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During a nasty storm last night Acacia and Jenna and I built a shelter out of 9 bails of straw and a tarp.  Sounds simple enough but do to the fact it gets dark so early and it was pouring down rain and lightening we had to build it about 15 feet off of the clearing where he comes out to eat.  A place where I am sure he wouldn’t feel too secure, but we couldn’t go further into the woods in the dark.  We will return Saturday to move the shelter deeper into the woods or try again to catch him.


Everyone is right about his association of the dart gun and me.  I have worried about that since the Vet first mentioned it.  The only problem is he wouldn’t come out in the open for anyone other than me.  I am lucky my friend Kim is brainstorming with me too and we are trying to figure something out.  She also has a catch pole and had I had one that day he was sedated, I would have been able to catch him.


One of the businesses near his patch of woods where he lives is a Lowes.  That is where we got the straw last night.  Due to the sheer volume of 9 bails of straw we had to pile 6 up on top of the van.  (To transport it across the parking lot)  Take those down, drag them into the woods and go for more.  We also went and got stakes for the tarp…to hold it down in the wind.  This morning I had frozen pieces of straw stuck to my Van everywhere….


It was pouring so hard last night we were all drenched to our under clothes by the time we got finished.  I still had on dress clothes from work and my beautiful pink sweater with the “L” on it I think has seen its last day……it’s okay though.  We did get the shelter built.


I moved his food bowl inside of the shelter, threw an entire bag of dog treats inside the area where he could lay down and then filled the food bowl up with dry and canned food.  I stood there in the pouring down rain and called and called him, but he didn’t come.  I imagine he was scared of how the big contraption looked….kind of like a brown igloo.  I must say the tarp covered it perfectly and I couldn’t of planned it better myself.


The kids and I all held hands and prayed before we left that spot……it must of helped because when I got there this morning the food was gone.  I was sorry to say I didn’t find him inside, but I was happy that he was brave enough to stick his head in to eat.  That is step # 1.


Last night brought a mixed bag of foul weather.  First the thunderstorm while we were trying to build the shelter, then while coming home from basketball practice they interrupted the radio program to say there was a tornado warning……Sierah was riding with her friend Autumn and I called and said to get the h*ll home!  Once we got everyone home we located the flashlight, lit a fire in the fireplace and some candles and got prepared for the lights to go out.  Winds were gusting up to 70 MPH.  Then the tornado sires went off down town.  There was an eerie calm while I stood on the porch and looked for swirling black clouds…..anyone who has witnessed a tornado knows that calm before the storm.  The sky was so pitch black I couldn’t see a thing……I thought of Stellar.    Was he in his shelter?  I could only hope so.


Once the tornado warning, then tornado watch passed we realized the temperature had dropped almost 30 degrees in less than an hour.  Now a different weather element moved it…….wind, high winds.  It was a cold, cutting wind and it blew so hard and so long that I was up half of the night…..listening to the wind howl.  It made my dogs nervous.  Bear was so nervous in fact he threw up.  He was wining and pacing and finally jumped up on top of me and laid down……I laid on my bed looking out the window, thinking of Stellar.   I wished he was inside my house with the rest of us.  Where he would be safe.


I have this fear…….a terrible fear that one day when I go to feed him, he doesn’t come out of he woods, so I go into the woods looking for him.  When I find him, he is curled up in a tight little ball, froze to death.  That thought haunts me….I will NOT let that happen.  I just wish he would cooperate.  What terrible things has this dog been thru to distrust humans so?……It hurts me to even think about it.


Thinking about and caring for this dog has consumed a large part of my daily thoughts and activities…..I may need to start feeding him 3 times a day due to the colder weather… seems his care may consume my lunch hour too. 


There is a Vet’s office near by and I may be able to get someone there to help me in some way, then again… many people are funny.  Not sure I could trust someone that they are going to show up every day when they say they are….sure maybe the first few days, but after that most people don’t have staying power. 


I guess the right answers will come to me in time……I just hope it is sooner rather than later.





PS….here is a link to a story about the Shelter where I got Bear, Oreo and Franny from.  Please read it, this is why I adopted 3 dogs from there.  If anyone reading this, lives near Indiana and would like to adopt a dog…please check into this shelter.  It is so over crowded.  I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

It is cold wet and miserable today…….they are predicting our rain will turn to thunderstorms, turning to snow this evening.  I MUST make this dog a shelter today.  I pray I can find some dry straw….if not, it will be made with wet straw.  It will be better than him being just out in the elements…….I will entice him into the shelter with some liver.  My dogs love baked liver. 


