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Sierah and I picked up Devon the other day to bring him home for a cookout.  We had just gotten done with a photo shoot with ptwo boys for Senior photos.  (Sierah is huge help when able to go with me so I drag her along when ever I can.)  I personally find boys harder to shoot.  They are often times really stiff and are always worried about looking to feminine.  *eye roll.
So on the way home Devon says,” I want you to take some photos of me Mom”…..I say “Right now?”………..he says “Yeah sure”……..I say “Do wanna jump for some photos?”….He was like “Sure why not??”……..Music to my ears so we just stopped at this random spot off of Broadway St on the way home and they jumped, over and over again…..PHEW they were tired and my face hurt from laughing……We came up with some fun stuff…..this was my favorite photo of the two of them jumping together.


 I’m not 100% why but people seem to love the jumping photos I take, and I have even had people say, “Before we finish the shoot I want to do a jumping photo”….lol……So they jump and I shoot……Here are a few of my favs (Other than the first photo, that is my most fav jumping photo ever and it’s of my son Devon………he’s got “ups”  🙂   Plus there is something just cool about that photo.

Here is Daisha jumping……..I just wanna know how can you be beautiful and jump at the same time?  Well, just ask Daisha, she knows how……..

Oh and Taryn, after her photo shoot was over we had to do a few jumping photos with her as well…..She looks like she is just floating along…..lalala

It’s a fun photo that makes me smile every time I see it.  🙂   We laughed the entire time we took these…..
Here is one of Sierah after we left a tatoo convention that was a total dud………we decided to do some jumping photos cuz I liked the lighting in the convention center…..the jumping photos we took were way better than that old stupid convention…….
SO if you have a camera, and you wanna have some fun……..find someone to JUMP! JUMP! for ya!  You cant help but laugh!

I feel like I have waited my entire life to do this photography work…..I LOVE it *whispers ( almost as much as I love the dogs!!)…..Once I do a shoot I spend long nights delving over photos, editing, cropping, burning, etc….I work on them for days and days…I just can’t get enough of them.  Then once I proclaim I’m finally finished editing a set of shots, I give it a few days rest and then go back over them with a fresh eye before I call it a wrap. 

Some photos I take a look back at, make me laugh… some make me want to cry, others just stir an emotion and I can’t really explain it……I look at them, and that photo takes me to another place.

Take this shoot for instance, I shot 3 of my friends grandchildren this day.  All of whom are darling, and one of the 3 little princesses is also severely autistic.  She seemed almost totally unaware I was even there, somehow in her own world, a world far , far away from where we were…..more interested in a bottle of bubbles that captured her attention, than having any photos taken by the lady following her around with a camera……

Taking the photos that day made me remember how blessed I was as a Mother with 5 healthy children, it made me wish I better understood autism…I felt ashamed I actually knew so little.

But just look at these incredibly beautiful, haunting eyes………

I knew our shoot wouldn’t be typical, but I do feel like the photos turned out nicely. 

 This next photo makes me laugh because these two  were being really silly….laughing and chatting ~ I had lots of fun with them but to be honest  the joyful expressions and non stop gabbing was a bitter reminder of the difference between these two and Savanna.

This next photo stirs an emotion I cant explain.  ~Right after I took this photo, Savanna came straight to me and gave me a big hug…….it welled such emotion in me it honestly threw me for a loop.  I had been there for hours,  hadn’t heard her murmur a sound or show a bit of emotion the entire time I was there.  Matter of fact, she spent most of her time  heading in the opposite direction, and then out of no where, this spontaneous sign of emotion towards me, it nearly made me cry…..

I dont know where it came from, but I loved it.  I love kids, and for some reason kids just love me…..Savanna was no exception!  I loved her right back!! After the hug she stepped away from me, I stretched out my finger to her and she reached out and held it…..I snapped the final photo…here it is….

 Editing the photos, I couldn’t get past those big, beautiful eyes.

I pray that one day soon they find a cure for autism, and they find all of those little souls in those far far away places.

I remember loving cameras as a really young child……….and let’s just say back then camera’s were very different creatures. (uh-hem, they had film for starters)  lol

I remember my Mom having  a “Brownie” camera and me begging her to use it.  The only thing I ever wanted to take photos of was my dog Dino….. sometimes she would let me take me take an entire roll of him, drop them off to be developed at the little photo hut and then the day would come about a week or so later that we could take our little paper slip in and exchange it for an envelope stuffed full of glossy photos…….it was like magic to me.  I couldn’t wait till I got home to rip open the envelope and look at each photo, I had to rip open the envelope right there in the parking lot!

Who knew 30 some years later I would still be snapping photos, but now making money at it…….

