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Monthly Archives: December 2007

I woke up this morning at about 4:00AM….I stood in the dark in my kitchen window , sipping my coffee, watching giant snowflakes drop straight down to the ground in an almost deliberate fashion.  As if they only had a limited period of time to fall and cover the ugly mounds of dirty snow left from last week’s blizzard like conditions and the now visable green grass that appeared after yesterday’s 45-degree day.


I stood there thinking of my blessed Holiday.  I enjoyed spending time with my family and children.  Sierah is home from College for a few weeks and my entire family got to meet my niece who my sister adopted out at birth.  She is now in her early 20’s and this Christmas was meeting her biological family (my family) for the first time.  There was something so magical about all of it.  I know she was happy and overwhelmed at the same time but I was more than happy, I was elated.  This was the baby who I sat outside the nurses station the day she was born, balling until they let me see and hold her…….I counted her fingers and toes, ran my fingers thru her fine hair and promised her I would find her again one day.  (I was too young to adopt her but not too young to feel the pain of the loss of member of my family)  And here she is, 20 some years later. 


My niece Steph had not yet met her sister Dawn till Christmas day.  I knew that she would get along perfectly with Dawn…..Dawn is my niece but she is more like my sister as we are the same age she was raised together by my Mother.  She is my “Mothers Child” without a doubt….Loving and nurturing with a perfect house, husband and family.  She is one of those people who could entertain 3 dozen people at the drop of a hat effortlessly, whose beautiful house never seems to get messy and is genuinely a loving, kind soul.  Despite all of her wonderful qualities she is unpretentious and down to earth, she was equally impressed with the “Snowman building kit”, complete with a red wooden heart and wire rim glasses as she was the “Chanel” Perfume I bought her for Christmas.  (We both inherited the love of snowman building AND fine perfume from my Mother! J)


So Christmas Evening when I left Dawns house with all of my kids in tow……I left all of my nieces chatting and sipping wine and catching up on all of those lost years.  That was the best Christmas gift EVER for me.  Right behind the hand crocheted scarf my daughter Taryn made me.




The cats at my house viewed Christmas time with great joy.  I am sure they decided we brought in two giant trees from the outdoors JUST for them.  AJ loves to zoom up the tree with this wide eyed, crazed look on his face and jet about half way up the tree till someone yells at him “Get down you crazy cat!  Mom AJ is in the tree again!”  He then jumps madly out of the tree while beads and ornaments fly and he zooms off 90mph.  Ms Fiona on the other hand loves to tiptoe around in circles under the tree and let the needles scratch her back while she slowly glides her tail in and out of the branches.  That or lay leisurely underneath the tree as if she needs to find a patch of shade within my house.  Charlie, well he could care less about the tree as long as he has the back of the couch to lay on.


 Princess Fiona will be going to live with my sister Vickie today.  My sister is disabled and lives alone and the company of a cat will do her worlds of good.  Vickie met her at Thanksgiving time and loved her.  Yesterday I braved the crowds at Wal-Mart to purchase her all of the things a Princess Kitty would need to move to new digs…..a litter box, litter, scooper, kitten food, matching bowls, toys, treats and more toys.    My sister is thrilled……Today is the big day.  I am paying for the spay, vet check, food and pet deposit.  My Christmas gift to my sister……Red heart


I will miss her little prissy self but my sister will give her one on one and spoil her rotten. Thats exactly what they all need!





Since my last post………lets see what’s been going on.


Well for starters we have another addition to our family……a female cat who at this time remains nameless.  I have started calling her Princess Fiona but most everyone else in the house calls her “the kitty”.  She showed up out back one night when my friend Laura was coming thru the back door, she was speaking to the kitty and I said, “Who are you talking to?”  You know me……The rest is history.


I picked her up and she was all bones, I could feel every rib in her tiny body….. she was so thin and she was also very much in heat……Much to the delight of Mr. A.J. Moye.  (We spent the next week keeping them apart but they played footsies under the door the entire time.)  His pursuit of her reminded me of the old Pepe La-pue cartoons with Pepe chasing the cat with the white paint on its back.




The only problem…. I believe she is pregnant……she is just a kitten herself…..I would guess her to be about 6 months old….her belly is full and round, I will know for sure once she goes to the vet but my instincts tell me she is.


She spent her first week at the house hiding and eating…….I mean really eating.  Chubby AJ Moye can put away some food but she was eating twice what he eats.  She is now getting use to everyone in the house including the dogs…….Last night she spent 2 hours mesmerized by the fire in the fireplace.  Not exactly so sure what was so fascinating about the fire but it was doing lots of popping and crackling.  ??


At night she and AJ zoom around the house like they are crazy.  (This is the only time AJ is not following me around like the dogs.)  I shut the dogs in the room with me at night so the cats have free roam of the house.  The free roaming turns into something more like a 3 ring circus from the sound of it…. but they seem to have a ball.




I purchased a 10 foot tall Christmas tree from the Goodwill.  I LOVE it……Everyone comes into the house and says, “Oh my God, it’s huge!”  It is a slim line tree, so it’s not fat, just tall.  Tonight we are expecting 3-5 inches of snow so I am hoping the combination of the tree and snow will give me the Christmas spirit.  Something I am currently lacking……


Bah humbug….