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Monthly Archives: December 2006

The Holiday’s are normally a magical time of the year for me but this year they seemed to pass me without much magic…and dumped upon me a whole bunch of stress.  I guess I am stressed for multiple reasons…….feeling disappointed in my fellow man mostly.




I found the dog…..well, the puppy that I had dreamed about.  I knew it the moment I saw him.  A tiny puppy abandoned in an apartment, left without food, water or heat…..for days….if not longer.  I would estimate at least a week to 9 days based on the tiny piles of dog doo in the apartment and unread newspapers at the front door.




I had taken some vacation days to run conclusive with my Holiday days so I could have a week off of work.  On my first day off I went into work (to another apartment complex where my friend works) to help her get a few things done and to go take her to lunch.  As soon as I walked in the office I caught the tail end of a conversation between her and one of the maintenance men…A discussion about a small dog that had been left in an apartment; the apartment had no heat or electricity.  My friend immediately glanced over at me and said we could go check it out after when we left the office.  She knew I wouldn’t leave without checking on the dog with her… and I knew she would be scared to check on him without me.  (She is scared of dogs)


When we got to the apartment we did the normal knocking and stating loudly who we were before opening the door.  No one answered, no barking dog… so we entered…now mind you I am with my friend who is scared to death of dogs so she slowly cracks open the door like an alligator resided inside.  At first neither of us saw anything… then I thought I saw a little something… there he was….the silhouette of his tiny body froze as still as a statue.  As soon as I spoke to him, he ran and hid under the couch frightened.  I walked into the apartment…. disobeying all protocol I would normally follow and tried to coax him out from under the couch…he was frightened and began darting in and out from under the couch but wouldn’t let me touch him. 


Between the dashes from end to end of the couch it was painfully obvious that he was starving…..I started looking for dog food to no avail so I ran some water, rinsed out a bowl and said “I bet you are thirsty”…he ran straight out from under the couch and stood at my feet when he heard the water running……


In front of me sat a tiny puppy….maybe 2 pounds at best….his ribs, hipbones and spine showing.  It was hurtful to see him gulp the water ravenously and watch his belly blow up from the substance his body had been without for so long.  My friend looked at me and said, “What are we going to do?”…..I knew that if we called Animal Care and Control he would be put to sleep because he was a tiny pit bull puppy and if we removed him from the apartment, we both would be risking our jobs….




Five minutes later we left the foul smelling, freezing cold apartment with the tiny, stinky, boney little puppy hidden inside my coat.  Not knowing what ramifications we were about to face but we both knew he would surely die if we left him there.


When we made it back to the office I sat him down in the grass to go potty, he obliged then immediately wanted back up in my arms, I raised his lip and looked at his gums and they were almost completely white, his scruff of his neck never went back down when I lifted it up so I knew he was extremely dehydrated… I knew that our intervention undoubtedly saved his little life.  He even had small sores on each side of his tail that were from him sitting down and having no meat on his rear-end… his bones were rubbing the skin….they look almost like bed sores.  It made my heart hurt to look at them…




That was just over a week ago and after a weeks worth of dog food, water, love and a much-needed dose of de-wormer (and passing 4 stools full of worms) he is now close to his normal body weight for his size.  His sores are almost gone and his hair and skin already feel better to the touch.  He has certainly regained his puppy energy….the first few days he did little more than eat and sleep….that changed on about day 4……from day 4 on… zoom, zoom, zoom all over the house.  Some times in the middle of the night he is pouncing on my head, biting my ears, chewing on my hair and if I put him on the floor he yelps to get back up on the bed….


The big dogs at the house adore him….although at times his puppy energy is more than they are interested in and then they just tolerate him… but he has found his place at the Moore house pack.  It has taken little Diggie days to warm up to him but as I type this they are running thru the house each attached to the end of a sock playing tug of war.


The big dogs are curled up on the couch and in front of the fireplace watching the little dogs run circles around the house……


All seemed well until I went outside to feed the “alley cats” as Devon calls them.




Normally the cats that I feed outside are simply dark shadows that slip up to the front porch to eat in the anonymity of the darkness of nightfall.  I have often wondered if I am feeding cats, raccoons or opossums.  I seldom actually see the cats but the food is always gone every morning….I keep hoping some hungry cat is eating it. 