Photography is and always has been a love of mine.  Not only do I love to take, develope and edit my own photos but I can sit for hours looking at someone elses photos that capture my attention; for instance my favorite blog : Zach Aboard Cindy takes simple, beautiful photos that I adore. I can and DO, look at them for hours and hours…….checking her site daily for a new story and or photo or two…….

As far as my own photos go, they are evolving…..this craft for me is and always will be a work in progress but I have finally decided it is time to get paid for my work… me, it is a strange step to go from doing something JUST because you love it and for FREE, to doing it because you LOVE it and getting PAID.  Sure the paid part is great, but it also puts a huge amount of responsiblity on me to make sure my clients are happy.

I worry about that continually, but so far so good. 

My Mom fostered my love for photography and always viewed it for what it is, an Art.  My Mother was an artist to the core, teaching dance and painting in her youth and always creating and crafting and knitting as she got older………as a child she encouraged ANY ounce of artist in me buying me sketching books, paints and pastels. clay, etc and always stimulating my imagination………

However it was that camera of hers that I begged to use, that would ultimately bring out my creative side.

By the time I reached High School an elective class was “Photography”, however you needed a 35 mm camera to participate.  The fact I had NO 35 mm camera didnt discourage me………I signed up and showed up for class like one was supposed to magically appear. 

It didnt……not for nearly a year anyways.

Mr. Goss (God love him) allowed me to remain in class and use a “loaner” camera for an extended period of time…..these “loaners” as he called them belonged to him personally, not the school and he was so gracious to allow me to drag that thing all over tarnation with me while I learned to shoot and develop photos from a master (Mr. Goss) and while my Mother worked and saved to make this big purchase. 

My Mother saved money untill she had enough to purchase the specific camera Mr. Goss recommended we have.  A Olympus OM10.  The day I got that camera it was as if the heavens opened up and shined down on me………I really was THAT happy and here many, many years later…. in 2010, I remember that sunny day in 1979 clearly. 

Not only did my Mom purchase the camera and lens but she later saved and purchased several other lenses, a camera bag, a tri-pod, etc……Mr Goss told her that I had promise and he thought I should go on to College for photography.

I was in Pho-tog heaven.  I LOVED that camera and took photos of everything and everyone around me,  I shot with that same camera until about 4 years ago when it along with my car that it was in the back of, was stolen.

I was sick, I mean SICK.  I was more devastated by the loss of my camera than the car being stolen that only had 26 thousand miles on it.

That camera was so important because it was from my Mom and it represented the love of the Arts that my Mother has fostered for so many years…….I knew how hard it was for my Mom to save and purchase that camera and I knew clearly she did it because she loved me.  Then in a flash, it was gone………..

I knew that even if the car was ever recovered (and it wasnt) that I would never see that camera again.  Considering the age of the camera and condition it had actually grown in material value………but to me it was priceless.

To console my broken photographic heart about a year later I purchased a digital point and shoot type camera.  It was great and it allowed me to capture images of the kids, vacations, the dogs, etc but it wasnt the same………hell no camera would ever be the same but I knew that I NEEDED a 35 mm camera again.

Years passed and this last year I told the kids that when I buy myself a new 35 mm camera I was going to start doing photography work again…..and this time as a business. 

The problem is, I never could manage to squeeze enough extra money out of my budget to make it happen.  I would go to the camera stores and look……..and drool, and dream……..and then come home empty-handed.

I read review, after review of camera’s.  I KNEW what camera I wanted  and I also KNEW it may only happen for me at tax time, or if I hit the lottery!  🙂


The morning of June 28th started like any other………however this was the morning of my 46th birthday, my girls were home from school and we all planned of skyping with my Marine who is currently in Japan to start off my day.  The girls let me know they planned on cooking me dinner and that I was not allowed to raise a finger that day………(Hey, they didnt have to ask me twice!)   Queen for the day, I’ll take it!

I found Acacia on Skype bright and early and the other kids slowly trickled down the stairs……Sierah toted a blue gift bag and a long box wrapped in paper…….I opened them…..a tri-pod and a camera bag.  Yay!  I was thrilled!   Now I only needed to buy myself the camera and I would be set.

“Wait Mom….there is one more” …. !!??!! ….. As Sierah came out of the kitchen with yet another gift bag…….

As I opened it, then heavens again opened up and shined directly down on me………a camera.  No wait, not just ANY camera…..THEE camera I had been dreaming about for years……

I cried………and cried……..and was SHOCKED.  Seriously shocked.  To this day I have no idea how they pulled it off, however I am SO grateful  for my children doing so……….just as my Mother had done so, SO many years ago……

So to thank them, and my Mom I have kicked this “photography thing” into full gear…….

Here it is, a labor of love…….   Body As Art Photography by Laura Moore

Thanks to My Mother and all of my children…….for seeing the Artist in me!  🙂  (and for buying my broke ass a camera!)