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Monthly Archives: May 2006


In every young woman’s life there should be a night where she looks and feels like a princess….tonight was Sierah’s night.


You looked so beautiful baby.

I love you.



Bad news:


Sierah called me at work the other day and says, “Mom, my car made a loud sound and wont go anywhere, I’m stuck by the library”………so we go thru a series of questions about what the car is doing while she is sitting in her car stranded in traffic and I am at work in front of my computer…..The car will now only go in reverse…..I knew that was bad…..The transmission….. grrrrrr!…..I left work to go get her and back up the car down the street, into the library parking lot and into a parking space……took her home, went pack my mechanics place and asked him to hook it, told him what he was doing and he just shook his head……I said, “Tow it back to my house till I figure out what I’m going to do with it.”  The transmission is shot.  I would of rather taken a shot to my left foot……


I stopped by the car lot where I got it and spoke to him last night, he gave me a number to call, get a quote and call him back…….


The joy doesn’t end there…


While sitting at the dinner table the other night I found out from my children that I had a subpoena served to Acacia and I both at the house earlier that day.  I had no idea what was going on……Everyone saying “I thought you knew” and “Acacia didn’t tell you?”….I am like WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT?  SOMEBODY TELL ME!!!……..


Turns out a boy walked up to Acacia in class and said, “Do you like so-n-so?” (said some boy’s name) Acacia said “No”, then the boy said, “Well, do you like this?”……and exposed himself to her…….Nasty b@stard.  I guess the substitute teacher was out of the room, so Acacia got up from the computer went and sat down in another area of the room till the teacher came and then she told her what he had done.  The boy was arrested, was on probation; had violated his probation by doing the act……they took him away, the cops talked to my child and NO ONE FROM THAT D@MN SCHOOL CALLED ME!  Guess they said the hell with parental rights.


I was so livid when the kids told me that I had an anxiety attack and couldn’t find my medication…….the principal was lucky I couldn’t call him till the next day……after I prayed that I find the correct words to say to him with out cursing at him……when I finally spoke to him he didn’t nothing but back peddle…..tell me who should of called me, that he would call me by the end of the day with a full report of what happened…..I told him I would be at work till 5 so I gave him my work number…….I never heard from him till I got home and on my answering machine he had called at 4:45 and left a message that he had tried to call me…….Interesting considering I gave him my work number and told him that I would be there till 5……That @sshole didn’t want to talk to me.  That’s okay, he will soon be talking to my lawyer…..We go to court June 5th….


The Better News:


A couple months ago I would of never believed someone had they told me I would be finding some strange joy in packing a lunch for Stacy every day.  Is this the meaning of domestic bliss?  Lol  Just kidding, but I do find it strange that I love packing his lunch every morning.  This is no run of the mill sandwich and chips lunch leaving my house in the little red and white cooler…… I like to include all kinds of good stuff…….and hopefully enough stuff to sustain a 240lb 6ft 2in guy for the majority of the day.  This morning his lunch contained two turkey sandwiches with lettuce, cheese and mayo, a banana, red grapes, pineapple, sour cream and onion chips, a honey bun, 2 Swiss cake rolls, bottled water and a pop…..and a note telling him I love him….  I guess I would of put more in there, but the lunch box is only so big…….For me PB&J and a banana. 




VSLady Strikes again!


One of the normal activities I have here for my residents is a monthly BINGO game.  I try to purchase stuff for prizes that the residents can all use and then I try to throw in a nicer item for the “big prize.”  Last time this was a small TV from my house. 


Well, this last BINGO game the VSLady came down to play along with about 20 other people.  A short time into the game someone shouts “BINGO!” in the group of folks……what do you know, it’s the VSLady.  They asked her to read back her numbers before she heads up to claim her prize………While reading the numbers back they discovered she had indeed made a mistake, she did not have a bingo…Oh well, no big deal, everyone makes mistakes……so they move on with the game and continue to call numbers out until VSLady again shouts “BINGO”……they again had her read off her numbers again only to discover again she did NOT have a BINGO… …….(5 minutes later replay that whole scene……and in 5 more minutes…….and in 5 more minutes.) 




