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Monthly Archives: November 2006

About 1:00AM Cheyenne decided she wanted to go out, I hear her stir around then I hear her toenails (click ~ click ~ click) from one side of the bed to the other.  I say, “Cheyenne, go lay down.”  (Trying to get some more shuteye)   She paused then did as I requested.  10 minutes pass… ~ click ~ click…she’s back, next to the bed looking at me with that “I wanna go out look”….”Cheyenne go lay down”……15 minutes pass and I hear her toenails again, this time she pushes my foot with her head to let me know she was serious…. so I get up, try to find my slippers in the dark head down the stairs (without falling) and let her out…….


Now most dogs who go out to go potty in the middle of the night, will do their business and come back to the door…..not Cheyenne.  She has to pee in 3 locations, sniff every leaf in the yard and poop in two locations and then tool around the yard sniffing.  While I stand there tapping my toe, arms crossed, waiting. 


Then does she come back to the door?  NoOoooOoo.  She wants to throw a toy up in the air like I’m going to come out in the yard at 1:30AM in my panties and undershirt and throw the rope with her. 


I say, “Cheyenne, come on!”  She comes sulking back into the house slower than molasses up hill.


By the time we got back upstairs she went into Sierah’s room instead of my bedroom so I just went into my room and shut the door……got into the bed, got comfortable…..


Click ~ Click~ Click (Out in the hallway heading toward the bathroom) Then I hear her drinking out of the toilet……”Cheyenne get outta the toilet!”  Click ~ Click ~ Click (really fast ~ back towards Sierah’s room.)


15 minutes pass…..I get comfortable again, start to doze off…….Click ~ Click ~ Click (Then I hear a loud scratch on my door)  Cheyenne was out there and wanted in…….I sat up in the bed and yelled “GO LAY DOWN!!!”   CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! (as she zooms back to Sierah’s room)


By this time I’m sitting up in the bed, looking frazzled.  Glancing at the clock and realizing I have to be up in about 2 hours for work…….while Ms. Cheyenne will spend her day sleeping………Lucky Dog.


**Make mental note to self; cut Cheyenne’s toenails tonight……



Thanksgiving is normally at my house but due to my house being in the middle of a remodel I thought it best not to have it here this year……It’s a good thing because I have drywall dust everywhere and Wednesday the guys working on my house left my entire upstairs filled with ladders, paint, spackle, tools, etc……..My hallway looks something more like a workshop than a hallway.


In absence of my house being available for the Thanksgiving gathering we all gathered at my cousin’s house.  It was great, she had it all decorated for Christmas, had wonderful food but her place is incredibly small for lots of people to all pile in for a Holiday.  I don’t do so well in tight spaces with lots of people so I kind of hung close to the front door and every time I started to feel claustrophobic I just opened the door.  Air! Air! Air…. (It does help.)


I thought me feeling so hot and uncomfortable was due to my fobia effecting me because of all of the people at my cousins and the tight quarters and little kids screaming, but later that night it became apparent that was not the case at all……the flu bug had been knocking on my door.  (Loudly!)  Luckily when it really hit, it only really lasted just over 24 hours, but today Devon has fallen victim to the same bug……the rest of the kids will inevitably come down with it like Dominos.  L  (Sorry guys) 


This morning I talked to my friend Tricia early and she said, “You need to just take it easy today….relax.”  (She knew better.)  I did rest for a couple hours then my sister called and it was time for me to set myself in motion and take her to the places she needed to go.  We did our normal running around then went out for a cup of coffee and on the way home I decided to swing past the park and walk (stroll) with Bear. (He was in tow) 


It was 60 degrees and sunny the end of November in Indiana, how could I resist?  I ended up walking my normal walk until my ankle started to feel really tight, called Marcus and Sierah and asked if they wanted to take some photos together while it was so nice out.  Came home, raked the front yard, cleaned up dog doo in the back yard, went back to the park with the kids, walked almost my entire walk again and took photos along the way, came back home and mowed the yard, washed and hung blankets on the line, cleaned up the yard, etc…….I was fine until my head started to hurt again, but other than that I think the fresh air did me some good.  I am feeling better today.  (Thank goodness.)  Resting didn’t seem to be in the picture for me today.


