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Monthly Archives: September 2007

A little known fact about me is I can craft……I actually love to craft and have decided for Christmas I will be making my friends and family large grapevine wreaths…..a different theme for each person based on stuff they like.  (Dawn-Santa, Tammy-snowmen, Vickie-a Betty Boop themed one, Brandy-a baby scarf and mittens wreath because she will have a newborn at Christmas time, etc) 


So yesterday I hit the crafting mother load……I found two trees with perfect pinecones.  One with medium size long ones and one with tiny chubby ones.  The tiny chubby ones are so darn cute, they are seriously only about an inch tall…..I love them and they will be perfect to fill in little spaces on my wreaths.  Now tonight I have to go back with a small bag and load up on them.  (People always tend to look at you crazy when you are picking up pinecones.)  lol


I made the mistake of taking a Fall wreath I made for my friend Tricia into work and now about 4 of my other friends want one… even more wreaths to make……Oy.




I talked to Sierah last night and she was leaving the place where she was eating and was walking home alone (it was late and dark)…….I instantly panicked telling her all the Motherly stuff about not walking alone, etc-etc and then she told me two girls had been abducted and raped at IU, two separate occasions……..Good lord why did she tell me that…… I am so worried, I worry anyways, but now I am even more worried……..My prayer for my baby…….”God please camp guardian angels out around her, continue to protect her and keep her safe and out of harms way.”




Although its not Christmas time it is time to start organizing gifts if you are going to adopt a family or single person for Christmas.  Not sure if any of you have ever done this, but it is extremely rewarding and I would suggest EVERYONE to do it, even if it is just a basket for an elderly neighbor……Seriously, I love to do it.


I was able to pick 4 families at my family site to get adopted by our local Christmas bureau and I was so thrilled to go tell them.  A few weeks prior to Christmas a handful of employees dress in Christmas attire and Santa hats, go pick up the gifts and deliver them……My favorite work day of the year.Red heart


On my own every year that I have been financially able, the kids and I adopt someone or a family and do what we can for them…….Another great idea is to take a pet care package to an elderly person who has a pet……fill a basket with food, treats, a pet bed, toys, etc.  The seniors love it because they love to spoil their animals they just cant always afford to buy the extra stuff for them!


I challenge everyone reading this right now to adopt a family, a person, a pet this Holiday Season, and then let me know how it goes!  Share you blessings!




It’s official…’s fall in Indiana.  Cool air has finally reached the Midwest and I am loving it.  No more 99 degrees with 100% humidity……yuk  It got down to 40 something last night and I consider that GREAT sleeping weather.


Yesterday I made a wreath with fall colors and pinecones on it for my front door, Acacia and I collected some wood that has fallen during the summer and had the first fire in the fireplace while we each had a cup of coffee. Ahhhh…. This is my favorite season.  I seriously love the fall.




On the down side……I discovered yesterday where this horrible smell was coming from in my basement……I have one of those dark, damp cobweb-ie type basements……no nice finished basement at my house…..and every time I went downstairs to do a load of laundry I kept smelling this really foul smell but I could not for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. 


There are 3 rooms in my basement….The first one has a few items in it, but everything is bagged and up high on a shelf as we keep most everything off of the ground in the event we get water down there, the second room contains only my washer dryer and hot water heater and then the 3rd room is where all of our camping stuff is stored and a few other odds and ends items.  (Air conditioner, Christmas tree, etc)


Well, upon further inspection I discovered the foul odor was coming from the 3rd room……I walked slowly around the room sniffing, looking in and out of boxes looking for anything that might be rank…..and it appeared to be coming from the area where the tent was……I pulled open the tent half way looking for a dead animal and BAM it hit me…PU!!… it was promptly evident where the odor was emanating from…..A 10 person tent that had been used as a kitty litter box by one or both of my two kitties…….grrrrr…….It was all I could do to haul the giant thing up the stairs without spilling its contents and drag it to the trash can while covering my face with my shirt….Eww it was SoooooOoo nasty, I almost threw up.


Once I got back into the house I proceeded to pour an entire bottle of bleach on the floor below where the tent was to kill any odor that could have seeped into the cement……and then threw a bucket of water on it and swept it down the drain……

 Damn cats … 

I swear that crazy little cat can disappear and then will appear out of thin air when he hears the snack box rattle or food hitting the bowl…….maybe I should name him Houdini.  (Although I love the names you guys came up with……my blog friends are so creative, I love it!)  Despite everyone’s great name ideas I have decided to call him “A.J” after my favorite former IU basketball player AJ Moye  I noticed this morning Taryn has decided to call him Sebastian.  I don’t think he cares as long as he has somebody to love him.


I hate to admit that he slipped out the front door with Acacia last week as she left with her Aunt.  She never mentioned it until I was looking for him the following morning for his treat.  He was gone……long gone by the time she mentioned it to me.  I went outside and called “kitty-kitty-kitty” over and over again, walked up and down the street looking for him……day after day.  Nothing……no little black and white cat.  I was sick.


I have always kept food outside for stray cats so I kept going out at odd hours hoping to see him eating from the bowl… luck… after day, nothing, then Sunday after returning from IU I decided to go out and refill the cat food bowl and there he was sitting there looking as me and gave me a long meow as if to say, “What took you so long….I’m hungry.”  I picked him up and I swear he was thin as a rail…..but he was purring and head butting me, he even gave me a few kisses on my cheek with his little scratchy tongue while I walked with him to the food bowl.  I felt a huge sense of relief….I called Acacia in Chicago to tell her the good news (She was worried AND felt bad)……phew……he is back at home and is okay.


Since his return he has been extra lovie-dovie.  He even laid on my lap for the first time yesterday.  He likes to be close to you, rub your leg, give you head buts but prefers to have a seat next to you as opposed to on your lap.  Yesterday, he stretched out across my lap as I watched TV for a couple hours… was nice and helped me to relax.  I was surprised when he started kneading on my leg, but after he got his fill of that, he sprawled out on my lap and we both eventually drifted off to sleep while watching re-runs of Americas Next Top Model. 




Taryn and I traveled to IU this weekend to visit Sierah.  Despite the fact I speak to her every day I almost forget how much I miss her until I see her.  I bought her a bike and a bunch of clothes and snacks and took them down…..I spent the night sleeping on her hard dorm room mattress while she, her friends and her sister went to the football game and some frat parties.  I didn’t really mind… was quiet and they had fun…..


Taryn and I tried to visit the Morgan-Monroe Indiana State Forest on our way home but we got so far into the boonies that we decided to turn around.  (I read on the Internet you can even go camping AND panning for gold there with a permit……wouldn’t that be fun?)  Maybe next trip…..

 I hope you all had a nice, long Holiday weekend……I did!  J