The other night it snowed so I went out in the morning to investigate the footprints to see if I could tell how many creatures were visiting the cat food at night.  From the looks of the tracks it looked like two large cats and one small cat or kitten……no other animal tracks as far as I could tell.


This past week for some strange reason I have actually seen 3 different cats eating in front of the house but all of them have ran away when I came onto the front porch.  Tonight something told me to go back outside and re-check the cat food. 


There was a very small, very beautiful calico cat.  It was visibly thin but I noticed it had on a collar.  I spoke to it and it didn’t run away so I slowly went out the door….he glanced up from the food only long enough to meow at me.  I stroked his tiny body and could feel nothing but bones.  He left eating only long enough to rub his body down my hand several times.  I continued to stroke him and it almost brought me to tears thinking of where it was going to sleep….it was so cold outside….and why was he so thin….


I went inside and brought back out a can of Charlie’s food….when I opened the lid another cat came out of the shadows but he appeared to be of normal body weight….he wouldn’t approach me but he sat about 5 feet away waiting on the smaller cat to finish eating, or for me to go back inside. 


I came back into the house feeling sick to my stomach thinking about that tiny thing outside…. knowing that later (if I can catch him) I will be taking the tiny cat to the vet to have him checked for feline leukemia and worms.  I will find someone to take him….if I dont, he wont last the winter outside.


Sierah had stopped by the house so I asked her to go out and see the small cat…..she instantly went out, picked him up and put him in her coat and loved on him and then promptly said “Oh Mom” giving me those sad eyes……I knew how she was feeling because it hurt my heart too.


Between the neighborhood cats who live outside and are left to fend for themselves and the tiny puppy who was abandoned in that apartment this week to starve to death… just made me disappointed in my fellow man.  Disappointed is the most polite word I can think of at this very moment…..I have a few others that more accurately describe my feelings but I’ll refrain….


It makes me want to grab those damn people and shake them!  Animals are not disposable…you don’t just throw them away like trash when you grow tired or bored of them.  They are a life time commitment and if for some reason you cant keep that commitment please find someone else who would love them or take them to a shelter or rescue….dropping them off in the country or another neighborhood somewhere…or just putting them out the door to fend for themselves is NO solution and is inhumane.  By taking them to a shelter they at least have a chance to be adopted, be warm, get food and water and if all else fails they will be humanely put to sleep.  Anything is better than being left to starve to death alone in a cold apartment or to be left outside to see if you starve to death or freeze to death first…..


They are a living, breathing creature who has a soul…they need food, water, shelter and love just like we do….why don’t people get that.  Have they no compassion?


People who don’t understand that shouldn’t have an animal….they really, really shouldn’t.  And all of those people who do that type of things to animals…..maybe they should all be dropped off on a deserted island for a couple of weeks and left to “figure it out”…..see how it really feels abandoned and hungry……


I swear some people are such @ssholes……



Recycling is picked up in my neighborhood every other Monday.  Yesterday I couldn’t remember if it was recycling week or not so to try to verify this wee bit of information I went out front and looked down my street in both directions.  No other bright yellow tubs as far as my eyes could.  Ms Chambers (my crabby neighbor lady) didn’t have hers out (and she usually does recycle) but I was still convinced it was the correct week for recycling so I drug my tubs to the curb as usual.  Planning on dragging them back up to the house if I had them out on the wrong day.


When I returned home for lunch I noticed my empty tubs turned upside down so I knew I was on the correct bi-weekly schedule ~~ but what really struck me was the fact that no one else had any set out…no other tubs as far as I could see.  I guess I found it really disappointing…it is a service our city provides for us and I find it extremely discouraging that none of my neighbors take the time to recycle.  It is such a simple process…why don’t people just make the time to take a couple extra steps and in turn help the environment?


I believe in recycling and I personally recycle lots of thing including clothes.  I shop at the Goodwill, a store called Playto’s closet (a second hand store for teens clothes) and I donate our old clothes to the woman’s shelter here.  I wish more people would donate stuff to organizations that help other people……some people would actually rather throw away items then donate them.  It is mind boggling to me.  If you don’t have time to drop them off, call the place and see if they would be willing to pick them up.


