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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Driving North heading home on Highway 1, very`very early in the morning I decided to pull over for one last, long look at the keys…..the ocean……the place I called home for the last week and would soon be leaving.


Sierah was asleep in the back of the car and Taryn was reading, she briefly looked up and asked me if I was okay…..I said “yes”……I just wanted to get out of the car for a minute.  I could feel her watch me as I passed around the car.  She had this sort of puzzled look on her face.


The loose gravel under my sandals drew quiet as I stopped to look at several sailboats out on anchor just a few hundred feet out from shore.  The water was calm with just a slight breeze coming over the ocean, I stood for a moment watching the boats, then I closed my eyes and let the ocean breeze wrap around me…it is an almost magical feeling….I knew then that I didn’t want to leave.  I almost cried.


Key West has a certain vibe….I felt it and loved it.  Granted, it certainly has a commercial aspect to it….but there was a huge part of it that appealed to something inside of me.  The colors, the people, the food, the diversity, the artists……..something about the keys drums up creativity in people…..maybe it simply appealed to the artist in me.  I don’t know for sure but it certainly didn’t hurt any that there are an endless number of chickens and roosters roaming the island either.  I seriously loved that.


I will be writing more about the keys in the days to come but I did want to let you guys know that I am home…….and the girls and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Key West.  As I type this, a few of the things that stand out in my mind are:


  • The beauty of Looe Reef Key  (The single most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.)
  • Breakfast at Blue Heaven  (Blueberry pancakes~ homemade banana bread~ Avocado Omelet with salsa and sour cream….umm)
  • The Ocean breeze flowing thru the palms and over my body late at night while sitting next to the pool.  (Nothing else like it)
  • Our new Rasta friend Immanuel (Who took the sea urchin barbs out of Sierah’s foot and showed us the real beauty of Key West)  Thank you my friend.
  • The cats at our Inn (all 6 of them)
  • The girls learning how to open a coconut.  (This was seriously funny)
  • Kino Sandals (Everyone should own a pair)  Not much to look at but feel wonderful and made by hand.
  • The best authentic Mexican food in the world at Salsa Loca
  • Bahia Honda State Park
  • Fort Zachary State Park
  • The chickens and roosters of Key West roaming the streets

 a Key West Rooster

 those are a few of my favorite things….


Key West 128

Late tonight I will leave for vacation… 2:00AM we will be heading to Indy to catch our flight…..we have a short, 1.5 hour layover in Memphis then sunny Florida here we come.


My last 30 days or so at work have been so stressful…..I just want to spend 7 days letting my steam out.  I plan on snorkeling every chance I get……soaking up some sun and eating at interesting places.  I love those little out of the way places that look like a hole in the wall but have great service and surprisingly good food…..


It has been storming here like crazy.  Last night a huge tree limb feel into the street and almost onto my car…….that would have been SOOOOO not good.  When I went past at lunch today the limb still had the entire street blocked. 


Lightning struck directly across the street last night and after almost pissing my pants when it hit, I tried to resume my packing……only about 15 minutes later to realized my buddy Bear was hiding in the closet.  (Oreo hides in the basement……)  lol  I told them both they have acceptable severe weather escape plans. 


Since I last posted I found…..well the daycare lady who works next to one of my offices found a little dog.  A tiny blond, Maltese/Yorkie looking little bugger.  She trotted into the daycare along with the kids when they returned from the playground.  Once they put her back outside she never left our building.  About a half hour later I noticed her and brought her inside….she was STINKY and completely matted.  It took Sierah, Taryn and I over 3 hours to cut all of her mats out, comb and bath her.  I never knew something so small could smell so bad……but she is the cutest little thing you have ever seen.  No tag or anything…….


On the car ride home it was evident that she had never been in a car…….her lack of housetraining indicated to me that she was unfamiliar with “no potty in the house rules” so maybe someone kept her outside all of the time…..but she has such a sweet demeanor.  She actually is a little dingy for lack of a better term, she trots around without a care in the world.  She has learned to love being loved on by the kids and I and she howls in the morning when I leave……waking all the kids…….(I DO find this funny)   


We have named her Sophie and I call her “Sophie noodle” because she will let you lay her anyway you please and she will stay there…….she is seriously like a wet noodle.


I am going to miss the kids while on vacation but I am really going to miss the dogs……the kids I will be able to text and talk to but the doggies are going to be stressed…….I know.  Bear and Mocha for sure but Mom needs a break…..a break with some sun, sand and a frozen fruity drink with an umbrella in it……


I will return with stories and photos of the Keys……See you in a week!