The VSLady d@mn near started a riot in the community room falsely calling out BINGO about 30 times during the course of the 2 hour long BINGO game. 


Sorry, but that is too funny……wish I could have been there to see the other residents faces on about the 20th false BINGO.


They play BINGO again tonight…….I hope she comes down again……heh.




My brain has turned to the consistency of mush.  I am tired… brain mush is a result of recent brain overload… new computer training, continually helping the other managers, a new/old relationship starting over, 5 teenagers in one house at one time 4 of whom PMS together, forever trying to balance my personal and professional life, etc, etc, etc.  The list is endless…..


Guess I’m just tired…..*yawn…


Friday was a really busy, crazy day for me, along with my giant load of work that was sitting on my desk patiently waiting for me to complete it, I had 3 sheriffs here in my building that I had to escort around trying to find a freakin’ child molester who had taken up residency in the building…..well, she was trying to take up residency.  We marched from apartment to apartment for over an hour only to find out she slipped out the front door while we were all outside and I was patiently waiting there for all three of them to put on their bullet proof vests…..There is something that just doesn’t feel right about going anywhere with a bunch of folks….. and you are the only one WITHOUT the bullet proof vest. 


We didn’t get her while I was with them but they returned Friday evening and arrested her, she went to jail, bonded out and came right back……..  grrrrr…….I actually No Trespassed her this morning, first thing when I returned to work……now if she comes back, she WILL go to jail on a felony trespass.


Saturday morning Sierah and I participated in the Great American Clean up.  I had a whopping 3 residents (out of 100) show up to help (or for the free t-shirts)…….Sierah and I were here for about 2 hours, planted the majority of the flowers…..then went home and did the Great American Clean up in my own back yard.  Murphy was starting to disappear amongst the tall grass when he wandered out into the back 40 to pee.


I have been so busy in fact I have neglected my BLOG…….*hangs head in shame*……As soon as life slows down a bit for me, I will be back to my normal blogging self…..





A few days ago I witnessed the most random thing……


This company was hired to bulldoze down this small house across the street from my office.  I believe the nearby hospital owns the property and they must want to do something with the property…….the house wasn’t in bulldoze condition… that is the only thing I can think of. ~ Anyhow, I stopped what I was doing this particular morning to watch this machine push down the house……I mean, there is something incredibly sad about someone bulldozing down a perfectly good house when there are so many people without homes…..not to mention the stray cat that has taken up residency in the house for over a year has brought me great joy watching him stalk the neighborhood geese only to be chased down by two giant wing flapping creatures…..So there I stand in my office, sipping my coffee watching the first side of the house be torn down by this giant yellow back hoe type thing and as thispiece of machinery backed up to better position itself to further rip apart the house….. Two little old ladies pulled right up behind the giant yellow thing, trying to pull out of the parking lot of nearby Doctors office…….


What happened next?……


Well, the little old ladies and the big dumb guy driving the giant yellow wrecking machine were in for a giant shock when the giant yellow wrecking machine backed up and slammed directly into the side of the little old ladies Buck Century.  It hit the car in the trunk area, smashing the back of the car and pushed the car over about 10 feet ……….the little old ladies were okay, but the big dumb guy driving the giant yellow wrecking machine could hardly speak to the police when they got there…he kept standing there scratching the top of his head while he shook it from side to side looking at the old ladies car.  (Hope it wasn’t his first day on the job)  A few days later, the entire house was bull dozed down from the other side of the house.  (The side that faces an empty lot and not a Doctors office parking lot.)……


Told ya…how random is that?




Things are going great…..Stacy is coming over tonight right after work, I plan on having  a fire in the fireplace, sip on a drink or two, cook him a big meal and relax……..We both need it.  He worked more hours than I did this week and has been out of town nearly every day.  There is a cold rain falling outside……the fire will be nice.


