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I understand a young woman had the idea for the adopt-athon and I couldn’t be happier.  I believe they had over 30 shelters and rescue groups in one place at one time, and more dogs than I could count.  (there was even a pony there!) 

I went to help Katie, but I did take the Chi’s from the hoarding case.  They were not exactly thrilled about the whole situation, but they were happy to be held even by strangers, as they were not to happy about being in the puppy pen.  lol  (They are just a bit spoiled now!) 

SooOOOOoo what do you do for your dogs at an adoption event with hundreds of other dogs there, to get them to stand out?  You get them Tutu’s of coarse.

And stood out they did!  The Tutu’s were a big hit with the other rescue people and for the dogs who didn’t mind them, they were walked with them on…….they were just fun and made everyone smile.

The event was a success, the Hope clinic who put it on said it will be an annual event and for me personally it was nothing short of a miracle because “Mama Dog”, my rescue from the abuse case last year was adopted.  She had been in Foster between me and Laura C, for a year.

The night before the event a neighbor knocked on Katie’s door, he had two puppies with him.  He had been driving down HWY 24 and saw the man in front of him slow down just enough to throw two dark objects out the window of a moving car.  He slowed to see what it was….

Some idiot had thrown them out like trash along a busy Highway.  (This is where I always say “I like my dogs better than most humans”, but you guys already know that.)  They survived and Katie took them to the event so maybe someone would meet them and fall in love with them.

They were a big hit with the little ones at the event, and soaked up all of the attention.  Even from the wee little ones who wanted to meet a puppy for the first time.

I’m so thankful for all of the people who work tirelessly to save “thrown away” animals lives, and thankful to the people who are open and willing to give a little furry creature a second chance at life.

 See you next year Hope!  🙂

 I spent last Saturday lurking around one of my favorite shelters.  A small, rural, poorly funded shelter……favorite because they almost NEVER put dogs down.  I donate my photography skills to help get dogs and cats adopted.  Nothing goes as planned when trying to photograph dog, cats and kittens……but sometimes you are able to catch a quiet moment of a purring cat…

I do my best to stay out of the way of the staff who are always so busy, however it’s hard.  I try to let the dogs and cats relax around me and snap a few photos…….I never know what I have ended up with until I get home.  I thought this was cute of the kittens.

This little lady didnt have a name yet at the time I shot this photo.  However now she has been given the name Pepper.  She was one of the hoarding dogs taken from the same place the three at my house were pulled from.  She spent her whole life outside, with only a blue barrel for shelter.  When she was pulled from the hoarders house, the tips of her ears were raw from fly bites.  Those open sores have healed.  She is fearful of humans and surprised me when she crawled over to me and semi-crawled into my lap.  (she won my heart at this very moment)  She is VERY bonded with the other elderly female dog she was house with her whole life.

This is her friend, and they are very, very bonded…..I am not sure how many years they spent in that pen, however what I do know, is those days are over.  She needs a good grooming and someone to love her.  She is a beautiful old dog, who deserves to spend the rest of her life curled up in someones house, on a soft fluffy bed.

The Shelter director said they would like to keep these two together and clearly understand that.  I know because of the fact they are not house trained and not yet good with people, the chance of them getting adopted is slim to none….So once I get these two Chi’s fixed and placed I am going to foster these two ladies.

I took photos of more dogs and cats on this day than I can post today, however here is a cat who was adopted after we posted my photos…..his name is “Patches” and he had been at the shelter for over a year.

I might not be able to take them ALL home, even when I want to…..but if taking these photos, and allowing the Shelter’s to use them, help get any animals adopted it is WELL worth my energy and time.

This little guy was dumped by his owner because of his “medical problems”, however his medical problems resulted from his human NOT giving him enough water.  They didnt want to give him water because they didnt want to clean up his accidents in the house. 

Sometimes you know the story behind how they ended up at the shelter, sometimes you dont.  This beautiful dog Oden was left at the Shelter by a man who clearly had loved him and taken good care of him, however he was headed to jail for a period of time.  He was very upset to leave him at the Shelter, but he was  adopted the week I posted these photos…..he was a GREAT dog and I knew someone would be thrilled to have him.