Since I have been sick Charlie has drove me crazy laying on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love for him to love on me and curl up in my lap, but he has been on me so much the last 3 days that I don’t know when he has had time to do much else, including eating or using the rest room……..gesh……This cat has been up my rear end 24/7 the last few days.  The bad part is once he has settled down on me I don’t move for a long time because I always feel so guilty because he looks so comfortable and I hate to move him…….so then I’m stuck, me stuck sitting in some position for a really long time with a leg going to sleep and him curled up in “warm lap bliss”….  But he has gotten so bad in fact that when I do decided to get up and move… as soon as I pick him up and put him down on the floor… he is jumping right back onto my lap before I can even get up off of the couch.  When I set him back down for the second time he gives me a loud disagreeable meow in protest and proceeds to follow me to my next destination.  (Don’t let it be the bathroom or he meows to get on my lap in there too.)  Crazy cat!  I don’t know what’s gotten into him……


Well, it’s about time for me to pick Acacia back up from the movies…….maybe by the time I get home I’ll be able to get some rest! 




I woke up about a week or two ago with a feeling…..there was a dog that needed my help.  (Sorry, I know how crazy it sounds but it is a real feeling.)  I didn’t have the feeling I would find it, quite the opposite….I felt like I would have to buy it.  (I know this all sounds strange.)  I guess maybe it is…..


To help you better understand my “feelings”…..and I often get them.  Not exclusively about dogs, I get them about humans too but people have only been able to confirm that my “feelings” I get toward humans are often very accurate. 


Example:  I had always told my friend Shelia at work about “feelings” I had associated with dogs, she always scoffed it off because not only did she not like dogs, she didn’t fully believe what I was telling her until this one particular day.




I came into work and had been troubled all night by a feeling that I had.  I felt that our friend “Ms. H” had a death in her family.  The emotion was so disturbing that not only could I not sleep but I was also brought to tears at one point about it.  Shelia asked me why I felt like that and I couldn’t explain but I felt as if I was actually feeling Ms. H’s emotion….I felt like she had lost her brother. 


Now, in years of getting these feelings I have learned to NOT tell anyone when I had a feeling of death……for obviously reasons, it tends to get people wound up.  I only told Shelia because she was my close friend and she also agreed to not mention it to Ms. H.  Just the thought had kept me up all night, and I couldn’t shake it all morning at work.


She never came into work that day and a few hours later while Shelia was in my office our supervisor (who was also our friend) came in and was chatting with us.  Shelia proceeded to tell our boss about my feeling and our boss then paused, got the strangest look on her face and said, “She just called in… her brother in law just passed away and she said she was extremely close to him.”  The hair stood up on the back on my neck.  We all just looked at each other….  I guess everyone except me was surprised.  It has happened so many times in my life I’m just not surprised by it any longer.  Shelia had goose bumps ….she said, “I’ll never doubt your feelings again my friend.”


For some reason I was really in tune with Ms. H’s emotion.  I had actually felt her being worried about a plant (of all things) in her office that she was having a hard time taking care of…..I later asked her about it and she told me she was indeed worried about it because her young grand daughter had given it to her as a gift and she was worried she would kill it. 


We later told her of my “feeling” about the death of her brother in law and after giving it some thought she came back to my office and said, “If you ever have a feeling about me again, please tell me…..I believe some people have that gift.” 


I guess in life the things that don’t seem “normal” to some people have to be proven by the people who feel or see them.  Honestly I have never felt like it is something that no one else has…..I just feel like some people are maybe tuned into things just a little bit finer than the rest.  Maybe I listen a little harder to that little voice inside of me.


Seriously, think abou it like this…. I think everyone has had a couple times in their life when they went to do something and something in their gut told them not to…….Later when things went wrong you said out loud, “Something told me not to do that.” 