In our conversation this morning Stacy said…”I’ve got something to say….Last year an important day to the both of us, came and past without us doing what we intended to do…….I still want to do what we should of done last year on that day…..”  (Talking about us getting married.)  He blew me away. 


To be honest, I would marry him today…….but I am just taking things one thing at a time…..this all still seems sort of surreal to me.  (Especially the marriage part.)


Ah~ but I still feel like I am on cloud nine. 


In the mist of all of this change……I have found out that my job will soon be changing too.  They have decided to have fewer property managers, (go from 6 to 3) hire a few assistant managers who will do nothing other than our recertification paperwork and there will be a floating manager who will oversee the property managers…….We will have to bid on the position we want…….I have decided I will bid on the position of the person OVER the managers.  I already cover for them, assist them, continually answer their questions and for the most part I feel like I do that job already…just not getting paid for being their supervisor, so…..hopefully soon I will not only doing it but also getting paid for it!


I just feel like my life is about to take some giant changes and for once in my life I feel totally accepting to the changes…. I am willing to let them take place…and let the pieces fall as they may.


Sometimes change is good…



Friday afternoon Tricia and I inspected 6 poor housekeeping apartments, did one move out inspection and ran to the lawyers to get the paper work for an apartment of ours that we were seeking immediate possession on, due to a drug bust…..we had a busy afternoon.


I knew what type of day I had planned when I woke up so I drug myself into work 1 ½ hours early……..I didn’t leave the office till almost 7 PM…….over twelve hours after I first clocked in. 


Doing the poor housekeeping inspections is difficult in many different ways… you have to deal with all kinds of nasty crap, walk thru stuff you don’t want to, be exposed to the slinkiest smells, touch stuff you would rather not touch, invade someone else’s territory, listen to lists of excuses of why someone cant clean or how it is our fault that their house isn’t clean……..but mainly it is mentally taxing for me. 


Taxing because; there you are… walking thru filth and horrible conditions….and you cant help but imagining the poor kids who are victims of a Mother’s laziness.  They are current victims, but unless they learn elsewhere else how to clean properly and the importance of how a house should be kept……they will grow up and live the exact same way.  Children DO learn what they live.


We went into one ladies apartment……she had only two beds and there were four bedrooms, one of the two beds was dipped so far down in the middle, it nearly touched the floor.  (The other bed was hers.)  I asked her how many children she had and where everyone slept… made my heart sink thinking of a child coming home from school, going to his or her room and there not even being a bed in their room just to sit down on…Let alone not having a bed to sleep on at night. 


She rattled off a drill that sounded like something she would of relayed to a CPS caseworker.  I have no intentions of calling CPS…..I would much rather try to get her some beds.  (First thing on my list for Monday morning…calling social service agencies to see if I can get beds…..5 of them.)  But what part of this Mother could allow her children to go without freakin’ beds.  (GRRR!)


Another lady wasn’t home when we did her inspection but she hightailed it straight down to the office when she got home and noticed the note we left letting her know we had been inside her apartment. 


Her apartment was horrible…..she had more dirty clothes than I can begin to tell you… all over the apartment.  Every closet in the house had at least 4 foot tall piles of dirty clothes just stacked on the floor……..piles of dirty clothes everywhere else too, trash strewn about the apartment, chicken bones on the floor… name it…it was in there.  She claimed it was all because she JUST got a washer that day. (surelady, good excuse) I explained it was her responsibility to keep her apartment clean whether she had a washer or not.  (Can you say laundry mat or wash them out in the tub??  Grr…)


The next lady was so dirty that she had open, dirty diapers laying on the floor in the bathroom…….I don’t need to say any more.  She was simply nasty.  When I saw the first one on the floor………I said, “Oh, that’s what that smell was….”  *  eye roll  * Nasty @ss.


Icing on the cake was a move out inspection we did on a guy who I had previously done two housekeeping inspections on.  I think he moved for that very reason…Hell, I am GLAD he moved…..he was beyond nasty.  I had to stand in a grown man’s apartment and take photos of years worth of dried throw up on two bedroom walls where he must of laid in the bed and just threw up over the side……it was caked on the walls and carpet and was one of the nastiest sites I think I have ever seen since becoming an apartment manager a few years ago.  His refrigerator had a brown liquid in the bottom drawers that had mold growing and floating on it.  When I was standing there with the door open, trying to get the drawers open with my shoe so I wouldn’t have to touch anything….I nearly threw up just from the smell alone. 


