the guy had the dogs off leash running in the park while lots of other people were in the park, but the fact that he was flapping his arms in the air yelling and screaming at the dogs while walking.  The beagle seemed to just keep himself at a safe distance from the man and would periodically flash back a glance at the guy to make sure he was still far enough away to avoid being hit… but the lab was clearly terrified.  Every time the man swung his arms and yelled, the lab sunk further and further into him self just as his tail sunk further and further between his legs…….he was crouched so low that I honestly didn’t even realize he was a full grown lab until they tried to load them into the truck parked directly in front of me. 


I don’t know what the man was saying as he was walking nor could I figure out what the dog was doing wrong, but the only thing really clear to me was the fact the dog had no idea what the guy wanted of him……He didn’t know what he was doing wrong.


By the time they got to the truck, the woman got into the cab of the truck with her dog….the two loose dogs did everything in their power to get away from the guy.  The beagle hung out below the car parked next door while the lab continued to flee from the man, darting from car to car for cover.  My heart hurt while I watched them but I did my best to mind my own business until the guy drew back his leg and kicked the black lab.  That was the end of me minding my own business.


I swung open my car door and slid out of the car in one swift motion……..shouting “Hey, don’t do that again or I’ll call the cops.”  (While I secretly prayed the dogs would run away, as fast as their little legs would carry them.)  He said, “Mind your own fucking business lady.”  I said, “Do it again and watch what I do” while swinging my cell phone in the air.


Now I am no dummy, I know that people who abuse animals, 99% if the time also end up abusing humans if they aren’t already doing so…..I knew this guy could potentially come over and punch me or kick me like he had the lab…. and in the boxing ring compared to this big guy….I didn’t stand a chance.


I then said, “If you don’t want them, I’ll take them.”  (Instantly thinking, maybe I should of said all of this before I told him I’d call the cops on him…)  As soon as I got it out of my mouth the girlfriend rolled out of the passenger side of the truck, stood and took a long look at me as if to size me up in some strange fashion and quickly went to helping the boyfriend collect the dogs.  I couldn’t help but wonder if he hurt her too……I stood in silence as I waited on some response from the man or the woman……they both swiftly took to ignoring me.  (I wanted to make a mental note of his license plate but I was unable to see it with the tailgate of the truck down.)  Damn, I’m thinking….run dogs, run!!


The dogs were finally caught and chucked into the back of an open truck bed much like someone would throw in a bag of mulch; the tailgate slammed shut and the truck sped out of the parking lot. 


My heart hurt inside as I watched the truck drive off in the distance.  I pressed my eyes shut and said a prayer for the dogs.

 This behavior IS exactly why I prefer K-9 companions to humans any day.  Some people are just idiots.

Last night I beamed with pride while I sat amongst a small group of parents and a large group of my fine cities movers and shakers, as I watched Sierah received her scholarship money from Chase Bank; that will later be matched by Indiana University.  I beamed with pride as her mentor spoke so highly of Sierah.  Not like I didn’t know she has all these great qualities but it still was nice to hear someone who has just spent the last 9 months getting to know my daughter and views her as “A wonderful child wise beyond her years” and “a young person who is going to achieve any goals she sets for herself no matter how high they are”….and that she is someone who will “make a difference one day.”  (What’s not absolutely great about hearing that about your child?…… *Chip off the old block if I do say so myself…..*cough. cough.  J) Anyway….moving on.




Some things in life happen… in certain stages of your life that make you feel old…….I remember vividly when I was out in a night club in my mid to late 20’s and saw my friends little brother in the bar for the first time….The same kid that use to hide frogs in the bed with us at night just to hear us scream and run out of the room in our panties when we found them, the same kid that somehow set the storage shed on fire while experimenting with a lighter at the tender age of 10, the same kid that use to get in trouble for sticking his tongue out at me at the dinner table when I shared Sunday dinner with his family….. and I remember there was something very significant about seeing him in that nightclub that night, that made me feel old.  (Even at my tender age of 25)


Last night watching my first born child take the first steps to head off to College and begin her adult life… on her own…. THAT made me feel old.  Proud, but old.


But this morning when I went thru my neighborhood McDonalds to get my cup of coffee, 3 creams, 3 sugars added in please…….I noticed the same kid who always passes me my morning  cup of liquid caffeine, looking at me with this kind of goo-goo eyed, goofy look.  He and his female co-worker kind of gave each other a nervous laugh and both looked at me as I pulled up.  I said, “Everything alright guys?” smiling at them.  The young lady rolled her eyes to one side, cracked a smile and replied, “He thinks you’re cute.”  I said, “Cute?  Awh that’s so sweet sweetheart, but your young enough that you could be my son” and laughed (smiling ear to ear, I was feeling quite cute at that moment after that compliment, primping my hair and checking my makeup in the rearview mirror. batting my lashes.~  Until he replied, “Well you know, for an older lady.” 


