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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Yesterday I interviewed for my own job.  Sounds strange doesn’t it?  Well, my agency is basically downsizing and going from 8 property managers to 4.  The new jobs are called “Multi-site Managers” and come along with an extra property to manage… twice the workload.


I can honestly say I really love my job.  I love the people I work with and I love what I do.  I don’t mind more work because I have been doing my work and someone else’s work for over a year so the work-load for me will be about the same……IF I get one of the 4 positions.


I don’t care how secure you are in your job; it scares the begeebers out of you to get a letter saying your job will be eliminated as of a certain date.  We wont know till Friday who has been chosen……so keep your fingers crossed for me.




On a lighter note:  Winston is doing really well.  I have a girlfriend who I thought would like him but she is intent on buying a puppy from some backyard breeder…..she’s my friend but she’s an idiot.  I WILL find the perfect home for him.  She don’t know what she’s missing out on.


He was playing with me while I was in the bathroom this morning doing my hair……he would zoom in and grab a roll of toilet paper out of this wicker basket and take off.  (I keep about 8 or 9 rolls in a there and it sits on the floor)  Winston was having big fun standing there looking at me; acting like he wasn’t up to anything, then grabbing one and zooming off……he would prance away at a fast pace, carrying it really high in the air and then drop it as soon as I got to him and dart off.  Only to sneak back into the bathroom 2 minutes later and grab another one and run.  (I mean sneak too…..I swear it looked like he was tip-toeing into the bathroom.  It was too funny!) 


He loves all the kids, but when it comes to bedtime his human of choice is Taryn.  No more sleeping in his doggie bed at night, Winston loves to curl up on top of Taryn’s down comforter in bed with his favorite girl.


Meet the new kid on the block…..Winston.


He is a beautiful, fancy, red-red nose with eagle eyes. (yellowish green eyes) He is approximately 6 months old and is still under weight even after a two-week stay at the Vet.


Sadly his story is similar to all too many other dogs, pit bulls exspecially…someone abandoned him when they moved out of a house.  Not only did they abandon him with no food or water but also he was left outside in the frigid Indiana winter weather.  He has a patch of hair that is still missing from the frostbite that he suffered as a result of some idiot leaving him out there to die.


Despite his ruff beginning, he is a wonderful, happy, curious, smart, loving dog who gets along well with my other dogs and the cat.  He loves to play with a ball or his rope and absolutely loves human contact. 


This dog is a keeper.  If I didn’t already have too many dogs I wouldn’t re-home him, he would stay here for the rest of his days.  He just has this quality about him that really appeals to me.  Plus he is smart as a whip and curious about everything.  This is a very smart dog who could use a job to keep his mind busy…search and rescue, agility or obedience training.


I imagine he would love to go and do anything his human enjoyed doing.  He rides well in the car, walks well on a leash (still learning but doing well) and appears to be at least crate broken.  He has been vet checked, is current on all shots, including rabies and is parasite free.


I pray I can find the perfect home for him before he gets too attached to all of us. 


When my friend Kim dropped him off, he wanted to go with her when she walked back across the street to her car.  It broke my heart….so often abused or abandoned dogs quickly get attached to someone who takes good care of them (a rescue person or Foster home) and then they have to go thru the stress of being re-homed all over again. ~~~ Well, I guess it is one of the things I dislike about Fostering but the end result is what’s rewarding.  J Finding the pup a great home.


These photos above were taken last night of Winston in bed with Acacia.  Although he gets in bed to love on and play with his human, he prefers to sleep in his doggie bed with his bone at night.  Please note his frostbite on his back in photo #7.  I am giving him kelp to help re-grow that patch of hair.  It may or may not come back in.  Either way, hair or no hair in that little area, he’s perfect just the way he is.  He is such an awesome dog.  He is ready for a second chance….



PS…Just look at that face!  🙂

First they said we were under a winter storm watch…….a couple hours later it turned into a winter storm warning……once the storm hit, massive amounts of snow and 45 mph winds… it was downgraded to a Blizzard warning.  


And snow it did!!


The snow shut down our city for two days, brought on a snow emergency and dumped a big pile of the fluffy white stuff smack dab in the middle of Indiana.


Oreo loved it……Me…I’m thinking Spring.



Rescuing dogs is difficult.  I’ve got to take my hat off to anyone who can do it for any extended period of time because it is so stressful…..ultimately very rewarding, but still stressful.  Normally the stressors are not the fact you love and care for the animal then have to re-home it, the added vet bills, increased amount of food, time and everything else you need to rescue the animal, but the people that you are forced to deal with along the way.  After a while, most rescue people, shelter staff, etc would prefer the company of a dog to a human……some burn out…..some begin to dislike people as a whole….some find a way to continue and just deal with the people in the best way they can. 


