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Monthly Archives: October 2006

"The more people I meet the more I like my dog." – Unknown


I almost hate to admit it, but it is really beginning to be how I feel.  Some people are just so stupid.  Not everyone should have a dog in their life.


Case in point.


Yesterday I get a call from this guy I have not talked to in years.  I knew who he was as soon as he started playing the stupid little “You are never going to guess who this is….bla. bla. Bla” game.  I said, “Chris.”…….He says, “Dang, how’d you know that?”……Me, “Good guesser I guess.”  *eye roll*  Sorry, but that was a big fat lie, I remembered his voice because he was like nails on a chalk board to me…..that guy irritated the dog stink out of me back in the day and I will never forget his little stupid nasal voice.  (Sorry if I’m ranting…..might be PMS-ing…..)  Any-who…..


I just seriously couldn’t stand this guy and he spent way too much energy trying to date me and I wanted nothing to do with him BECAUSE of how he treated his dog……ugh…….


I vividly remember the one and only time I visited him at his house he let me know he had a different opinion about how dogs should be treated, how they should behave, etc.  He had a massive Rotweiller who he held kind of under the kitchen table while it growled and showed it’s teeth at me the entire time……You know me; I had to chime in with my 2 cents worth.  (Let’s just say it didn’t go over well.)


That’s why I was seriously surprised that not only did he call but he had called to ask me about a dog…….a pit bull puppy he has.  (Everyone use to call me “The Pit Bull Lady on Chestnut Street.)


He said he had a favor to ask me…….I thought he was going to ask me to give his dog some shots or something…..nope, he wanted “training suggestions.”  So I suggested a good trainer…..he says, “No, I want to know how to make my dog stand his own ground.”  (*red flag goes UP in the air….*)  I said, “What do you mean stand it’s own ground?”  He goes on to explain that he was walking his dog and a little poodle charged up on it and scared his dog, he didn’t like that……he wants it to be aggressive. 


I just hung my head down and thought to myself, “Why did this A-hole call me?”  I proceed to go on with my standard lecture about socializing pit bulls with humans and other animals, why human aggression is never acceptable in a pit, why he should socialize the dog with other animals, etc…….he wasn’t trying to hear it.  His “training” he had given the dog so far consisted of putting the dog up in a room when people came over so it would be a good watch dog………..STUPID! STUID! STUPID!  AhhHHhHhhh…..


I said, “Chris remember my big dog Cheyenne, remember how friendly she was with you?…..well, she jumped thru a window once and chased a man down the street who was breaking into my house because she knew what he was doing wasn’t right……..instinctively.  Not because she was just a dog who wanted to bite anyone who came into my house.  Do you want your dog to bite the mail man, your friends or family…..God forbid your child because that is what you are going to create?”  He was silent on the other end of the phone.


I said, “The best thing I can tell you is take your dog to an obedience class, Love your dog and take good care of it and everything should be okay…..sorry but I’m really kind of busy and I need to get back to work.”     CLICK.


I have no patients any more for stupid people.  Stupid people shouldn’t be able to have a dog…..and just maybe they shouldnt call me when I’m PMS-ing….





For years I have had the same dream…….to live on a farm and have an animal rescue. (and some chickens…..sorry Sierah, but I really want chickens.)  I’m aware its not a dream that most people have and maybe it’s only something that only someone else who really loves animals could understand…..(like my BLOG friend Wendy), but it is my dream none-the-less. 


Wendy is not someone that any of you would recognize by name from reading my blog because she never posts a comment but we communicate via email.  (By the way if anyone else ever wants to reach me via email feel free to at

 Lauras2fly [ at symbol]  Wendy and I have been emailing each other for about a year now.


A month ago Wendy emailed me and told me that she had applied for some grant money to open an animal rescue/sanctuary and much to her surprise she received the money…..not only had the money came darn near a year quicker than the grant writer thought it would, but I imagine it is way more than she ever anticipated.  (More than I could of imagined……) 


This brings me back to my dream……..a dream that Wendy and I both share…. and Wendy has now officially offered me my dream job;  A chance to move to the country in NC and help her open and run an animal sanctuary/rescue that not only would we be saving/rescuing animals lives but also teaching children humane treatment of animals.