Urtttttt!  Hold on….Wait a minute, what did he just say?


“FOR AN OLDER LADY.”  Did he really have to throw that in there?  “For an older lady”…….Hey buddy, I’m not THAT damn old…….I’m only 41…..well almost 42 but who’s counting anyways?  That is if your young ass is old enough to count …. “For an older lady”……grrrr

 now THAT made me feel old for real……  Tomorrow coffee from Arby’s………

It was in the 30’s yesterday but sunny and the dogs spent most of the day out in the yard, running, jumping and digging holes. I spent all morning catching up on laundry and house work.  Much to my dismay, while Winston was outside he found great joy pulling 3 freshly washed (and almost air dried) loads of laundry off of the line…making himself a nest of sorts in his recently wrestled off the line items… and then curled up and went to sleep on top of the huge heap of items.  Not only did he look completely comfortable on top of my freshly washed items but he was also surprised when I yelled out the back door “Oh Winston!” …. he seemed really pleased with himself and was rather certain my shouting was the beginning of a game….”Keep the nest items away from Mom.”  So while I’m stomping around gathering up items trying to shake off dirt and twigs, Winston is chomping down on any shirt, pair of pants or blanket he could get a hold of and running.  Running just far enough out of my reach I couldn’t grab him and spinning back around looking at me with his tail wagging…….rump in the air.  (It took me 30 minutes just to get all of the clothes back.)   Im not nearly as fast as I use to be…


The dogs tend to rotate in and out of the house depending upon what’s going on inside and out…..who they do or don’t want to play with, who might be cold and want in, etc.  This makes for lots of dog traffic across my kitchen floor and a filthy kitchen floor that I would be ashamed if anyone happened to see it. (You know, other than the other smucks that live in my hosue…)


It doesn’t matter how many times I sweep or mop it, until it dries up a bit outside I am going to have a continuous mudslide in my kitchen.

  No matter the mud slide…..

My family has decided they want to have Easter at my house.  Because of the size of my house, it can accommodate lots of people.  Oh Joy…lots of people, just what I DON’T like.  grrrrrrr 


As most of you know I am mildly anti-social.  (With humans that is)  I much prefer the company of a K-9 companion and a book any day to that of a human.  I avoid crowds and places with lots of people at all costs, I view my home as my sanctuary and when lots of people invade my space (invited or not) it makes me squirm at just the thought.  Oy.


My dogs tend to be a problem……not the dogs themselves, but protecting them from my extremely spoiled, poke the dogs in the eye, pull their tail kind of nieces and nephews that will be running amuck in my house Easter Sunday. 

 ~ So after much thought I have decided to allow my dogs free roam of the house and I will be crating all nieces and nephews.  I figured they might not go into the crates voluntarily so I will be baiting the crates with a shinny pastel colored Easter egg and a juice box in the back of each one.  Once they go for the bait……bam!  Slam the door shut……I got em!    Easter will never be the same!  Ahhh….

Okay so it’s been a busy week. Shame on my bosses for keeping me so darn busy I haven’t had time to take a break during the day and blog……tisk* tisk

My normally busy days have turned into REALLY busy days. I spend half a day at one office and half a day at another. Today I will work 13 hours due to an evening program at my family site……Once I get off of work, I am going to go home, get in the shower, eat and hit the sack. End of story. My old body isn’t made for this stuff any more.

Today I went home at lunch and loved on the dogs only to have found that Sierah’s dog Diggie took to marking damn near every room of the house. I was so mad……every room I entered there it was…..Diggie pee ~ the couch, the table, the trash can…etc. I came stomping thru the house pissed off and there he was jumping up, wagging his tail happy to see me. I couldn’t even stay mad a him….He is such a cute dog but I swear that little guy is strange…..I like to say he’s not all the way wrapped tight…something. He thinks he’s a big dog and he actually 7 lbs of bones and poodle fluff, he growls at stuff nobody else sees, he hates to be picked up but will stand up on your leg begging to be picked up, he tries to stand on my head when I’m in the bed, he guards you from the other dogs when he lays with you, he don’t want his food, but he wants to eat everyone else’s dog food….I swear he has a screw loose.


Last night was the first night I slept with an open window. I slept so soundly…. only it is going to take the dogs and I all a while to get use to hearing the sounds from the outside (cars driving by, people walking up and down the street) streaming into my house.