Despite what everyone else thinks and my outward appearances at work, I am not a good people person.  To be honest, I never have been.  I grew up rather shy and introverted…my two best friends being Dino my dog and my Mother.  I was lucky in the fact that I learned people skills from my Mother who was without a doubt the most charismatic person I knew…She taught me well…. I can charm the pants off a snake if need be, but I to honest I would rather sit at home curled up on the couch reading a book, with my animals stretched out all around me, than being in the company of most humans I know.




This week I had a guy get referred to me for a rescue pit puppy by an old co-worker of mine who is now a realtor, Marcia.  She emailed ahead and said he would be contacting me…she knows the rescue routine because she has a rescued BBD that everyday at lunch (rain or shine) she traveled home to walk down the River Greenway to relieve himself.  She knows what it entails to get a rescue dog, the application, the home visit, the requirements…I start off with a few questions for my prospective person…how many kids do you have and what ages and what age of dog they looking for…let the person know I’ll be doing a home check, the dog must live indoors only, the animals must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age; if it is a puppy at the time of adoption.  (Otherwise I take it to be spayed and neutered.)  And all of other normal stuff…


In the mean time I contact my friend Kim at the shelter where Bear and Oreo came from to see if they have a nice pit puppy.  She had the perfect dog in mind!! A little dog that had been abandoned who they were suppose to already put to sleep and he had for some unknown reason been spared that fate so far……he came in as an neglect case and had a unusual medical condition…his penis was stuck outside of his shaft.  This condition had already been corrected by the Vet… while at the Vet’s office he not only won over the Vet but also the entire vet office staff with his wonderful disposition.  They didn’t want to return him to the shelter, but wanted desperately to find him a new home. 


When Kim told me about the puppy and his story I told her to go ahead and have the neuter done, I would pay for it. If things didn’t pan out with this guy I would find somewhere else for him to be placed…seemed the puppy had far too many lucky breaks since being rescued, to now be put to sleep…I will just be one more piece of his puzzle, by trying to find him a new home and helping to give him a second chance.



Well, within minutes I got a return email from this guy (who turned out to be an idiot) who Marcia referred to me and it was clear he wouldn’t be the correct home for the puppy…..


So now I have another little Pit puppy…who I don’t even know his name yet…….who will be on his way to my house this week…. And hopefully very quickly we will find him a really great home.


You see how quickly I get one placed and then get myself right into another one…and I thought I was going to take a break for a little while.  Oy.



So what do you think of those Colts!!!!  Go Indiana!!  Woo Hoo!!  But I must admit I nearly turned off the TV on that 92 yard kick off return……phew!  That brother can run!  J


The current air temperature in Fort Wayne IN is -3 below, with the wind chill it feels like 26 degrees below zero.  If you have never felt cold air like this….trust me, you never want to.  You can suffer frostbite in a matter of minutes, to any exposed skin.  Car doors wont open half of the time ~~ and that is if you are lucky enough to not have frozen locks.  My girlfriend delivers mail and was bothered by the complication of her eye lashes freezing together all day long……now that’s cold!!


I forked out over $400 for Sierah’s timing belt to be replaced last week……..only to have it still not right!!!  *%$#@!  I have been going to the same mechanic for 15 years, but after this episode, I don’t think I will ever return….now I’m wondering how much it is going to cost to make right somewhere else……


I bought myself a new car Friday!!  Last year when I got my taxes I kept talking about buying myself a Jeep and never did…….Sierah is the one who actually got a new car……Well, this year Mama bought herself a little something…….a little white Kia Sportage (a little Jeep type thingie) that is now officially known as “the egg.”  I LOVE it!


I was lucky enough to place the puppy last week.  He went to a family I have known for many years.  They had a dog that was about 12 years old, they had to put to sleep about 3 months ago… when I took the puppy over to meet them, they couldn’t resist…. someone is home with him all the time so it is an ideal home for him….. I miss his little bad @ss.


Sadly I found out I was royally screwed by Neighborworks over my house remodel and I am being forced into a position where I am gong to have to bring a law suit against them……and maybe even my original contractor….my ex- Father-in-law. ~~ Oy.  This should be interesting….


I just reminded myself today, when stuff really starts to get ugly that’s when you have to remind yourself how truly blessed you are….no matter what you are going thru, there is someone out there going thru something much worse…… this will get better!