 So for now……when I visit the shelter and want to take them all home and cant…….I will just do some more Shelter Shots and pray that someone will look at the photos and find a forever friend they cant resist.

Remember:  Opt to Adopt!

The phone rang at about 3:00 AM, it was my friend Trisha calling.  She said “Laura, did you see the news yet?”  She had a sence of urgency in her voice and I knew clearly something was wrong………”There has been an earthquake in Japan”……….My heart sank.  To be honest I had horrible images in my brain instantly,  but I hadn’t even come close to envisioning the enormous amount of destruction that had happened over there…. then I turned on the TV.

I literally ran for my computer and hit “Skype”.  I hadn’t talked to Acacia for a few days and that coupled with the images I had just seen nearly sent me over the edge instantly.  My baby girl………what of my baby?  (She may be 20 and a kick ass Marine, but she is still my baby)

Then she responded, “Hi Mommy!”  I cried with relief.  My Marine was ok…..thank the lord, she was safe. 

I sometimes struggle with the two girls being as far away as IU (3 1/2 half hour drive) but Acacia being SOOOO far away ~ half way around the world~ is harder than I could have ever imagined.  I still can hardly talk about her without crying ~ on a good day …….I miss her so much….

But every time I see more images of the devastation in Japan I am reminded of how blessed I am… so many ways.

Thank God she is okay and my heart is with Japan and it’s people

I have a new soul in my care……an old soul named “Mama”.  I had a dream several days prior to her arival that I was calling a dog named “Mama”……….went to pick her up and Katie said “Her name is Daisy”.  We sat in her livingroom and discussed the neglect case surrounding her previous owners and I kept talking to her and calling her Daisy and she would never even look at me… soon as I said “Hey Mama, you ready to go?” she swung her head around and Katie said, “I guess Mama it is”…….
I have neglected to write about her for two reasons.  The largest one being I truly wasnt sure she would survive.  She was just THAT bad.
She is an elderly dog, severly malnourished, and has a severe upper respritory infection……..I simply didnt know if her broken body would be able to mend or if years of neglect and living outdoors without even adiquite shelter would take it’s toll.
 When I saw the photo taken of her at the shelter…… broke my heart.  I couldnt leave her there…..this elderly, gray faced. boney dog….. who would adopt her?  No one it seemed, so I had Katie pull her.  Here she would gain weight and get healthy….
She was taken along with two other dogs, a pony, a horse, chickens, and other various farm animals as a result of all of the animals on the farm being severly neglected.  For Mama it seemed, they got there just in time.  I dont know how much longer she would have lasted.
Batteling the Kennel Cough has proven to be difficult.  She is now on her second round of antibiotics and I’m giving her some over the counter stuff for her cough….it does seem to help.  She is slowly getting better….slowly.
She is gaining weight and at the Vets office last week they said she had gone from 39 lbs to 44!  🙂  Even at 44 she is still way under weight……but we are headed in the right direction.  ~ But to be honest, I imagine she should be about 60 lbs.  She is still thin but you can no longer see any ribs…..she is filling out.
I am finally writing about her because I feel like we have turned that corner……she is getting better, gaining weight…happy.  She is an awsome dog, who deserves a loving, forever home! 

My rescue friend Katie called me Sunday morning to tell me about this abuse case from another county, he had been stabbed, a pit mix, deaf and if he didnt find a home that day, he would be put down.   The shelter is poorly funded and over crowded, the least adoptable dogs get put down first.  Katies rescue was full to the brim and couldnt take him……she called me because she knew I had pits over the years and I owed her a favor. 

He has been here 2 days and we are working on hand signals and learning how to communicate with eachother…..he is catching on quick.  So quick the teacher needs to study today and learn more signals.

He is a strikingly beautiful dog who has sky blue eyes, they remind me of our friend Stellar’s. 


He is of good body weight, but was stabbed with something that went completely thru his neck not once, but twice.  Below is a photo of the “out” side.

I dont think I will EVER understand people and the foul things they are capable of doing to animals. 

Now Z is safe and no longer on a list to be put down, he is in a home, on the mend and he and I are learning… together.

Often time people know how much I travel and say stuff like, “I sure wish I could do that”……….bla bla bla………they act like they have NO idea how I can go anywhere………..

