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Monthly Archives: August 2006

I contacted the shelter where I found Bear, Oreo and Franny yesterday in hopes of helping to place a Bull Terrier I notice on their website.  I happen to know someone who shows Bull Terrier and they are wonderful little dogs, so I sent out an email in hopes of helping to save the little guy.


I quickly received an email back from the shelter director and she stated the dog I had inquired about was gone, but she has another that is in desperate need of a new home or rescue.  Here is a copy of the email sent to me:


Hi there and thank you so much. Mister is gone however I do have another who is in dire dire need of a foster and or home. His name is BORIS he is not listed so i will send a pic but he is awesome. He does however have a flea allergy that we are working on fixing him back to health. He has scratched himself so badly he has been bleeding we got that to stop and he is now healing. If you can help us out with him please please do. We all have fallen in love with him and his sweet personality. He is good with other dogs good with kids and is good with cats however when they hiss he runs like he has been beaten .lol. He is a unique baby. He is approx 2 to 3 yrs old.

PLEEEEEASE help us with him. This email is his only hope. So please send it on if needed.  Thank you so much for the email and so forth.



What about that email doesn’t pull on your heart strings is you truly love dogs….It has been almost a year since Kim and I rescued Stellar and this morning I pulled into the Burger King parking lot to get my morning coffee and I instantly thought of Stellar….The chill in the air, leaves starting to fall and blow…..I glanced over to the wooded area where he lived for so long…..what a change the last year has brought him.  Is it my time to rescue another?…..


I have no idea if I am going to be able to help this dog Michelle has mentioned but I figured I owed it to the guy to drive to Marion to see him Saturday morning…..I will evaluate his temperament and access his flea allergy and hang out with him for a while….I am such a sucker for a dog in need….


I guess I will know more Saturday.



This morning, like every other morning….. my dog Bear woke me up. 


Thanks to an accurate internal time clock,  he knows that 5:45 AM is about the time to start stirring around to get me up by 6:00 AM every morning, so he usually licks my foot or hand, (whatever is hanging off of the bed) loudly sniffs my hair then sneezes, paws me, and/or puts his feet up on the bed and gives me a kiss right smack dab on the kisser……he will continue this pattern until I finally push myself up out of bed… that time all of the dogs dance around, snort, fart, make tons of commotion….all before I can get the bedroom door open…….THAT wakes Stacy up, and everyone else in the house generally.


Although today was a morning just like every other…….my mind raced as I made my way down the stairs with all of the dogs doing their usual spinning and zooming around with excitement, I found myself thinking about Bear’s life in the shelter before he came to live with us……….6 months he lived in the stinky shelter, (sorry to say stinky, but if you have ever been to a shelter the smell is usually the first thing that stands out….can you imagine how it smells to a dog who’s sense of smell is so much better than ours?)….anyways, he stayed long hours in a crate, refusing to eat, waiting on someone to show up, take him home and love him.  Waiting…..waiting….waiting.  The poor guy was way too thin and depressed when I finally got him.


Had I not showed up to get him the day I did, he would have been put down the following day……the thought of that never leaves me for many reasons but mainly because he is such a all-round wonderful dog.


The same day Bear came home with me, another wonderful Black dog (Oreo) that was also doomed due to the color of his dark fir and large size came home with us as well.  Both dogs turned out to be great dogs…..


All shelter dogs have a chance of being looked over and we all know that eventually there is the all to real possibility of them being put to sleep, but most large black dogs are truly doomed the moment they enter the shelter…. for no reason other than the fact they are large and black…..most people don’t even realized it but odds are the people that are there to look at the dogs for adoption, wont even give a black dog a second look……they glance right past the crate holding the black dog…..and look at the next crate holding a lighter colored dog.


I want that to change!!


I want people to not only consider black dogs, but to make a point to adopt them……If you make it to the shelter to look at a dog for adoption……Please at least consider one of the black dogs, take a black dog out of the crate, take it outside and visit with it for a while… make a point to NOT look past the crates holding the black dogs.  If you have to, count the number of black dogs at the shelter…. it might surprise you.  I would almost bet that if you ask one of the attendants what good dogs they have held onto the longest hoping for a good home…..they will be predominantly black dogs.  These are often the dogs that are well behaved, housetrained, etc but are still looked over and the staff hold onto them longer because they are such good dogs.  That was exactly the case with Bear.  I asked a woman at the shelter what dog had been there a long time and was a really good dog and they couldn’t figure out why it had not been adopted…….she said “Bear.” 