That is one thing I have always done when I screened people for prospective homes for rescue dogs, I listed to my gut……if everything on the outside seemed okay, they answer all the questions right, everything else checks out okay……I still listen to my gut.  If it didn’t “feel” right, I didn’t place the dog.




Now, after all of that….let me get back to the point of my story.  The feeling about a dog….I have this feeling there is a dog who needs my help, I’m sure there are a ton of dogs out there that could use my help but I just keep having this feeling about a specific dog….a dog I will find but I may have to pay a nominal amount for, to get it out of a bad situation. (As I did with Tonka)  I even picked up our local peddler’s post paper to check the “free to good home” dog type ads to see if anything really jumped out at me.  I marked a couple ads……I will call later today.  I just don’t know.


I have had the feeling for a couple weeks……I even looked at the “Free to good home” ads at the Vet’s bulletin board Saturday and none of them really felt right.  Even one of the Vet tech’s said, “Laura look at this dog, isn’t he cute?”  Trying to get me to call them.  I just said, “Have them contact me if they are at the last resort….”


I don’t know where this dog is going to pop up from or when, but when it happens I’ll know……I just have a feeling it’s going to be soon….




Yesterday I took Cheyenne to the Vet first thing in the morning.  She has an ear infection, got some new ear wash and some ear drops…we will return in two weeks to make sure it is doing better and hasn’t turned into something else.  Other than that, the Vet said she looks really healthy.


Cheyenne was her usual lady like self at the Vet’s office.  Despite her being my oldest dog, they seldom see her at the office because she is extremely healthy.  The young female Vet was there and not Old Doc Kerley…. he would have been excited to see here…..Cheyenne’s Mom use to come to see him.  I would of liked to ask him if she is still around.  None the less I do like the young Doctor, it is just hard to get past the fact she looks like she is about 17 years old.  (Maybe I’m just getting old.)


While in the exam room the Vet tech was chatting with me, she has known me for years and she kept OOOing and Ahhhing over Cheyenne and how sweet she was.  I said watch this and did the “Shoot her with my finger” trick where I point my finger like a gun and say “bang” and she lays down and then rolls onto her side and plays dead.  I swear this Vet tech thought that was the funniest thing ever so she ran out and got the ladies at the front desk and the Vet to have them watch her do it again……..I guess the excitement of all of those people coming to see Cheyenne left her unable to contain herself enough to do her trick.   She went straight to the doorway where they all stood, wagging her entire body trying to act cute for her audience while I sat there saying “Bang, bang, bang” till she finally looked over at me and realized what I was doing and then did the fastest flop to the floor……..(guess she couldn’t hear me) and every body died laughing.  It actually was kind of funny, she did it in such a way she almost appeared to be “showing off.”  I said, ‘Sometimes I have to shoot her 6 times before she dies!”  Ha.


Anyway once we left the Vet’s I decided I would walk at the park, it was a dreary day but it was about 49 degrees out.  I took Cheyenne home and picked up Bear.  Cheyenne cant make my long walk any more and I knew I would be walking further than normal today because I didn’t have to be anywhere for hours and I needed to relax…….I find walking, being outdoors and being with any of my dogs brings me down a notch when I’m feeling stressed.


We pulled up at the park and it looked like a deserted island.  I think there might have been one car where we normally park.  (Normally there is about 30.)  But I would say in this time of the year in Indiana the only people still walking at the park are the diehard health enthusiast and/or dog people.  I love walking in the fall because the wood are bare and you can see things you cant normally see.  One part of my walk takes me past large beautiful houses and I am always fascinated with looking at them…..dreaming maybe. 


There is a path that goes entirely around the golf coarse and that is normally where I go but there is another path that goes off of park property and goes for miles in another direction.  Now when I say path….these are really nice trails paved with black top.   I am not actually hiking.