So I remind them of two things;

1.  I happen to remember daily that you only live once and you better make a good go of it this time around! 

2.  I always travel on a really tight budget.

Now this last trip just sort of happened to fall in my lap.  My friends Tina and Paul were getting a time share place for a week in Florida……Key West to be exact!  (My favorite place of all time)………so one thing lead to another and I ended up going with them.  The day Tina asked me to go, I found a round trip ticket for $242!!  Yes!!

Was this a good time for me financially to go on vacation right now?  NO, but I did it anyways and loved every minute of it.  The new washer that is needed can wait…… can the tires that I need for my truck……..It ALL can wait, I needed a rest.

And what I got in turn was 4 days in paradise, a few days to let my hair down and have fun after working my rear end off day after day.  The week prior to leaving, I was working 15 hour days……….I was exhausted and it was such a sweet thing to get off of that plane in Key West and not have to worry about reality for a few days…….really, I headed straight for the condo and didnt look back…..I had a BLAST!

So I guess the moral of this story is, if you want to do it………whatever it is, do it now….dont wait!!!  We just dont know what tomorrow might bring!!  Live for the moment!

I know I sure do!  🙂

I decided a few weeks ago that I would begin to blog again……..I miss writing, I miss getting my creative juices flowing and telling a story or two…. however as I sit here wanting to write my first post, the curser is blinking and I am staring blankly at the white page.  Uh Nothing…..*crickets chirp….I’ve got nothing!  Blank…………..

Uh-hem…..get it together Laura……..Okay…

Well, I guess I cant start where I left off because too much water has passed under the bridge in the last few years.  The kids have grown and moved out of the house…….(all except one) and everything in my life has changed…..strange, but it has really, except for the constant stream of rescue dogs, little different furry faces all in need of new homes, various treatments, medications, good food, a warm place to sleep and lots of love………For every one I choose to take home with me, the memory of at least 5 more (that I wanted to take) left sanding at the shelter as I turn down the country road and head home……..burns in my brain for days, if not weeks after I leave….it breaks my heart. Sometimes I NEVER stop thinking about that (or those) dogs that I left behind.

The things I have found hardest to deal with during all of these years of rescue work are the people……..the people at the beginning and the end of the rescue equation.  The stupid people who have abandoned or abused them as well as the many stupid people I have to deal with to simply find a home for ONE dog……..

The idiots out there are endless. 

One day while at the shelter picking up a dog, a guy came and inquired about dropping the two dogs off that he had in the car.  The guy that runs the shelter explained that he couldn’t take the dogs because they were from a different county……..the guy left… pulled down the long driveway, turned down the county road and drove for about 300 yards and stopped the car, opened the door and put both dogs out.  Then promptly drove off.  One of the two dogs was so old he had cataracts in both eyes and his muzzle was completely grey.  Neither dog knew what to do and stood and watched the car drive off….. The emotion that rose inside of me (even more than wanting to go scoop up both dogs and bring them to the safety of my home) was me wanting to jump in my car and ram the back of this idiots SUV!  (Freekin idiot!!!) 

So despite the idiots…….on both sides of the equation……I continue to do what I do… (well, maybe sometimes 3) dogs at a time….

So meet Fuzz, one of my latest fuzzy faces in need of some new digs…..her story is the one I shall tell next.

Not your run of the mill, typical dog farts.  She has the, everybody in the room… one by one, hold their hand over their mouth and shout “OH MY GOD!   WHAT IS THAT?” as they run out of the room…….farts.  Anyone who happens to remain in the room covers his or her nose with their shirt pulled up and over their nose and feverously fans the air while they shoot Lola a look of total disgust.  ~ And I know what they are thinking, “How can something so small and cute produce such a stinking, rotten stench?”  All the while she continues to stroll around the house as if she is blissfully unaware of the disgusting odor she is leaving behind.

I would classify Lola’s gas as, “zoo farts.”    ~ No further explanation should be needed.

It’s bad people…very, very bad.