*Somebody pinch me*


I don’t think I really believed all of it initially because it seemed too good to be true, but the reality of it all has settled in.  It is all real and it’s all starting to take shape even as I type this letter…..  A week ago I decided to tell my children that I was seriously considering this position, and reminded them it would entail us moving 700 miles across country and leaving the only home we have ever known.  The kids asked lots of questions, had a family meeting on their own without me and came upstairs later to tell me that they all concluded they wanted to move if that’s indeed what I want to do.  (That was a huge deal for me.) 


Out of all of the children Taryn seems the most excited.  Not only is Taryn my child with an adventurous spirit, she also has inherited the love for animals from me.  Not to say the other kids haven’t but she is so driven I know she too would be a huge asset to the rescue. 


My biggest concern was Sierah.  She just turned 18, is graduating high school this year and has a boyfriend of a year and a half.  (Marcus the dork.)  My biggest fear was that Sierah would opt to not come.  I thought maybe if she chose to stay, she could remain in the house for at least a year because I didn’t want to sell my house for at least that period of time in the event we end up coming back…surprisingly she informed me this weekend that not only would she want to come but Marcus would too.  (A huge weight has been lifted off of my back.)  Marcus would be welcome to come…..he is a part of our family.


Wendy is now looking for land, setting up the accounts, assigning a board of directors and will be calling me on a conference call today to answer any questions I have……….the wheels are turning…..To be honest, I am almost in a state of shock…..I feel almost froze with excitement and my friends who initially thought I wouldn’t even consider moving have now all realized I am serious.  This just could possibly happen.


I plan on flying to meet with Wendy once the land is purchased.  Until then I will continue to look at farms via the computer that she sends, read every book I can get my hands on about shelter/kennel management, give her the best input I can from this distance and keep my fingers crossed……..


It’s not often in life that someone knocks on your door with your dream in tow…just how great is that?




I must admit I eat out more than the average person.  Dining out is one of my social behaviors I guess instead of going to a night club or to parties…..I meet different girlfriends at different places, different days of the week to chat, laugh and have a good time……..Oh and let’s not forget…. for the 99 cent margaritas on Monday nights at Albertos……hump hum…..Any who…..


Obviously we all come to expect good service from waiters but I frequent the same establishments often, so I have favorite wait staff at each place I go.  I request to be seated in their section, tip them well and always look forward to seeing them.  For instance Ms. Martha at Pizza Hut who has worked for them for 20 years, was a waitress at the Anthony Store when my children were all 3 and under….the big treat once a month for my kids was pizza buffet (Nearly free for all of them when I paid for me.)  During our visits, Ms. Martha always commented on how polite and mannerly all of my children were and she was the best waitress ever…….15 years later, and many years after that pizza hut has been torn down, she is still my favorite Pizza Hut waitress, she just happens to work at the Pizza Hut by my job and when she sees us come in at lunch she has the guys in the back put in a buffalo wing pizza, thin crust and has a root bear and Pepsi waiting on the table before we can get set down good……( Ms. Martha’s the best!)  There is Sara at the Spyro Pancake house where my sister and I eat every Saturday who always wants to know if we are going to get “Our usual” or if we are going to “be adventurous and try something new”…….There is Ms. Dolly and Steve who use to work at Ryan’s till it closed and now they have both moved to the Golden Corral……And there is Maria at Alberto’s who collectively calls my friend Laura and I, “The Laura’s”…..


Then there are the periodic places we go that might have good or bad wait staff, we tip accordingly but recently on a trip to Red Lobster we had an excellent waitress.  Her name was Nakeyah and she left a wonderful impression on all 4 of us who dined together.  It was a much more pleasant experience than the last time we dined there and the waiter whose first impression on all of us is when we walked up to the table and tossed the little coasters across the table ….it was so rude but he turned out to be rude for more than one reason……So for that very reason…..I decided I’m going to write a letter to Red Lobster and tell them how much we appreciated Ms. Nakeyah. (The waitress we were all impressed with.)  Give her, her Kudos.


I think we (consumers) are quick to complain but not so apt to tell anyone when our service is good let alone excellent.  I understand you expect good service but sometimes I think a Thank you or a pat on the back goes a long way.  Being a waitress or waiter is a tuff enough job…let alone dealing with Joe Q Public all day, attitudes, everybody in a hurry….etc…..