When I got there to feed him this morning, he came out shortly after I began to call him.  The lights from the business behind him illuminated his body and today was the first time I noticed I could see his breath. ….seeing his breath was a harsh reminder of how cold it actually was.   It somehow was still a beautiful scene, the rain on the trees and braches, all back lit, almost looked like the trees were self illuminated somehow… and it would of made a beautiful shot. (Once a photographer, always a photographer)… I stood it the rain, and watched him eat and imagined how miserable he must feel cold and wet.  Thinking of it, cuts me to the bone.


I spoke to my Vet yesterday and he suggested I try it again, giving him all the medication at one time…..He said, “Our only other option is to dart him, and I don’t want to put him thru that”…..I am thinking…that might be our only option honestly.  I just don’t think the other is going to work.  His fear is so strong.  I am at a loss….my heart feels heavy.


Yesterday evening a homeless man was walking thru the path area between the businesses, kind of where the clearing is where I feed him.  I realized how accustom to me he has become when I saw how fast and fearful he ran from this man.  The man didn’t see me right away and was only trying to call the dog to him…….Stellar galloped away, tail tucked….fear driven.  It was either he has become accustom to me, and/or maybe a man brought harm to him previously.  This man, just wanted to pet him. 


My dog Tonka is still fearful of men and she has been with me for years…..this fear from her past never left her.  I know she had been abused and to this day if a man comes to my house I crate Tonka, so she feels secure.  If I don’t crate her, she tries to sit on my lap with all 60 lbs of her. 


I do know one thing.  When and if I get Stellar, he will need special treatment for a long time and lots of patience and love.  He may never be all the way “normal”…..or if he does get over this, it will take a long, long time.  Deep emotional wounds take so long to heal.  In this aspect, animals are no different than humans. It takes a long time to mend a broken heart….


Well, I am off to a meeting this morning…. at least they are feeding us breakfast. Thats a good thing…


I think it must be a full moon today. Taryn was pissed off (for no apparent reason) and in rare form this morning….First mad because Acacia “touched” her CD player (playing Christmas music) and then because Jenna wanted in the bathroom and she was in there……Ah, the bliss of living in a house with 5 teenagers…….(Counting down till they all turn 18…..)   Just kidding!  Well, maybe only partly…


Have a good day all!  Thanks for checking on Stellar! 



No Dane and I am just sick about it.  Taryn and I spent over 6 hours in the woods trying to get him.  The medicine to sedate him, the Vet said should work in 35-40 minutes after he ate it.  After an hour I called the Vet and told him he was still up and moving around fine… He told me to come in to get more.  Taryn waited in the woods watching the Dane while I went to the Vets.  By the time I got back about a half hour had passed..maybe more, we gave him the second dose, he ate most of the pills in some food……..we let him get groggy for 30 minutes and began trying to get close to him again….it didn’t work.  He would let me get about 6 feet from him, then he would get his feet up under him and run.  Staggering….we did this over and over again for hours.  


My friend Kim called me (She has her own rescue and is the President of the Board of directors at the shelter where I adopted my other animals.)  She was going to drive an hour to help me…….I declined because he wouldn’t let me get near him…I knew he wasn’t going to let someone else.  She did tell me that she should be able to get any medical treatment he may need done at cost.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if he had heart worm.)  If so, even at cost it would be a couple hundred dollars.  I will be worming him in his food this week for the more standard type worms.  I will take the rest as it comes.


The only way I am going to be able to get him by sedating him, will be if he is knocked all the way out.  He is so afraid.  It is hard for me to explain his fear.  I tried approaching him in so many different ways…even crawling on my belly without making direct eye contact…nothing worked.  He is so close to being like a wild animal…. so afraid of humans….it was kind of like me in the woods trying to catch deer. 


To make matters worse I found an empty box of buckshot on top on a pile of leaves someone dumped there.  Had someone been shooting at him?  It hurt my heart to think of it.


I was able to get close enough to him to see he had an “S” hook on his collar that evidently once held a tag.  That doesn’t mean his previous owner didn’t purposely remove the tag before dumping him there, but it could mean he may have been stolen.  There is at least a potential for a microchip.  (He could have been stolen to sell, and then maybe no one would pay for him so the people dumped him.)  I could make myself crazy thinking of all of the different scenarios. 


What I do know is that it is 31 degrees out this morning……..I got to him to feed him earlier than normal and he wasn’t waiting on me as usual.  He didn’t come out of the woods when he heard the van… took him a long time to come out while I stood and called him.  Finally he emerged from the woods.  I fed him his usual dry food with a can of canned food, but this morning I also took a container of warm bean soup I made yesterday….something warm in his belly. 