As I approached that stretch of trail this guy passed me with two dogs in the car, I took a long look at one of the dogs because he took a long look at me.  A beautiful black and white boarder collie with a half black, half white face…. Bear was clueless my eye was wondering as he trotted along continuing his squirrel patrol. 


The man drove down as far as he could on park property and parked.  When he got out I noticed by the dogs movements they were not leashed, he glanced back at me but he didn’t seem concerned about Bear or I, and the dog shot off in the opposite direction of me…. obviously a walk they had frequented numerous times. 


I must admit I found a great deal of joy watching this older man and his dogs while they walked about a half city block ahead of me.  We kept almost the same pace.  Anyone who doesn’t believe dogs feel joy or exhibit emotion might have changed their mind had they seen this k-9 duo romping and running, chasing squirrels and zooming back and forth playing.  They were obviously extremely happy.  Grins on those doggie faces from ear to ear.


The man periodically would send the boarder collie out with hand signals and the other dog followed……pushing thru brush and tall grass deep into the woods almost to the river.   Where there were now bare trees and fallen leaves, not long ago that area was covered in enough leaves and green growth that you wouldn’t of been able to see them 5 feet into the woods……you now could see the dogs both twisting in and out of trees sniffing, digging and chasing squirrels.  They were a joy to watch.


The silence of my serine walk was instantly broken by loud barking from my overly stimulated dog. Bear couldn’t contain himself watching the other dogs ripping and running.  He wanted to chase squirrels and run free too, but he couldn’t.  He would have to chase squirrels from the end of my 20-foot retractable leash.  There was going to be no running free for him today due to our cities leash law, (that I was obviously more concerned about than the guy with the two dogs) but his business of chasing squirrels didn’t get overlooked.  He chased every renegade squirrel he saw  for 3 and a half miles.  He loves chasing squirrels so much in fact he will sometimes slip out from under my fence just to go 4 feet further to the bottom of a large walnut tree to attempt a squirrel snack for lunch.  It never works, but you have got to give it to the guy for continuing to try. 


I enjoyed myself yesterday walking with my dog in the park, watching a man interact with his dogs whom I don’t even know…..none the less, it still brought a smile to my face and made me remember the old saying:


“The best things in life are free!”


You know what… they truly are,



All dogs have angels…one or two…maybe even three….well at least they should.  Sometimes a dog in need never finds his angel but Porkchop is a very lucky boy. He has an angel who found him and her name is Allie.


Allie recently contacted me via my friend Tamara at “Black”.  She has a dog in desperate need of help.  To better understand the entire desperate situation she is facing, here is a clip from the email she sent me:



Hi Laura,

My name is Allie, and Tamara from the black dog website suggested that I send you an e- mail about an urgent situation regarding a pit bull I’m caring for right now. He’s adorable, brown and white with freckles, sweet, loving, easygoing, and playful and gets along with other dogs. He loves everybody.


It might be easiest just to explain the situation:


The dog was my neighbors’ dog and they neglected him horribly. He was tethered in their back yard, un-neutered on a cement slab with only a plastic doghouse and a view of an empty above ground pool and a broken down rusty stove. He cried constantly, and my fiancé and I were so sad about it.


Ten days ago, he got loose and I found him wandering and called animal control, seeing an opportunity to possibly get better care for the dog. The neighbors never picked him up from animal control and he was scheduled to die. I had a pit bull rescue get him out — I got him neutered, got his shots, etc. I couldn’t find a foster home for him on short notice, so I kept him.


Well, my neighbors saw that I had him and now they’re really angry. In fact, their oldest son, who’s in his 20s and kind of thuggish, was banging on our window screaming and demanding the dog back and we had to call the police. He then threatened me that there would be "hell to pay" for "messing with" him.


My fiancé suggested we give the dog back to avoid problems, and I told him I could never look at myself in the morning if we did that. The next day, I moved Porkchop and my dogs and me to a friend’s house (because my fiancé was going out of town for a week, and I didn’t want to be at the house alone and I knew Porkchop could not stay here as that would escalate the situation.)