About a month or so ago I wrote a complaint letter to Flat Top Grill about a breakfast fiasco we had there……it was terrible and not due to the wait staff but for various other reasons.  About two weeks later I got an email from some lady in their corporate office asking for my phone number so the CEO and Founder of the Company could call me.  (I never got the call…..but I think I did ruffle a couple feathers and that was my point…..I was really pissed considering how much money we had paid and how poor the restaurant conducted it’s business.)…..  But that was the first complaint letter I have ever written to a restaurant. 


Writing that letter made me decide that between Thanksgiving and Christmas I am going to write a short positive letter to the owners/managers of each restaurant I frequent and commend my favorite waiters and waitresses…..and hope that they get a raise… or at least a pat on the back!  J




I spent almost the entire day today taking photos of Sierah for some of her Senior Pictures.  I have downloaded 47 of my favorites to share with my friends and family.  Some are not the classic Senior Picture poses, some are for her to send to modeling agencies….but these are the ones I liked best, each for a different reason.
Sierah will be 18 tomorrow……18 years old……I can hardly believe it.
Uncle Mario and Uncle Monte’ our little girl is all grown up……..where has the time gone?
Here she is……. my oldest child…..Ms. Sierah Moore

Well Charlie is doing better but he is still recuperating.  I know he is still not feeling up to snuff yet because he is not meowing at the girl’s door to demand he get out of the room.  He seems content for now to be confined and that is not normal for my free spirited cat.  I guess he is just taking on some much needed rest.


I decided to take half of the day off today to run some errands, shop and do a little cleaning….. (I know how this goes… take the day off work to get something accomplished ……  and then you get nothing done…..nothing productive anyways.) I might be lucky enough to get one thing done on my list……ugh.  I need an entire week off.


I had a strange phone call this morning.  I was at work at 7:30AM and my work phone rang, I answered it as normal knowing that it had to be someone I knew (our office opens at 8:00AM) and ……nothing…….the person on the other end said nothing.  I answered twice, Beacon Heights ~ This is Laura”…….nothing.  Right away I thought of Stacy.  I know how random that sounds but they say “your first mind is usually right.”  Either Stacy or someone to do with Stacy…….maybe not, but that is what came to mind.  I know the person was on the other end because I waited till they hung up and I heard the phone click.  (Interesting…..that or I’m just paranoid)  My cell phone was forgotten at home this morning so I will swing by and pick it up on my way to my morning hearing.  (Will be interesting to see if there was a call on it too………hum) 


Sierah’s birthday is Sunday and of all things she has asked me for a tattoo for her birthday.  I cant say I’m surprised because I have always told her that she had to wait till she was 18 to get one… if she really wanted one…….(But damn, I didn’t say THE day she turned 18)  gesh.  Not even sure if I feel right paying for one.  I was going to pay for she and Marcus to go camping this weekend, but they are now predicting snow for that Sunday…….maybe I will send them out to a nice dinner…….I still have to think about the tattoo.


Ms. Harvey (Stacy’s Mom) and I have planned a trip to Chicago for next month.  I am so excited.  I think we may do it the weekend of the 18th and that is the day they light up the Miracle Mile in Chicago with all of the Christmas lights.  I know, I know….I imagine a few of you are wondering what I am doing, doing anything with Stacy’s Mom but not only is she Stacy’s Mom….she is my friend.  No matter what happens with Stacy and I she and I will remain friends.  She and I actually have a very great friendship and I talk to her every day.  Sometimes I think she fills the void of me missing my Mom so much.  She called the other day with the idea of the Chicago trip and I am so excited, I almost feel like a kid anticipating a trip…..we will be window shopping, eating good eats, drinking coffee’s in corner coffee shops and soaking up the tastes, smells and sounds of Chi-town.  I am really looking forward to it and if you have ever been to Chicago at Christmas time you would know why.


I cant wait……I need a day away!


I got home from work last night and as soon as I got into the house I could tell something wasn’t right.  I could smell cat urine and it was extremely pungent…not the time to change the litter box odor….it’s much different…..the only other time I smelled it like that was when Charlie Tuna was attacked and nearly killed. 


