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Vacation always makes me “check” my life….. what I really want out of life and somehow always reminds me where I’m heading…… just always seems to give me a fresh perspective and I NEED that.

This past vacation (returning less than a week ago) did just that……….I traveled with two of my girls and enjoyed them immensely.  I stayed at my favorite Bed and Breakfast in Key West (The Angelina Guest House) flew straight into Key West and instead of renting a car, we rented bikes.  Key West is bike/moped friendly and to be honest you would have little use for a car if you stay in the heart of Key West as we do.  It is really hard to find a parking place and moving about on a bike or moped on the island is clearly a better choice.

I personally enjoy the pool the most at the bed and breakfast……….I miss having a pool and there is little more in life that I enjoy more than floating around in the pool on a hot summer day, with a cocktail in hand.  I make sure I am in the pool daily while there………actually we normally swim at night, and having the pool area and palm tree’s softly lit with just the perfect amount of lights makes it just that more enjoyable.  The ocean breeze, the hammock and the warm pool make the perfect outdoor getaway for me.  I enjoy it so much.  ~And miss it when I return home.

I must say that part of my draw to the Keys is the ocean.  Sure there is ocean all down the East Coast that I love but I am drawn to those beautiful turquoise blue waters that make snorkeling ideal.  I have been drawn to the ocean since I was a small child and that draw remains with me to this day.  Often on facebook I post “The Ocean is calling me”………and I mean it.  It truly is.  Being on or near the ocean makes me feel complete.  When I am away from the ocean I miss it to my core.  As much as I love it, I have a healthy fear for it as well.  I remember sleeping in the cockpit of the boat and looking out to the pitch black ocean at night and feeling how powerful it is………so powerful it’s downright scary.  That being said there is nowhere on earth that the sky is so big and beautiful and full of big bright stars than when on the ocean.  It’s hard to look out over the ocean and not put things into perspective.



Key West is full of diverse people and I love that.  The only two main drawbacks to Key West is #1, the cost of living is really high and #2, Tourism.  Tourism is I believe it’s nearly 85% of the economy so I guess it’s sort of one of those necessary evils  that people just HAVE to deal with there….it is an ugly truth about Key West that is very unappealing to me and I’m sure; to many of the people who live there.  You can avoid the touristy places like Duvall St, etc. but you can’t avoid the tourist on the street.  They are everywhere.  They often make any travel on the island either highly annoying or downright dangerous.

None the less, I miss it when I’m away………and I imagine one day you’ll find me right down there on a boat somewhere….. where the highway ends and the sun sets over the ocean.  I may never fully understand shy, but for some reason Key West is always calling me……..