By the end of the day I felt like most of the life had been sucked out of me and smells beyond imagine were stuck on me……I was spent, I came home, showered (scrubbed and disinfected my entire body down from head to toe)… got in my jammies and got in bed…….at 8:00 PM.  (It was still light outside…but I was in the bed exhausted.) 


I slept 11 hours last night……I never do that, but I guess my body was in need of some R and R.


Today I took my sister out to breakfast as usual, went shopping, bought a mower from a garage sale, visited with my cousin, mowed the grass, did yard work, met Tania for Chinese food for lunch, went to two greenhouses buying plants, planted plants and went out for Mexican for dinner with my buddy Laura.


So I spent the majority of my day eating and buying stuff……..Heaven….after the previous day.



Today was much better than yesterday but I still plan on sleeping another 11 hours tonight….I’m STILL tired.





The strangest thing….


I had an Amish guy in my house today. 


How random is that? 


Amish people are everywhere in my part of the country so it’s not like I never see them, but I guess I generally don’t see them so up close and personal…. and definitely not in my house. 


I have got to admit that I have always been fascinated by the Amish, how they live, the fact they live without electricity and most of the daily stuff that we take for granted…….still driving around horse and buggies…almost like a moving image from our past…..there is something about them that is so fascinating to me. 


Our culture keeps moving ahead at record pace and the Amish still keep doing what they have done for centuries.  I cant imagine what it is like to live their life…….I worked on the horse farm with Amish men and woman and the women are some of the hardest working people I have ever worked with.  The men are often the best craftsmen…..the women just never stop working…..even young girls…….cooking, cleaning, sweating to beat heck draped in all of those clothes….and they never stop.  Work, work, work.


In my neck of the woods, the Amish are the BEST contractors and laborers you can hire.  They build the best furniture and I know this one Amish dude who makes the most beautiful leather dog collars.  I have always admired people who work with their hands, so maybe that is part of my fascination…..I don’t know for sure……but they do interest me.


It is uncommon for me to see Amish people in my daily life here in Indiana but I would say its considered normal to head outside of town and see horses attached to hitching posts at the stores and being careful to slow down to pass the buggies as they slowly move down the roads……..but it is NOT every day I have an Amish guy in my house.  (A kind of cute one to boot.)


John (the Amish guy) and his partner (a black dude) came to my house to give me a bid on some contractual work.  We had to walk my entire house from basement to attic and discuss what they other contractor had done wrong and how it should be done…correctly.  The entire time the Amish guy is making great conversation with me, asking me about the dogs, the house, all sorts of other random stuff……it really surprised me.  He even spoke without the accent that most of the Amish have here……not sure what type of accent it would be considered, but maybe it is something similar to a Dutch type accent…..Not John…He spoke perfectly clear to me….no noticeable accent.


Then when we were finished and ready to head upstairs, the Amish guy says…… “Were outta here”……. like a…..well….a “brotha.”


I couldn’t help but laugh…… was the strangest thing……there we all stood, an old black guy, a middle aged white woman and a young Amish guy……and the Amish guy spouts off “Were outta here” in a way that Chris Tucker would say it.  It was the funniest thing and a perfectly random way to end a perfectly random meeting……


Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke doesn’t it?…….Hey….Did ya hear the one about the Black dude, the white lady and the Amish guy?……bla bla bla.




Only me….Oy.