I cannot bring the dog back to my house, and I urgently need to find him a good home or even a temporary foster home. I am willing to drive him just about anywhere in the country to the right home.


This dog is an absolute sweetheart and has really stolen my heart. I can send more pics if you like. He is NO trouble at all to foster, except that he hates stairs. He loves his crate and will sit there quietly for hours. I have had many foster dogs who were really, really challenging to have around and I can honestly say this one is a delight. I will be very sad to see him go and I would have been happy to foster him indefinitely if this hadn’t happened.



I have spoken to Allie on the phone and we have communicated via email.  She is doing everything in her power to keep him for a few more weeks to try to place him locally in a forever home or a foster home. 


I assured her that I would help her in any way that I can, I even offered to foster him in the event she cannot place him or find a foster for him.


I am posting this email on the sheer chance that someone reading this post also happens to be looking for a wonderful companion…….Porkchop is now in need of his second Angel.  Could it be you? 


If so please contact me at Lauras2fly [at symbol] 


I will put you in contact with Allie.





Yesterday when I got home for lunch Cheyenne wasn’t in her normal spot next to the stove in the kitchen, keeping watch on the back door.


I sat down my purse, cell phone and radio on the kitchen counter…….loved on the dogs who came to greet me and continued thru the dinning room into the living room looking for Cheyenne only to find her curled up on the couch fast asleep.  Not abnormal if I’m home and on the couch myself watching TV, but when I’m not at home she always waits in the exact same spot…she has ever since we moved into that house 4 years ago. 


The strangest thing in all of this was the fact that despite the sound of the back door opening, me sitting all of my items down on the counter, doggie toenails clicking on the hard wood floors like crazy, all the dogs swishing all around doing the happy dance, she didn’t budge, she never got up.  She never heard me.  Just lay there on the couch curled up in a tight ball fast asleep. 


It actually scared me…I thought OMG, Cheyenne is she OK?..…so I shouted “CHEYENNE” in this panicked voice!  She jumped up startled, twisting trying to right herself on the couch and then proceeded to go thru her normal routine of greeting me once she realized I was there…. while I sat there with my heart racing.  I’m surprised I didn’t give her a heart attack the way I shouted!


That truly scared me but it also reminded me of how old she actually is…..and Big Mama, as she is affectingly known at my house, is starting to show signs of her age.  She turned 12 this October and that is really getting up there for a dog her size.  


I am going to take her to the Vet this weekend to ease my mind…..I imagine it is just some hearing loss that is starting to set in with age but I just want to be sure. 


She is the only dog at my house that wasn’t a rescue.  I bought her when the kids and I moved into a house in a bad area.  I wanted a big dog that would possibly detour someone from breaking in.  And detour she did.


There was one occasion when she actually jumped thru a window to get a guy who was breaking into our house. 


On this particular night she literally came and woke me at about 3:00AM by poking me with her nose and led me directly to the porch door (it was an enclosed porch and the interior door was shut.)……I could hear a strange noise on the porch and Cheyenne murmured this low bellowing growl that I will never forget… I grabbed this baseball bat that I kept in my room, took a deep breath, held the bat in the air and flung the door open…….Cheyenne instantly hit the porch window (that had the guy with his arm stretch up inside of our porch on the other side trying to Jimmy the lock) and went straight thru the window.  Glass shattered, the guy yelled……I screamed, ran and got the phone and called 911.   


Instantly they were both gone……I went out the door and no one was there……no burglar and no Cheyenne.  I called her and called her….I started balling.  The police arrived a few minutes later and I was sobbing worried about Cheyenne.  I kept saying, “please let me go look for her….please, please, please.”  The cop refused to let me go because I could possibly run into the burglar and called for another police officer and animal care and control to drive around and look for her. 


About 10 minutes passed and I thought I saw her coming up the middle of the street……I rubbed my eyes and stood up.  I said, “Cheyenne!”  And she started trotting…….she was coming down the middle of the street just like some action hero at the end of a movie….chest poked all out, proud of her accomplishment.    