Now, I am not sure if I could be classified as a dog fart expert, (urr, maybe I could) or if any such expert exists but what I can attest to is the fact that no matter how many rescue dogs have came thru my doors in the last 15 years, sick, healthy or otherwise…none have EVEN came close to the little Lola and her extremely FOUL flatulence.  I mean, were not talking normal doggie gas because I have given them some cooked liver or some hard boiled eggs than morning……..I mean it’s totally unsolicited, super duper, FOUL gas.  (My eyes water just thinking about it)  In all actuality it clears my sinuses and makes my throat feel as if it’s contracting; if she happens to be on my lap and lets one fly.

Her and this bad gas is rather ironic because the day I brought her home from the shelter I decided to read some resources on the Internet about Pugs.  (I had never owned or rescued a Pug…so I thought I would get versed in some Pug ~ dog-info)  The FIRST webpage I came to summed it up… rather perfectly……  They said, “If you think you want a Pug, be prepared because they whine, snort, snore, belch and fart, more than your typical dog.”  Errr, something to that effect. …….. as I rolled my eyes, laughed out loud and said to myself, “Ha, how bad could it REALLY be?”

I found out……Bad.  Very, very bad.

She snorts, snores and farts so much you would think that my temporary roommate is a cross between a farting troll and the little creepy naked guy from Lord of the Rings. 


She is without questions the foulest smelling little thing THIS side of the Mississippi!! 


So now I’m wondering when I put an ad for her in the paper to rehome her, along with her photo and all of her doggie stats, should it also come with a disclaimer? 



“Caution, combustible contents may be explosive and hazardous to your health.”Confused 





I was sitting on the side of my bed putting on my socks and Acacia stuck her head into the room…….”Guess what I did today Mommy?”  I pause and say “I have no clue” in a rather monotone voice as I continued to pull my socks across my feet.  Acacia responds, “I joined the Marines!”


~ Crickets chirp ~  My heart races.  I sit there and try to collect the right words….it didn’t work.


I just blurted out, “You did WHAT?”…….she replies, “I joined the Marines.”  It felt as if all the air had been instantly sucked out of my lungs.  No, as if the air had instantly been kicked out of my lungs.  I said, “BUT WE ARE AT WAR!!!……”


I don’t remember the exact conversation that transpired shortly there after but I do remember crying……..days of crying.  Shock….tears ……disbelief. 


It took a couple weeks of wandering thru my life in a fog, but it eventually sunk in that no matter how many tears I shed, she was soon going to be heading to the Marine Corp boot camp and maybe eventually war.  I simply needed to get with the program.  ~ It was happening whether I liked it or not.


I also needed to remember she was an adult, and it was her decision…….I was the Mom who needed to be supportive of her child.  I needed to embrace what was coming and stop fearing it or else I wouldn’t be able to give her the support she needed to make the transition.


So I watched her prepare physically (daily) and mentally as much as she could……it was hard watching her pack away belongings and prepare for a phase of her life I ultimately couldn’t protect her from or participate in…….my baby was leaving me.


Writing her while she was in boot camp was easy, it was hard however to get her mail….. I never read a letter and didn’t cry.  Each letter made me miss her so and in reading those letters I listened to her grow.


As the photos already posted would indicate, she made it thru boot camp!  She was home for 18 days and is now in North Carolina…..


We traveled to South Carolina to see her Graduate and it was such an awesome experience……it was also truly amazing to see how much she had changed……both physically and mentally.……it’s hard to explain.  She is still my baby, but she is also now a Marine.


She made a decision that will change the direction of the rest of her life.  She proved to be more resilient than most would have ever imagined…..I am incredibly proud of my child and am in awe of seeing her grow and become a woman.  Stretch your wings and fly baby!  Great things await you!


Semper Fidelis my Devil Dog. 


Your Mom is SO PROUD OF YOU!


Life…….it happens and if you let yourself get too busy, you forget to really live it.  Experience and enjoy it……


So much has happened since my last post……a long unintentional hiatus from my blog has kept me from writing, but I intend now to return to writing as writing is SO therapeutic for me. 


When I started the blog, it was really about the dogs……their stories….and to bring awareness to animals and animals in need, those in shelters and rescues needing permanent homes and those who have been abandoned or dumped somewhere along the way…that someone might stop and give them a second glance, a second thought……but somehow it also became a blog about my life.  My ups and downs, so many people went along for the ride with me… I have appreciated meeting my blog friends!  I miss you guys!  J


So here I am, I’m back…..ready to write again.