My dog Bear has an insatiable sweet tooth.  Of coarse all of the dogs give me their undivided attention if I am eating something but Bear loves sweets…ice cream in particular…… 


The first time I actually let him try ice cream was a day I was returning from the shelter that he came from…. I had taken a vanload of donations for them to thank them for my wonderful doggies.  The shelter is about an hour drive from my house; I had spent hours there and was starving when I left…..  So I decided to stop at McDonalds and get a burger, fries and a cone…..He was begging for food so I gave him a fry and he dropped it…..I gave him some of my hamburger but he ate it while looking straight at my cone… I got some of the ice cream off of my cone with my finger and let him lick it off….he loved it.  Stood straight up, tail wagging.  (That’s it Mommy!…that’s what I want, not those stinking fries.)


I seldom give him anything sweet but in the Spring time when my favorite ice cream place Zesto’s opens…. and we have to drive right past their on our way home from our weekend walks at Foster Park.  I would always stop and get a small twist cone for myself… and a cup of water for Bear… he would drink his water then fixate himself on my cone.


Now he whines and whimpers and stomps his front feet, licking his chops wanting some ice cream if I have some.  (He can hardly contain himself)  He seriously loves it……so now when I go to Zesto’s after our long walks I get me a medium twist cone for me and a vanilla “baby cone” for Bear.  He gets so excited he barks before I can get sat down.


I hold mine in one hand trying to lick it before it melts down my arm and hold his in the other hand while he diligently licks all of the ice cream and then polishes off the cone.


Old people at Zesto’s eating ice cream, think that is the cutest thing ever!


Bear… the ice cream loving dog.



I love that crazy dog of mine.



I was on a few poor housekeeping inspections today with my buddy Tricia and you know what is just so nasty to me??……..When you leave someone’s house, that you have been in for a short period of time…then you SMELL like the house, cigarettes, fried chicken, garlic, trash……..whatever the smell is in their apartment, it is now stuck on you once you exit the apartment. 


There is NO getting the smell off till you get home and shower…….so if you do inspections mid day, you have this lingering smell the rest of the day.  It is just so nasty.  Heaven forbid you actually have somewhere to go after work… might as well forget it.  No going anywhere without a shower…. you stink.  Period.


One guy that we entered his apartment, and it is STILL nasty after my repeat visits…….didn’t seem to comprehend that he needed to keep the apartment clean for more than just the normal inspections.  (twice a year)  He was amazed that we actually wanted him to KEEP it clean all the time.  I mean; he was in total disbelief.  He says…“What do you want me to do….. Clean?”  ….(Imagine that.)


The other guy was in his car when we arrived.  Once we entered the apartment, he cut butt.  He drove off down the street somewhere and turned ghost…..guess he didn’t want to hear my lecture about his cigarette butts all over the house and the open bags of trash just piled up in the kitchen again…….the guy puts cigarette butts out on top of the TV. 


I mean, who does that?…..


He puts them out just anywhere…it is so bizarre….his entire apartment is a straight fire hazard and I am writing him up as such first thing in the morning. 


The last time I was there he had an entire large coffee can filled with cigarette butts and multiple bags of trash open in the kitchen……I made him throw it all out while I stood there.  He didn’t understand all the fuss.  I remember him walking out the door shaking his head in disbelief…..(I mean, you are a grown man and some woman who works at your apartment complex has to show up and tell you to take out 6 bags of trash from your apartment that are stinking to high heaven……)  Come on.


I worked an hour over this morning and a half hour over this afternoon……I was exhausted and was more than ready to come home…(and shower)…I downloaded about half of the photos that were taken today and called it a day.  I left without getting the notices out.  I guess that can wait for tomorrow.





Sierah did really well on her SAT’s.  I can’t remember the score, but I do remember the part that said she scored higher than 56% of graduating seniors.  (Not bad for a Junior.)


Taryn won her tennis match tonight and scored most of the points…….Good job baby…..I’m sorry, but tennis is so boring……I’ll be glad when basketball starts back up again.


Oh, and Devon……. at dinner he announced his new career choice that he has chosen for when he grows up…..


* Drum roll please * 


He wants to be ”A hustler.”  I think his exact statement was, “I’m going to go to college for about two years, then when it gets too hard… I’m going to drop out and become a hustler.” 


(Last week he wanted to join the Army and marry a Chinese lady.)


Cant wait to see what next week brings…….