All of the dogs were loose except Boris and he was in his crate, locked up licking what looked like scratch wounds….  We all started looking for Charlie.  He was no where to be found but if you own a cat then you know how well they can hide if they want to……especially in a large house with lots and lots of stuff.


I kept thinking scratches?……Charlie has no claws, but then again they could be from his teeth…..I didn’t know, I just knew I had to find Charlie.


Only part of the kids were home so we had no idea what had happened.  I just knew from the cat urine smell and the scratches on Boris it wasn’t good.  My fear is that we would find Charlie dead. 


After about an hour of constant looking Acacia found him.  He had used the restroom of himself (#1 & # 2) was completely wet, and covered in tooth plugs and obviously in pain.  He had been mauled.


Acacia took over with Charlie and I immediately got on the phone to my friend about Boris.  My friend has a farm and lots of room, his adult son is someone I considered for Boris but he just had his 13-year-old dog put down due to cancer/health issues about two weeks ago.  My fear with him was the fact that it is highly likely Boris could have cancer.  (I didn’t want to put him thru that again if indeed that was the case.)  The last Vet visit the Dr. reminded me that his condition wasn’t clearing up as quick as he had hoped and I needed to remember that most of the time that is due to an issue like cancer.  (He said, “Laura, you cant same em all”….


My number one rule with rescuing animals is the safety of my kids (obviously) and the well being of my resident dogs comes right behind.  Charlie adopted me, loves dogs, has 3 legs and no claws, ….he is practically defenseless.  Boris maimed him yesterday and it is no ones fault but mine.  I am sick about it.  After that I knew Boris needed to be re-homed quickly.  I called my friend, he works 3rd and he stopped by the house this morning to pick him up.  I am going to continue to pay for his treatments and we will wait and see the outcome of his health condition.  (My friend has only one barn cat who could whoop any dog’s ass…..but he also stays in the barn away from people and dogs.)


Maybe this will all turn out for the best in the long run.  My friends son will be able to meet Boris and get to know him slowly…..the resident dogs at my house can get back to life as normal and Charlie Tuna will again be safe in his house.


Boris affected Bear adversely when he came.  Bear is extremely sensitive and since Boris has been there Bear has been pulling his hair out again.  Something he did when he first came to my house due to separation anxiety.  The other problem was Oreo….he is extremely meek, submissive dog and Boris bullied him every time I turned my back.  It was so bad in fact Oreo wouldn’t even go out in the morning to go potty simply to stay away from Boris.  I had to let him out separately, something that wouldn’t seem like a big deal but it really was because that is when Bear and Oreo love to romp and run around the yard and play…..that all stopped when Boris came. 


I sure hate this all happened.  This certainly didn’t work out as planned, but at least it looks like Charlie will be okay and pull thru……Boris will be okay too.  He is just  going to have to be okay somewhere other than at my house.




Last night it rained, and rained, and rained……rain normally makes me sleep like a baby but not last night.  I was up most of the night praying and listening to the rain hit the window.  Awake in the bed, thinking about life, my kids, my job, my dogs, Stacy and many other things.  I didn’t feel well last night…..and after about 20 trips back and forth from the bathroom, an upset stomach, a long talk with Stacy’s Mom, a much needed surprise call from my long lost friend Eric (who I will blog about next) and lots of Bear kisses (who jumped up and slept on the bed with me when normally he doesn’t)…..I finally drifted off to sleep.  (and then had a night mare about chewing some food and all of my teeth crumbling and falling out.)  Oy!


I got up this morning still not feeling well, popped a couple of pills to try to keep me from running in and out of the bathroom all day today and got dressed for work.  I kind of drifted along in a fog this morning still thinking about life stuff, still mad because I had to pay all of that money to get a new window put in the car yesterday, did my hair, put on some mascara and headed out to the car.  I stopped by the gas station down the street and got a fresh cup of coffee only to have it tip over and spill on me as I turned out of the gas station headed for work.  When I got to work someone was in my parking spot so I parked directly next to it, got out of my car and stepped directly into a cold puddle of water, had to continue to stand in the water because I was looking for the little French vanilla creamers that had rolled around the car floor when the coffee cup tipped over (I had rested them on the top as I usually do) and you know this girl cant drink her morning coffee without the correct creamers…….while looking for the creamers I realized I had sat on my glasses on the way to work…there they were all bent up from my fat @ss, sitting on the seat…..nice, I cant read sh*t without them……  Before I could get into the door good at work a young resident of mine who has tried to move about 4 different guys in with her this year caught me at the entrance of the building and wanted to tell me all about her new boyfriend……I said, “Leslie, Good morning, but I’m not trying to hear it this morning….sorry.”…….got into my office, sat down all of the stuff I had been juggling and glanced over at the clock…….6:00AM !!!…..SIX freekin’ AM……I had came into work two freakin’ hours early!!!  Are you kidding me?  I mean, once I accidentally left my job an hour early and didn’t realize it until the kids said, “Mom, why are you home so early?”……..I looked at the clock….duh…….but never came to work unintentionally two hours early.  A first, even for me.