By the time she made it back to the house Animal Care and Control pulled up.  They gave her a through once over and she didn’t have as much as a scratch.  To this day I have no idea how she went thru that glass window and didn’t get cut. 


When Cheyenne came back to the house the police officer was really leery of her, I said, “She is really friendly don’t worry….”  He kind of hesitated because she came directly to him and sat down at his feet, looking straight up at him.  I couldn’t help but laugh because that was her daily routine with the mailman who carried biscuits for her every day……when he came to the house she would come up to him and instantly sit because she knew he was going to give her a treat.  Guess she thought the mailman came early that day!  I had to go in the house and get a doggie treat for him to give her so she would leave him alone!  J 




She is a wonderful dog and everything the breed should be and then some.  So many Rotties get a bad rap but I have got to say she was invaluable in helping me raise the kids alone… She helped me keep the kids safe all those years when we lived in an area that wasn’t exactly desirable.  She never let anyone enter the yard without me knowing, if I happened to be in the house while the kids were outside she didn’t allow them to enter the yard at all till I came out then she greeted them with her entire body wagging, she protected me numerous occasions without being “vicious”, she helped me screen prospective adopters for our rescue dogs ~ letting me know if she didn’t like someone, she protected, loved and even got empathy milk for numerous puppies we rescued an placed……..even kittens; grooming them and stimulating them to make them go to the bathroom like they were her own puppies.  I would often notice her in the yard herding the kids around to keep them together…….watching her do it always made me laugh.  The kids were clueless but she moved them around with the precision of a ranch dog herding sheep.


And lastly Cheynne is Tonka’s best friend.  When Tonka came to us she had been starved and abused and nearly died.  Cheyenne laid on the floor with me day after day when I ran IV fluids in Tonka trying to help her to live, she went in and out the door with me when I had to carry her in and out to go potty and most importantly she brought Tonka back from depression when her body finally re-bounded, her spirit was broken.  Cheyenne spent countless hours grooming and watching over her and never stopped asking her to play by dropping sticks in front of her or slinging a sock back and forth in front of her face while she danced back and forth in front of her acting silly.  Finally it worked and Tonka began to play and to this day she and Tonka are inseparable. ~  Favorite place to be is curled up in front of the fireplace together.  ZzzZzzzZZZzzzzing


I have been blessed to have her for 12 years and I only wish I could count on having 12 more with her…..I know that’s not going to happen but whatever time we do have left you better believe she will be spoiled and loved just like she always has been….I love my fatty-girl!  🙂

A few things for your guys to check out! 




While surfing the net I found these cool hand made dog collars.  If you are ever looking for “not so run of the mill collars” for your dogs that are quite unique, you may want to check them out.  They are beautiful hand made dog collars crafted by the Maasai tribe in Kenya, East Africa. 




For some unique Holiday cards that can include you and or your pet check out The Card Bard Card Company.  Or try the Rolling Dog Ranch Sanctuary Greeting Cards.




For some cute doggie stuff try Bad Dog Frida.  They have a cute shirt that says “Who’s your Doggie”……Instead of Who’s your Daddy.  J  Sorry, but I DO think it’s cute.




For some great pet links try Pet O Rama.  Make your dog a free Pet Page and much more. (Nice dogs in the news, news links)




Would you like to feature your pet on your checks?  Try Pet Checks.




For some recipes for some homemade dog treats to spoil your pooch try this site




For two people after my own heart and a great place to make a worthy donation please visit Rolling Dog Ranch.




For Military style dog tags for your dog, try this link.  You can put lots of info on them, and the more info the better with a lost dog…always a benefit.  Or for some really cute ones try Sally Harrell.




Lastly ~ Perfect gifts for your friends or family who are Dog Lovers, Try Dog Lover Gift Baskets.  (They are kind of expensive but you can always just look and get great ideas to make your own to give as gifts.)

On an average 2000 people a week read my blog, if this helps save one dog….it is worth me re-printing it.