Lastly and most importantly….I believe in “recycled pets.”  I wish more people would go to a shelter or rescue to look for a 4 legged loved one before patronizing a breeder.  Often time’s people turn their noses up at shelter dogs or cats but I have found them to be the best animals ever. 


I do believe that somehow they know you are giving them a second chance and they always love you and appreciate you more for that reason.  And if you want a full blooded dog….let your local shelter or rescue group know what you are looking for…..this month alone our local shelter had a full blooded Boxer, Doberman, Sheltie, Boarder Collie and multiple Labs to name a few.   


I guess I just wish more people would recycle!!!……plastic, paper, glass, clothes, cats and dogs!  J 



We have a new (temporary) addition to our family.  He is an 8-month-old toy poodle named “Diggie.”  (Marcus, Sierah and I combined picked his name…Marcus actually picked it and the two of us agreed….)


Once Sierah and Marcus get an apartment he will be going to live with them.  L  I am sure I will miss him… he is the sweetest little thing.  He remained with the little old lady who had him because he was too large….his parents were teacup poodles…….teeny tiny little boogers.  To me he is tiny……but to them he was too big.  I am not exactly sure of his weight but I would guess him at about a whopping 8 to 10lbs.  A size that is perfect for the size requirements of the apartment complex.


My love for dogs grew from the relationship I had with my poodle Dino who grew up with me.  He accompanied me everywhere I went……he played, slept and ate with me…..well, ate all of the peas or anything else I refused to eat that I tossed to him under the table to him when my Mother and Father weren’t looking.  He rode in the basket on my bike or ran along with me when I was pushing myself around on my skateboard.  Anywhere I went, Dino went.  When he passed away the Vet estimated his age at over 16 years old.  My Mother had rescued him and we were never exactly sure of his age. He was the best dog ever and secured my admiration for not only poodles but dogs in general.


This morning Diggie met the rest of the K-9 gang at my house and the introduction went smoothly…..Diggie thinks he’s a big dog and held his own showing no sign of fear of the rest of them.  He simply wanted to play……He even met Charlie Tuna today and seemed surprised Charlie didn’t want to play with him.  Diggie stuck his bootie up in the air and barked at Charlie inviting him to play…..Charlie hissed at him, turned and hopped away.  (Charlie Tuna has zero tolerance for silliness)  Diggie looked at me like, “Gesh, what’s wrong with him?”



Yesterday was our first real snowfall of the season.  I can honestly say I love the snow…..but only if I can stay at home by the fireplace and watch it come down. 


Yesterday it was coming down and I was standing in the kitchen window looking out….  with the snow swirling around, appearing to almost be coming from every direction…it almost looked like I was standing in a snow globe.  It was beautiful.  Despite the fact I do love the snow, I guess I have grown too old to want to be trekking around in it.  Considering the fact I live in Indiana and we always get a significant amount of snow each year, there are still lots of people who act like they have no idea how to drive in the snow….  I guess I figure I’m safer at home. (Away from the non-drivers)  I’ll opt for standing in the window watching my dogs play in the snow.


Oreo absolutely loves the snow…..he zooms from one end of the yard to the other end 90mph chomping snow, zooming around and spinning circles along the way…..trying to entice any dog that will join him to play.  Bear who is his normal play companion wants little or nothing to do with the snow….he hates anything wet  (even dewy grass) and tiptoes just far enough out in the yard to take care of business then he hurries back to the porch and stands there looking disgusted at the other dogs and with the snow in general.  Let me back in!


Franny on the other hand is similar to Oreo…She loves the snow and to her it’s another fun substance to dig in…..Dig…..Sniff….sniff….Dig-Dig-Dig……sniff, sniff.  Then she looks up and has this totally white face and beard from the snow.  She was digging, sniffing and digging this morning and then kept finding things to chew, she would find whatever it was and hold her head up really high as if to brag to the other dogs and chomp on it……I cant imagine what it is other than maybe frozen cat turds……nasty I know but it is all I can do to keep her out of Charlie Tuna’s litter box in the house.  I am thoroughly convinced that a couple neighborhood cats I feed out in the front of my house, come to the back of the house to use the rest room……much to Franny’s delight. 


