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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Okay, so its been a while since I’ve been here……a long while. 


I don’t really have an excuse as to why I haven’t posted other than just being busy with life stuff.


My job has kept me extremely busy….in apartment complexes summer is our busy time for residents doing unruly stuff, I hate to admit that I have recently become addicted to Ebay, my dogs as always suck up lots of my time…..the kids have all but disappeared for the summer and Sierah has been away at IU all summer.  Me, I’m trying to de-stress my house.  I have been working on Feng Shui.   If this interests you even a tad, I suggest pursue learning more about it, it has made a huge difference in my life.  I am hooked.  The absolute best book I have found on the subject, easy to ready and understand, etc is Feng Shui Your Life.   One of my friends found the whole notion of it a bit silly, but then I asked her, “Don’t you feel better driving your car after you have washed it and vacuumed it out?”  She said, “Yes.”  I then said, “Don’t you sleep better after your whole house is clean, and you have clean sheets on your bed, etc”…….she said “yes”……I said, well then you DO understand it.  You start by de-cluttering your life, getting rid of old papers, clutter, old clothes, pans, stuff……anything you don’t use, get rid of it and then start really getting rid of stuff room by room, take on one room at a time and clean, really clean…….I am telling you it makes a difference fast.


Last weekend I had the first garage sale of my life.  I generally give away everything to the Goodwill that I have extra, but I was trying to get Jenna to step up to the plate, get rid of some of her extra stuff and earn a little money.  I priced everything at $1.  (This included leather coats, weed whackers, yard ornaments, shoes, jewelry, books….everything, $1.  I thought I could bless some people with some of my items that I no longer use.  Then the second day, the remaining items at the end of the day went straight to the curb with a sign on them that said “FREE”.  I wasn’t going to bring it back into my house.  I have been getting rid of all of the clutter in my life……it feels great.


Today Taryn and Acacia leave for Atlanta with Aunt Kelly and Granny, on the 4th I pick up Sierah and all of her “stuff” at IU, on the 6th I take her to the airport where she will fly to Florida for 3 weeks to visit with a friend, she will return the 20th and a few days later we will be heading back to IU to return her for the fall session.  Zoom, zoom, zoom.


Soon I will be selling some books on E-bay and I will let all of my dog-blog friends know because many of the books I am selling are dog related books.  I have the knowledge in my head; it is time to pass them on to someone else who can enjoy them. 


I still have Winston…..he is a goofy dog, but I love him.  He just has to go to the perfect home….he needs someone active because he loves to go for walks and run at the park, someone willing to continue to train him and someone who wont mind his big goofy butt in the bed with them at night.  You couldn’t slide a paper between us; he is stuck to me like glue at night.  He is loveable, goofy and annoying all at once.


Well, that’s it for my current update, I hope all of my friends are well……