Pet Tales: Learn how to help a choking dog

Thursday, November 02, 2006

By Linda Wilson Fuoco, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


There is really no "good" or easy way to lose a dog, and it’s especially painful when a dog dies years before you thought it would. A golden retriever named Lindy was 6 1/2 years old when he died in front of his horrified and helpless owners, Chris and Tom Murray, of Zelienople.

It’s painful for Chris Murray to talk about what happened to Lindy, but she’s made it her mission to do so because she hopes she can save some lives.


It was Tom Murray who saw Lindy in the living room in obvious distress one day in July. The dog was thrashing and seemed to be struggling to breathe, but the couple couldn’t figure out what was wrong.


Then they saw an apple with a big chunk bitten out of it. Though they suspected the dog was choking, they didn’t know how to dislodge the food from his throat.


Lindy had stolen the apple from a kitchen counter, and "he had never done anything like that before," Mrs. Murray said. "Our other golden, Ben, is a notorious food thief."


Here’s what Mrs. Murray is telling anyone who will listen: "Google choking dog."


Go to the search engine, type in "choking dog" and learn how to save a life. Don’t wait until your dog is choking. Do it now, and read the advice listed on multiple Web sites. If your dog chokes, you won’t have time to look it up and you usually won’t have time to get to a veterinarian.


The Heimlich maneuver developed to save human lives works on animals, with some modifications in the technique. Read the Web sites and ask your veterinarian about this. Do not practice the Heimlich maneuver on a dog that is not choking, because you could cause serious injury.

According to information from, a choking dog might paw at its face or throat, act "frantic" or try to cough or vomit, but will be unable to do so.


If you can see the object at the back of the throat, try to remove it. Don’t try to remove anything you cannot see.

There are some simple things you can try before going to the Heimlich maneuver, says the petplace site. With a small dog, pick it up and hold it vertically with its head pointing toward the ground. With a big dog, pick up the hind legs so that its head is tilted down. Sometimes this will dislodge the object. Sometimes, using the palm of your hand to administer a sharp blow between the shoulder blades will dislodge the object.


If that doesn’t work, try the Heimlich maneuver.


Grasp the dog around its waist in a kind of "bear hug" and use a fist behind the ribs to compress the abdomen with three to five quick pushes. The air can dislodge the item up out of the throat.


Beware of tennis balls, golf balls or any toy or food that is just the right size to lodge in a dog’s throat. We don’t have to be paranoid, but we all can be careful.
Tonka choked just last week……thank goodness she is okay! 

Sierah’s basketball team upset the number one ranked team in the state last night and beat them by 5 points.  (South Bend Washington.)  South Side is ranked #11.  It was a great opening game.  South Bend Washington is a great team.  YES!   I LOVE basketball! 


To read the story from the South Bend paper click here:  The Story


We traveled several hours to play them, I rode along in the stinkin fan bus with Acacia and Marcus…and about 30 other saps…..sitting on those ungodly hard seats, bouncing all around, the bus driver got lost, drove us an hour out of our way, and we missed half of the Reserve teams game.  Ugh.  No matter though, the girls went up there and showed em what they got and kicked but!  You go ladies, good job.


This was the first road trip that I went on and was totally unprepared.  Jenna had an issue at school yesterday, school was calling, I had to run to the Doctor, ran Sierah some money up to school for something to eat before the game, took my sister out to lunch and did some other running around……by the time it was time to go I realized I hadn’t bought any snacks or drinks……nothing for my little cooler I normally take.  Marcus was on his way to the house so he could ride to school with me and I was totally unprepared when he pulled up.  I ran out of the house without even a jacket or a single cheese nip.  A motion I soon regretted on the ride home in the extremely chilly bus at midnight with my stomach growling.  We by the way, had a police escort out of town on the bus……basketball in Indiana aint no joke.  Lol




I took half of the day off work yesterday to go to the Doctors office.  While there I asked to be put back on my anti-anxiety medication.  The stress of 5 children, a demanding job and I guess life in general causes me to often have chest pain, numbness in my tongue, lips and fingers and shortness of breath.  After extensive testing a few years back they determined it wasn’t my heart…..but simply stress.  I took the medication they prescribed for a period of time, and then stopped after a while.  (I hate medicine.)  As of late, I have felt the symptoms almost daily again so I decided to be a good girl and get back on the medicine.