Now don’t get me wrong I am truly not meandering around distraught over all of this stuff with Stacy……Maybe a month ago, but not now…I know my life is good and I’m okay with the changes that I’m going thru..…I was just in a diarrhea-induced funk this morning that was seemed rather hard to clear.  (Maybe my sugar was low after all the trips back and forth to the bathroom..…lol)  Who knows, but I pray the rest of the day is a little more productive…..


Wishing you all a good day!






Thank you to my blog friends for not only looking out for me but for being friends…..people whom I’ve never met or shook their hands, but I can honestly say are my true friends.  Thank you…..I am so blessed. 

This last few weeks has brought me lots of changes…….Sunday I woke and was headed out to get coffee with a friend.  When I made it to my car I realized it had been vandalized, the window broken out, the mirror shattered and broken off and a large dent put in the front quarter panel.  Glass was strewn from one end of my car to another.  It took me $5 is quarters just to vacuum out the glass.  My next-door neighbor’s garage, garage light and bran new fence had been vandalized too.  I swear that just sucks……..


Icing on my cake…


Later in the day Stacy ended things with me……Although I write about so much of my personal life here, how and exactly why things ended will remain private.  It is just time for me to move on.  The interesting thing about all of this is I know he’ll be back knocking on my door…. Be it in one month, two months, a year; who knows exactly how long but he will be back, after 15 years, we shared a lot….it is just a matter of time before he feels like an ass and reappears…. and I pray that God give me enough grace to handle that day as well as I handled yesterday.  At the end of our phone conversation I told him “I pray you are happy and I hope you know I’ll always love you….I’ll see you later.”  I hung up the phone and as I was closing my cell phone I heard him say “bye.”  I never shed a tear, I didn’t loose my cool, and I remained calm and composed and spoke to him like I would any other day.  It was empowering. 


Maybe no one will understand this but yesterday I felt good, I took all of my power back from him in that brief 5-minute conversation.  It didn’t matter how little I said and exactly how brief it was, because it was extremely liberating for me and I needed it.


We have been skirting on thin ice for a month, I hung in there because he asked me to while he try to get his shit together…..after 15 years I figured I owed that to him.  Now I know better than ever that I need to refocus on me and remember I can do just fine by myself.  Move on, Move on, Move on…….


I told Stacy yesterday that when all the dust settled, he knew like I knew we would still be friends……..It wasn’t easy to say, but it was exactly how I felt. 


Sometimes life moves in strange ways, but I have always believed everything happens for a reason.


I am okay and I will get thru this….one day at a time.





Yesterday was the first day I didn’t get a chance to really walk since I started my walking regiment.  I did ride the stationary bike for about 20 minutes at lunch but working out on exercise equipment during Spring, Summer or Fall has never really interested me.  I would rather get outside and plug along.


I had so much running around to do last night that I couldn’t fit in walking and I seriously felt guilty about it although I walked thru Wal-Mart like a mad woman on a mission.  This afternoon at lunch I was able to walk for about half an hour and I felt it in my legs.  I don’t think it was from lack of exercise yesterday that I was feeling; I think the flu has crept up on me.  Devon has been home sick for two days and I now am having his symptoms…..thanks Devon.  L  Trying to get anything done at work when you have to run in and out of the bathroom is next to impossible.


Stacy came over this morning and he is also sick……sick with a cold, not the flu but he was without question running a fever.  So at lunch I took him some chicken soup, crackers, vitamin C and some cold medicine and dropped it off in the van.  (He is working out of town so when he gets back tonight it will be in there.) 