I can remember the photo I saw of him that was on the opening page of the shelter’s web page that said “IN URGENT NEED OF A HOME”.  It was the most unflattering photo of him…..but then a few days later they posted a photo that included some of the dogs dressed up in costume for a parade…..Bear was dressed up as an Angel and seemed to take the whole costume and halo he was wearing in stride.  I felt that spoke volumes for his character.  I drove to meet him a day later……the rest is history.


Something to think about….. what are the odds that I adopted two black dogs from a shelter the same day, they had not lived together previously, and both were not only well behaved but also house trained.  Don’t get me wrong, like all dogs; they are not perfect by any means…….Oreo and Bear have both chewed up their share of household items, but for the most part I think both are not only  prime examples of what great dogs can come from shelters but what great dogs are being put down every day for no reason other than the fact they are black.


Please give a big black dog a second chance.


I know I have written about this several times, but if this message touches one person that will at least consider adopting a black dog, then it was worth me repeating.


Hug your dog today!




PS…….I don’t know what I would do without my Bearie-Blueberry.

Okay, so I have had several people ask about Stellar……he is doing great.  Stellar was lucky enough to be adopted by a wonderful family.  He lives at a house with another rescue Great Dane named Jesse who has blossomed since he has had the addition of his big brother Stellar.  Before Stellar’s arrival he hid in the bedroom all of the time, seldom coming out and never coming out to interact with new company.  Since Stellar moved in Jesse has “found himself” and decided he likes being a dog……He is now Stellar’s constant companion and shadow.  Stellar is spoiled rotten, has the run of 1.5 fenced in acres and sleeps in bed at night with Mom and Dad….did I mention the groomer adores him too?  My big spoiled baby……I couldn’t of found a better home for him.



Beverly~  I do have photos of the tattoo……I will post them this weekend!  I am still working on #2.



Oh, and for everyone who asked what I do with the K-9’s when we go camping….well….mmmmm that changes depending on who all goes……This past weekend Devon and Acacia opted out of camping so the dogs stayed home with them.  All dogs stayed home due to the hot weather.  Normally, 2 dogs would go and the others would stay to be let out by a friend or family member twice a day.  We generally stay somewhere close enough that I can go home if need be or drive home to let them out and check on them myself at least once a day.



Mandy~  Round #2 of camping was HOT…..and miserable……did I mention how hot?  The Midwest was in the middle of a heat wave and a heat advisory across many states, including ours…..temps constantly right around 100 and with the heat index it felt much higher…..the mosquitoes were out in force due to days of raining prior to the miserably hot weekend…..and we didn’t even get a break from the heat at night. 


I was so freaking miserable Saturday night I hopped my ass in the “Mother ship” and drove back to Fort Wayne, took a shower and got in the bed with the air conditioner on full blast…until the next morning when I drove back up to the lake to pack up and come home…..


For the most part the kids stayed in the lake……I think Saturday night they were in there till about 10:30PM….we cooked almost every meal in foil right on the coals and had as good a time as we could have considering everything.  Camping is camping……good, bad and ugly….


This weekend we might take a day trip to another nearby state park that also has an Olympic size swimming pool…….we will be scouting out the park for a future camping location.  Plus on the weekends, it is just fun to pack a cooler and hit the highway……at least I think so.  If no one else wants to go, I know Bear loves to ride and he and I will go and hike…..temps will only be in the 80’s this weekend…….


Today the kids will register for school….. and for the first time in many years they will all 5 be at the same school at the same time…..all 5 of my kids in High School…….wow, makes me feel old, but happy at the same time.  (Counting down…….4 years and they will all be 18 and over.)  Woo hoo….


Well, I am off to help with the computer conversion at work.  They seem to be under the impression here that I am much more computer savy than I really am…….I swear I don’t know what I’m doing, but practice makes perfect……I just keep plugging along….


Have a nice weekend all and I will post my tattoo photos and last week camping photos tonight or tomorrow…….I am finally able to post pictures again…….thank you MSN…..grrrrr