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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Emon and Love (The rescued greyhounds) are doing well.  I am fascinated with their loving, gentle, docile nature. 


I received their winter coats from a lady on ebay who makes greyhound coats and snoods.  Both of them wear them without a problem and they look so stinking cute in them!!  The coats are to keep them warm, but to be honest I don’t feel as bad walking them with the coats on…..the coats cover up most of the sores and evident bones.  Although the healing process has started…… is going to be a long one. 


To make matters really interesting, both of the rescued female dogs who came home with me are in full blow heat…..Oh Joy!  This too will pass……but not soon enough.  *Oy.


Last night while watching TV we were able to get Emon calm enough to sit on the couch and watch TV for a couple of hours.  She soaks up any time with humans like a sponge.  Poor Love is too worked up with two females in heat to really calm down…. he had to watch TV from the inside of a crate……with a bone to chew on.  None the less, he was happy.


The little female dog who came back with us has taken over the house…….she even bosses the other dogs around when she feels it necessary.  She is happy when on someone’s lap and/or under the covers curled up directly next to you…..(I call her Daisy May) 


Just an update on the doggies!……Everyone have a safe and blessed New Year!







Standing outside this very rural shelter in 20 below zero wind chill… wondering to myself how long it would take to actually get frost bite on my ears……I had walked past all of the kennels and hadn’t seen the dogs I came for.  I told Acacia with my teeth chattering and my hands buried deep within my pockets, “Maybe someone else took them……I don’t see them” She said… “There they are Mom”…….pointing to the end kennel/dog run type thing.  They were inside the wooden enclosure and only their big black eyes shone out at me. 


When they came from the enclosure all I could see was skin, bones and sores….open sores, some oozing with hay stuck to them.  Those long beautiful Greyhound faces were not slim, they were gaunt and distraught……almost as if they knew death loomed over them. 


The male paced and almost rocked back and forth unsure if he even wanted to stay outside the wooden shelter long enough to investigate me and the possibility of leaving that place……the female let out a bellowing grown when she saw a man approach but when she realized it was the elderly man who had fed her, she wagged her tail slightly……but it was instantly obviously to me that a man had caused her great pain before she came to this place.  Just looking at them made my heart hurt.


My God….Who could have done this to them? 



Later that night, after along trip home… baths and feeding….  I was downstairs with them trying to sort out personalities and spend some time with them…. The greyhounds relaxed enough to climb up on the bed with me I got a better look at the sores…..the sores were all over them……it made me feel sick.  Physically sick.  My best guess at the cause of the sores…..a cattle prod.


To be honest…….these two dogs would have had every right to be human aggressive or shy but they seemed to trust me completely right from the start.  Even standing perfectly still as I put medication on the open sores…….the many, many sores. 


It has been 4 days now since they have come home with me… and they are already looking much ~ much better.  Today they go to the vet for a total check up and I will know more after I see him.


In the mean time…..they are learning about love…….





December first…..I can hardly believe it.  Seriously….so much has happened to me the last few months.


I must report that I have found a new job.  A job that I love…..unfortunately the pay is $4 an hour less, but I will be able to make it work now that I don’t have a car note.  (The car was totaled……ummm…..don’t ask.) L


So I spent a period of time walking back and forth to work, considering my new job is very close it wasn’t a bad walk at all…….but this is Indiana and the snow tends to fly early so I decided it was time to buy a “hooptie”… “A to B car”……….”a clunker”…….lol……..


So as of Friday I am the proud owner of a 1991 Saab 9000.  It is 17 years old, but still drives like a champ…….Only one problem.  No heat.  It went to the mechanic’s today and I found out it is the heater core.  Dave told me to just go to Wally-World and buy a plug in heater…..the cost to fix the core would be outrageous because the dash would need to come out.  So tonight I will go out to find a little heater that plugs into the lighter and make it work. 


I hosted Thanksgiving at my house and although I enjoyed it, I am glad it’s over. 


Luna~ a rescue dog I can’t remember if I have written about previously has become a chewing machine.  I love her to death but she seriously has tried my patience the last few weeks more than I can even explain.


I mean I can literally take something away from her and before I can move it to a safe “non chewing zone” she will jump back up onto the couch with a new chewing prize.  Her chewing knows no bounds so this can range from (and has included) shoes, panties, cups, dog collars, the Vaseline tub, socks, wash rags, fireplace logs, cat poop, the remote, a couch cushion, the cat bed, a phone jack, bills, the phone book……..umm……anything she can reach.  (And she can reach darn-near anything!!)


Franny was also kind enough to show Luna how to escape the fence so they can run around the neighborhood digging in trash and sniffing and rolling in stinky stuff.  (I just recently discovered how they were doing it and put a stop to the escaping…..umm I hope.)


So I’m doing okay…….driving my hoopie that I love with no heat, trying to keep stuff out of Luna’s chewing zone and trying to get my life back on track, one step at a time.