This week they are predicting our weather is taking a turn for the worse….we have a chance of snow flurries the next two nights.  SNOW mid October….ugh.  I imagine everyone in the house will get sick….





Last weekend Stacy’s Mother and I traveled to Stacy’s older brother’s football game.  We had a nice drive; a beautiful day and we also made a stop at a local Chinese restaurant on the way home and had a nice lunch together.  I really enjoyed myself.  Stacy’s older bother Chris is deaf and luckily I learned sign language many years ago……the only problem is my sign language is extremely rusty.  Chris was patient with me and despite my fumbling signing, I thought we were able to communicate quite well.  Chris has another game this weekend and we will again go see him play, this time I think Stacy will be able to make it…..Something that should make them both happy.  Either way his Mom and I are still going.





Boris the rescue dog is doing okay.  I am a bit concerned about his medical condition and the fact he seems to be improving so slowly but he has made great improvements in the house-training department.  He is doing so well and really seems to be getting the idea…..Potty outside only!  Finally.  He sleeps in my bedroom, on the floor with the majority of the other dogs and always seems to curl up directly next to Tonka.  He has not had an accident during the evening for over a week.  He is a rather dominant dog but not aggressive with the other dogs, tries to play with Charlie the cat who hates him and has not yet learned that all things on the kitchen counter do NOT belong to him.  This morning he managed to eat about 4 blueberry muffins someone left on the counter before I could stop him and one day last week I caught him snatching doggie treats red handed.  Someone had left the dog treat jar open and sitting on the dining room table, he stretched his short, stubby body as far has he could stretch, pawed at the container till it tipped over and ate every dog treat he could reach (about 50) and then licked about a 3 x 3 foot section of the table with his excessively slobbery mouth. 


He is a great dog that will do best in a home that the person wouldn’t mind a dog being right on their heels 24/7.  He is a total people dog…..he knows no stranger.  He is nosey and loves to know everything that is going on.  I can’t go in and out of the back door without him marching in and out behind me to see where I am going and what I’m doing and he hates to stay out there alone for long by himself.  He loves to ride in the car and loves everyone he meets.  He also still has a lot of puppy left in him.  I just pray his skin condition gets resolved……Right now it is going so slowly.


Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts……I am taking this all one day at a time….



I have tried to change my recent sulking over Stacy into something more productive…. to help get my mind off of stuff that’s bothering me…I need action or motion, so I decided to start walking…..lots of walking…and hiking…..even more walking than before and I always thought I walked a lot because I’m always walking the dogs……since I started again recently, it has been up to 6 miles a day but I would say I average around 3. 


This has quickly produced a much needed weight loss for me.  Ironically Stacy was the first one to notice the weight reduction when he hugged me one day after not seeing me for about a week.  Although I must admit, I was lucky in the fact my weight fluctuation over the years never bothered him.  But it was nice he noticed, he mentioned it to his Mom and to I both……I honestly cant tell by looking at myself except maybe in my big moon pie face.  (It is a little bit smaller moon pie face now.)


I got that hug from Stacy less than one week ago and since that time I have dropped some more weight.  I cant say I even know exactly how much because I have never believed in owning a scale but I can tell a big difference in my clothes.  The jeans I wore to the park yesterday to walk in were baggy on me and previously they were hard for me to even button.  Not only were they baggy, but also when I had the weight of my keys and my cell phone in my pocket they felt like they were going to fall off so I had to carry the cell and the keys the entire 3-mile walk.  Once I got home I was getting ready to shower and decided to see if the pants would come down over my hips without even being unbuttoned and guess what?  They slid right off……I couldn’t even believe it…….with the button buttoned.


This dropping a few pounds has made me feel really good…..healthier and more motivated to drop some more weight but I am going to make sure I do it in a healthy way.  It is coming off so quickly now because I have picked up my pace of walking and I have cut my calories.  I still eat exactly what I want to, just in a smaller portion.  So far so good….it is really working for me and I feel really good about it.


I guess sometimes life kicks us in the ass just when we needed it …..even if we didn’t see it coming…….This kick in the ass sure motivated me….


I just keep trying to remember…..Life is too short.


Keep pushing forward Laura, this will all get better. 


It is….slowly…