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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Looking for a great dog to adopt that is already house trained, obedience trained and has his Canine Good Citizen Certificate? ~~ Look no further, please check out this beautiful black dog Token in need of a new home.

For security purposes we are having cameras installed at all of our housing complexes.  At my building we currently have 4 cameras, 3 nonworking and one working……As the cameras are now, I am the only person who views the cameras on the little monitor that sits in my office, I can run  tape on the door at night if I want to record (an old VCR recorder) but normally I don’t because then the next morning I have to sit for the longest time running the tape, pressed fast forward with my toe… while I sit and watch a whole lot of NOTHING…….ZzzZZZzzz….


The cameras are a security feature nonetheless, but really old fashion….


My employer is now entering the 21 century full on…….We are having 17 digital cameras installed all over the building, inside and out…….even one inside of my office…..and the real kicker is the Executive Director and my Boss have the ability to get on the internet and view one or all of the cameras in my building at any time…that means they can peep in on me at any time…..Oh Joy!  I mean, its not that I’m in here doing anything that I shouldn’t be, but there is something creepy about having a camera on me all day…seriously.  It will be like working on the set of big brother or something…..ugh.  *eyeroll


Oh well, I guess I’ll get use to it.  The cool part about the cameras is that they will not record unless there is movement…so when I look back at the images, in the event something happens, it will be easy to find what transpired…and it’s all digital.  No more sitting and viewing the entryway door idle for 6 hours…phew.  Thank Goodness…


So the next time someone comes in here really pissed off and acts like they are ready to jump on me… instead of picking up my paperweight and telling them if they “take one step closer I’m going to clunk them over the head”, I’ll point back at the camera and tell em “Do it if you want to, just make sure you smile for the camera!”


Say cheese!



As you know the last few weeks I have been regrouping….


One of the things I have refocused on is the house.  There are still so many things that I need to get done to my old house.  Most of the items are all rather small things….other than building two walls and painting all of the rooms… but I must admit my old friend “B”(who I have been spending time with) has been a big help. 


One thing that has been on the top of my list is to rid my house of mice.  My lazy 3 legged wonder of a cat is lacking in the mouser department.  His idea of an extra snack is Sierah’s birdies….not mice.  When she brings the cage down and sets it on the dinning room table for cleaning….Charlie Tuna seems somehow to know this is happening…no matter where he is at in the house… he comes running…. and stalks around the table until someone leaves him alone in the room with them… then he promptly gets on top of the cage and peers down at the birds while twitching his tail and licking his chops……Interestingly enough the birds don’t seem worried about him, they go on as business as usual…..I yell into the kitchen….”Sierah…..Tuna-man is about to eat Pettie and his girlfriend”…..She yells from the kitchen “CHARLIE I’m gonna get you!”  He doesnt even bat an eye.


As far as the mouse goes, I have seen Charlie look at the bottom of the frig and into a kitchen cabinet that wont close all the way for extended periods of time so I knew we had some mice…. but I have never seen him even attempt to catch a mouse….nor have I had any tiny mice carcass left anywhere for me…. 


This is where my friend “B” came in today.  I hate setting those snap traps so this morning he set three traps for me.  I wont use sticky traps because there is just something so cruel about them……Once last year I had to remove two sparrows off of a sticky trap at work.  They had flown into the garage and somehow gotten stuck.  It broke my heart to see them stuck on there, struggling…still alive.  What a horrible death.  It took me two hours to free them…. minus most of their feathers.


I feel the same way about the mice…I would rather the snap trap bring them to an abrupt end, than to have them stuck to the sticky trap screaming or trying to chew off body parts to free themselves…eww @ just the thought.


I went home at lunch today and peered under the sink….one of my little visitors had taken the peanut butter bait and the snap trap had worked as intended….


ONE down, 399 more to go……


*Makes mental note to self…..”Buy extra large can of peanut butter this week.”  Damn mice.



It is rather funny that most people are blissfully unaware of the unusual tics, OCD’s or idiosyncrasies that many of the people around them have……I actually have many… and when people who have known me for a long time discover one of my many quirks they always seem rather surprised.  To me… is just a part of life.  It seems that often times people are interested or amused by this.


Maybe people are just as surprised about me as I was the other night when I watched my eldest daughter repeatedly (10 or 15 times) lap on hand sanitizer.  I thought to myself…..“Oh no, not a germ-a-fobe”…..  I actually had a serious bout with being a germ-a-fobe around the time she was born and it lasted for years…….I am not sure exactly what made it pass but thank goodness it did.  Some peoples lives are completely overwhelmed with this illness……I was a lucky one.