The college boys that live directly across the street and the company they keep….keep all sorts of hours so every time a door slams shut at 2, 3 or 4 AM, the dogs growl or stir around. EXCEPT Diggie, if he happens to be in the bed with me….he starts barking and going off like a space ship just landed on the roof or something…….On the other hand, brave little Murphy, he stays under the cover and growls……(muffled…"grrrr"). Cheyenne is the one I listen for, if she growls it’s time for me to get up and look around. Other than that, I just roll over and try to get back to sleep…..with dogs on me, next to me and under the covers with me……


The first day trip of the season was taken today by Acacia, Bear, Cheyenne and myself.  It was chilly, but sunny and beautiful…..we packed a picnic lunch, a small cooler full of juice and water, a couple of books and headed for the Dam.


The water level is kept low to catch the winter drain off, so the appearance was stark to say the least…… the whole State Park was almost abandoned other than a few crazy campers, so we let the dogs off leash and walked the shores…….They had a ball running in the sun and sand.


It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed my daughter, my dogs and myself!





 PS…..Winston has now broken the chewing hit list record that was held for a long period of time by Mr. Oreo….”Most items chewed in a single night”.  Last night while I slept, Winston pried open my closed closet door and slipped the lid off of the large tub that contains my shoes…(Very quietly I might ad)…. Considering I never even stirred in my sleep while he performed these maneuvers, I am almost certain he must of dropped down into my closet on a thin cord, the way Tom Cruise did in Mission Impossible…He was on a shoe chewing mission……He only chewed two matching tennis shoes but all of the others he chewed he seemed to single out the right shoe only, leaving the left shoes blissfully intact but now without a partner…..I think his total was 7 shoes…I stopped counting after 5 or 6 hit the trash can……The most expensive item chewed this week other than the shoes was a Victoria Secret purse I bought for Sierah a few weeks ago… and I was so proud of myself because she loved it!  I actually did a good job picking out something for her for a change……..Well…..So much for the purse…it’s a goner now……He does however have plenty of productive items to chew including bones, greenies, 3 ropes, dental chews and various other squeaky-obnoxious doggie toys that I am sure would be fun to chew up, he just seems to prefer to chew stuff he isn’t suppose to………Oy!  I swear.

With 5 kids, a 40+ hour a week job, a zillion dogs, time for me has always been a precious commodity. 


It seems that since the additional duties have been bestowed upon me at work, time now slips away even faster… and every day this week I have felt there weren’t enough hours in the day to complete everything that needed completing.  I found myself up at 3:00AM doing laundry, dishes or writing myself down notes of items that needed to be taken care of at work… often times this stuff just pops into my head while I’m resting at home or watching TV.


I have one of those brains that don’t really shut down.  I lay in bed awake often at night thinking of things I need to do the next day or things that I forgot to do the previous day.  Most people say that isn’t good, but it’s just how I operate.  I remember stuff, but not always at the opportune time…


The old ticker isn’t as sharp as it use to be so now I drag around a notepad to scribble notes on when things do randomly pop into my head.  Often these notes to myself are so scribbled that no one other than me could ever figure them out….Like “Linda – poop letter- $10 – Jeanette.”  This means send Jeanette and email and let her know to charge Linda $10 for me cleaning up her dogs poop on the service elevator and reminds myself to send her a written warning. ~~ The note thing works well for me until I cant remember where I put the note pad….trust me, this has happened to me more than once.  Maybe I need to attach it to a little string and run it thru my coat like mittens……


Now that I have two offices to work between I feel like as soon as I get to the second office I forget something that should have been done at the first one. Never fails…..grr


I must say that I love the new office.  It is spacious, clean and beautiful.  The most interesting thing for me is the fact that in our community room, right across the hall from my office is a day care.  It has been a long time since I have listened to conversation and commotion of a bunch of 3 to 4 year old kids.    I must admit, it is often times rather amusing. 


Day care lady:  “Did you poop?’

  Little kid:  “No”

  Day care lady:  “Did YOU poop?”

  Little kid:  NO!”

  Day care lady:  “Yes you did, you stink.”

  Little kid:  “You stink.”


  (Sorry but that IS funny stuff!)

I brought over just a few items to the new office to make it start to feel like my space… “what deadline?” pencil cup and my pit bull paper weight (in case I have to knock anyone out.)  Next week, pictures of the kids and dogs will follow a couple plants, etc and eventually this space will have a feeling of “Laura” all over it and not just blah – blank, clean emptiness. 


Till then I will chuckle at the honesty of the kids in the neighboring day care and try to squeeze more hours out of my day.