This weekend appears to be bringing warmer temperatures so the snow will melt and turn to mud…. and when the dogs go outside and come back in my kitchen will then turn into a mud slide….Oh Joy!  Muddy dog prints from one end of the house to the other…..How long till Spring again?…..Oy.




A Meme


1. Flip to page 18, paragraph 4 – in the book closest to you right now, what does it say?

“Lease termination by resident.” (I’m at work)


2. If you stretch out your left arm as far as possible, what are you touching?

Digital camera on my desk.


3. What’s the last program you watched on TV?

House MD last night while half asleep.


4. Without looking, guess what time it is.

7:35AM…..I was right on the money!  Hey!


5. Aside from the computer, what can you hear right now?

low buzz noise radiating from my printer.


6.  When was the last time you were outside and what did you do?

Went outside to jump in the mothership to drive to work this morning.


7. What are you wearing?

FWHA polo shirt, khaki pants, snoopy watch and reebok’s.


8. Did you dream last night?  If you did, what about?

Since falling down the stairs I keep dreaming I’m falling down the stairs again.  I hate that!


9. When was the last time you laughed?

This morning on the phone with Tricia.  We laugh all the time on the phone.


10. What’s on the walls in the room you’re in right now?

Family photos, my notary and my certificates of achievement from work.


11. Have you seen anything strange lately?

Every day at my job……Best strange thing as of late is a resident showing up for his hearing wearing red silk jammies and a robe.  (Heh…a classic)


12. What do you think about this meme?

Kind of cool.


13. What’s the last film you saw?

Umm…cant remember….something with Stacy.


14. If you became a multimillionaire, what would you do with the money?

Invest half of it……build a house on about 50 acres somewhere and open an animal rescue.  I would build my sister a small house on the land and pay off bills of some friends and family members.  I would also take a long vacation with my entire family.


15. Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

I was a college cheerleader.  Go Cougars!  J


16. If you could change ONE THING in this world, without regarding politics or bad guilt, what would it be?

That no one would be without food water and shelter……including animals.


17. Do you like dancing?

I love to dance.


18. George Bush?

Bush wacked!


19. What do you want your children’s names to be, girl/boy?

(Should of asked me 19 years ago……I already came up with 5 names, Sierah, Acaica, Taryn, Jenna and Devon.)


20. Would you ever consider living abroad?

Yes, but I love living in the states……maybe moving to an island somewhere would be cool.


21. What do you want God to tell you, when you come to heaven?

Sit down and take a load off kid!  You did a good job!  J


22. Who should do this meme?

Anyone who wishes to……

At about 3:00AM last night I woke to the sound of an upchucking dog……Well, the pre-upchucking noise.  I sat half way up in bed and realized it was Bear and he was standing on my bed about to puke on the bed.  Oh No!


I gave him a quick boot off of the bed, he jumped down, continued the noise and then yacked.  Once he was done he jumped back up onto the bed and laid down like nothing ever happened.


I laid down and thought, “Oh great, I need to go downstairs and get the paper towels and a plastic bag…I must of dozed back off…..the next thing I know I wake up to my cell phone ringing…..I jumped up out of the bed, ran around the bed to get the phone and guess what I stepped in?  BAM!  A big pile of Doggie Hair Ball Yack.


Eww……that was so nasty……




I’ve been tagged……I have to write a blog of “6 weird things about myself”. According to the rules… People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.  (I’m not tagging anybody, but if you wanna tag yourself, consider yourself tagged! 
J )


1.        I can type extremely fast and to practice I use to rest my hands on my lap while someone talked to me, and I would move my fingers like I was typing what they were saying. 

2.        I think all towels and underclothes should be white so they can be bleached and washed in hot water. 

3.        I have a fear of hanging my hand out the window while I drive.  I always imagine it hitting something and breaking.

4.        I often feel like I know what an animal is thinking.  (Even as a child I use to hate the zoo for this reason.)

5.        I hate feet…except baby feet and Acacia’s feet.

6.        I can’t go to sleep at night unless I’ve taken a shower.  (I will seriously stay up all night if I don’t.)



me!  🙂