Sierah has been advanced since the day she was born……always doing things very early, even as a tiny baby…  and then as a very young child being moved directly out of pre-school to a magnet school (She scored the highest score on her DIAL test out of her entire school and was then we were offered a choice of any magnet school in the city) and was then enrolled into a school for the fine arts and was mainstreamed in a program for gifted children.  Years later she scored so high on her ISTEP test in middle school that Northwestern University wanted her to come to College and skip High School all together. 


Brag session on my daughter…..not actually, just trying to remind people that they shouldn’t always associate people with tics or “quirks” with people who are mentally slow……they effect many different people……all ends of the spectrum.


When Devon was diagnosed with the Tourettes and we saw Doctor after Doctor they always asked about family history of Tics and OCD’s.  Interestingly enough that’s when I realized Sierah had several……one that still effects only her and no one (unless she tells them) would ever know is that she has to eat things in twos.  (Items like skittles or French fries.)  If she has an uneven amount of them she either wont eat the last one, gives it to someone else, or throws it away.  Yesterday while Tricia, Marcus, Sierah and I were all together we were eating twizler bites.  I ate a few but didn’t want anymore.  Sierah came over and handed me one……I said “No thank you”……she just stood there looking at me and then said, “Marcus gave me an extra one on purpose.”  So I ate it for her.  It never use to effect anyone other than her but the other day we were all at Pizza Hut and I had an uneven amount of things on my plate and she asked me to get another one……I obliged.  Maybe becoming a little more advanced……but they do tend to worsen or wane…..nature of the beast I guess.


I cant say any of my OCD’s are like that but I have a few……..I have a serious problem “splitting a pole.”  I am sure it is something that started with me as a superstition but now it has increased in intensity.  Last night I noticed it when taking groceries out of the car…..the “pole” was the tree in the park strip between the street and my side walk.  Acacia was taking groceries out of the car too and I hadn’t noticed what way she went……I stood and paused and actually thought about it for a moment….trying not to split the pole.  She must of noticed and said, “I can’t believe how many people at school wont split a pole.” 


Maybe it’s just superstition…..or maybe something else……but whatever it is if you’re ever walking with me…..please try not to split the pole… might just have to go back and go back around it the right way.  (Just ask Devon….we all routinely make him go back around the pole!) 


“Devon!  You split the pole!”  ***As he slowly walks back, hanging his head down shaking it back and forth…….



They say whatever you are doing New Years Eve you will be doing the rest of the upcoming year….based on last year, I concur……..last year on New Years Eve I drank a couple glasses of wine, had a fire in the fireplace, read a book and went to bed about 10PM.  (I guess you can say that was a normal Saturday night routine for me the following year…..)  This year I ate a plate of hot wings, drank a coke float, had some chips and dip while I lost at the game of Sorry to Jenna and Acacia, whooped Acacia’s little bootie 3 times in checkers……..watched about 4 episodes of the CSI marathon and called it a night at around 10:30……Acacia woke me up at about 11:55 and said “Mom, it’s about to be midnight”……I thought to myself…..and your point is?  Rolled over and went back to sleep.  Neighbors shooting off guns at midnight woke me a few minutes later…….


Okay, call me a party pooper……I’ve been called worse.  There was a time in my life that I was the life of the party…..threw the best parties ever…..would drive 24 hours straight thru to Fort Lauderdale JUST to party for 2 days and then drive home……..but now…….being a homebody is good for me.  Give me the party pooper hat… I’ll wear it.




I took the kids…….and a couple of the boyfriends to the movies this weekend.  There are so many of us we have to go in two cars…. And because I’m cheap we stop and get pops and snacks from the gas station BEFORE we go to the movie.  (We all go into the movie loaded down with bags of junk food and pops in our pockets)  We had a nice time and I am happy to say that I am really happy with Acacia’s choice in her boy…..he is polite, well mannered, treats Acacia respectfully, has a great sense of humor, works at the Boys and Girls club, loves basketball and can roll with the punches at my house.  (Oh and all the dogs like him too!)  He has big shoes to fill following in Marcus’s shadow…because we all adore Marcus and he is now a permanent fixture in our family…but I think Jamell will be just fine.  He’s a good kid.




I can’t believe how fast this past year has flown by.  Today is the start of a bran new year….Overall this past year been a good year for me… with just a couple of blips along the way.  You can’t expect the good stuff in life without hitting a couple of road bumps.  (A few of my road bumps this year were just a bit bigger than rest) 


I think people forget growing pains don’t stop when you become an adult….the pains just get bigger and more costly. (Lord knows I’ve had my share)  In life I guess it’s a package deal…….good with the bad.  I’m just looking for more good than bad this coming year……..but aren’t we all?  J 




Happy New Year my friends…….lets make it a great one!