Yesterday after looking at me, the Doctor seemed much more concerned with my psoriasis than my ankle. (Technically it’s on my ankle too…. both of my ankles and my right foot….also my right  hand.)  It has gotten really bad and she had a long talk with me about me not taking proper care of it.  Said it would soon become ulcerated. (Not exactly sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.) Asked me why I hadn’t been in there to get more medicine for it, I told her my normal excuses…. it was hard for me to get away from work, etc etc…..She then she says, ”Working, working, working… are always working……you work too much.  You must take care of you first Ms. Moore.”   (Point taken Doctor.  Thank you!)


I love to hear her talk…..she has this heavy African accent.  I have no idea how long she has been here but her accent is still very prevalent.  She fascinates me, is always impeccably dressed, beautiful hair, almost no makeup ~ a natural beauty and always wears gorgeous designer shoes.  Yesterday she was wearing a beautiful pair of ferragamos.  Granted, I don’t have money for that stuff any more, but I did have a time in my life that where the finer things in life were a given.  Even though I’m broke now, I still appreciate a nice handbag, good cologne and a fine pair of shoes.  (Thanks Mom!)


So that’s an update on my ankle, basketball and my life in general.


Now what are you guys up to?



I swear the stairs in that old house of mine will be the death of me one day. 


This morning after I showered, got dressed for work, played with the dogs, watched the morning news, sipped a cup of coffee I decided to head into work a couple hours early to get caught up on some extra work.  I strolled out of my room and down the stairs (the back way) toward the kitchen……3 stairs from the bottom……WHAM.   I went down.  Straight down to the bottom missing at least two stairs.  Not even sure what happened that caused me to fall in the first place but when I first hit the floor the pain in my ankle was immense.  I thought for sure I had broken it.  After a few seconds I realized I could move it some, so it wasn’t broken……just hurt like h*ll.  It instantly brought tears to my eyes.  *&%$^$#%


I sat on the floor saying a few choice words for a couple of minutes, a couple kids came down for further inspection….. they decided they wanted to help me up but I didn’t want to stand on it.  Just decided to sit there for a minute and try to get myself together. 


What does my eldest child do when she sees her Mother sprawled out on the floor in the hall after falling down the stairs?  She puts her hands on her hips and says, “Well, how’d you manage that Mom?”  In this “She’s the Mother” kind of voice.  I say, “Well if I knew that Sierah I wouldn’t of done it now would I?”  (I’m still a smarty pants even with a throbbing ankle.)  Gesh.


Once I regained my composure, the crowd thinned out and I hobbled around in the kitchen for a few minutes I decided to continue my trip to work…..the ankle wasn’t hurting too bad.  Got into my car, despite the fact I was having a bit of trouble with the gas pedal, I proceeded along anyways.  While driving I got the strangest sensation in the bottom of my foot.  Felt almost like bubbles were coming out of it in a specific spot…..had I pinched a nerve maybe?  I don’t know, but the sensation was making me crazy by the time I got to work.  Then it started to throb.  Boom, boom, boom.


Once I got into my office I realized I was having lots of other pain… ankle was nothing compared to the pain I was having in the front of my right leg, bottom right side of my foot, my right lower back and the right side of my neck. 


I took 3 ibuprofen and pulled my shoe and sock off to take a closer look at my ankle.  It was starting to get a bit purple and swell just that quickly.  Oy.


I waited half the day, the ibuprofen never helped, so I broke down and decided to call the Doctor’s office.  They were in for only half a day today, so I will be seen tomorrow morning as a walk in…….I really, really dislike going to the Doctor but I guess this is one of those times I really need to go. 


Ugh I swear, my everything hurts…..