Today or tomorrow I will be building him a shelter out of straw and a tarp.  I can only hope he will use it.  I may have to feed him in it to get him to go in it. 


We had really high winds yesterday and I went to feed him 3 times…….I know his body is burning up all kinds of that food for enough energy just to keep him warm…..let alone anything medical going on with him.


I do know one thing.  All of that talking I have been doing to him paid off.  He would turn and look at me so fearful when I approached him, pupils dilated……eyes wide open….but when I spoke to him, he slowly blinked his eyes.  I know in my heart somehow I made him feel better.


There I sat in the woods, covered in burs, little cuts everywhere from wild rose bushes, tears rolling down my face……frustrated because I was unable to catch him.  My heart hurt because he is so afraid.  It was the most frustrating day of my life I believe. 


I will continue to feed him, build him shelter and in the next few days touch base with my Vet again about trying something else.  I will keep trying till I get him.  I know he won’t survive the winter in those woods.




PS….Thank you to all who have said a prayer and stopped by to check on the progress with Stellar….I really do appreciate it! 

Right after I type this post Taryn and I will be going to the woods to try to capture the Dane.  I just hope all goes well, so if you are reading this….say a prayer….we all need it.
If we catch him, we will go straight to the Vet’s office…..they are expecting us. 
It is cold out and I know he has got to be cold out there, curled up in the woods somewhere…..I wonder when the last time he was in a house…..I wonder if he has ever been in a car…..what will he think of all of these changes?…..
I am going to close for now, and head to my usual meeting place.  He has gotten so he anticipates my arrival….and I love that.  The last time I drove away from the spot, he came out into the clearing and watched me drive away……it was all I could do, not to turn around and go back.  I wish I could just get him to jump in the van on his own….
Today when we drive away…..he will be with me…..and his life will forever be changed….for the better !!

There is a first time for everything and last night was the first time I was at a basketball game, 4 minutes left to go on the clock and BOOM…….the lights go out.  The entire place….sudden darkness. 


South Side girls were spanking the other team (leading by 31 points) and I said I thought I heard thunder, no one paid attention to me……then it was louder……then you could hear it just pouring…louder thunder….I said, “wouldn’t it be something if the lights went out and we were all sitting here”…..Jinx.  It happened about 5 minutes later. 


They were unable to restore power, when they got on a megaphone the guy said there was a tornado warning in the next county (we were under one too) the sheriffs department said the tornado spotted was moving at about 20 mph….not sure if it was headed our way or not.  (That is all I needed to hear)  He said, “If you want to ride out the storm here in the gym you are welcome to.”……Oh no buddy…..we are outta here.  Let’s go ladies! 


I said, “Sure, get your booties spanked by 30 points and play the old tornado & lights out trick.”  ……lol!


The girls loaded up in the charter bus and we headed home right behind them.  We were over an hour from home…..3 of my kids were home alone…..Stellar was in the woods again for another storm…..thinking of all of it made my stomach hurt….  I called home and said if you hear the tornado sires, go to the basement…….”We know Mommmmm.”


Lightening is scary and beautiful to me at the same time……I watched out the window as lightening dashed across the sky….thinking of that dog in the woods….another storm, another night in the woods wet and alone.  It broke my heart.


The game was good.  They beat our reserve team so bad I think they thought they were going to beat varsity too.  This is one of those little rural schools were the entire town shows up for the game… is big in Indiana and really big in the small towns.  They were all excited till we got the first basket….it instantly deflated their balloon…..the loud crowd started to grown silent…..I think I could hear the crowd say “Ut-oh.” 


Our girls made it look easy, dominated from the tip off and the first basket…..they called the game in the 4th quarter due to the power going out and we were up by 31 points.  Sierah only had 2 points, but had 2 or 3 blocks,  6 rebounds and two steals….as usual, played great defense.  She did put the ball up and shoot…..often she passes back out and we (and the coaches) have been asking her to shoot more.  She DID last night.  I wish she could of made a couple more points….she sure worked hard.  She had a good game.  Way to go CC!




I didn’t get the lecture as expected……going to the game or coming home.  I imagine Grandma put her foot down….I can hear her say, “Lets just wait and meet him….”  Whatever happened I was glad.  Marcus will be meeting the Grandparents this Thanksgiving….I imagine the will invite him over for dinner…..hope he knows what fork to use.  


Dane Update:

I took the photo of Stellar to my Vet and he gave me medicine to sedate him. (He guessed 90 lbs)  I am planning on Friday.  I should have one or two other people with me because he would be too heavy for me to carry out of the woods alone.  I pray this works.  The vet said to just bring him right in when I get him in the Van……now this should be interesting.  I sure hope this big guy has been in a vehicle before….I would hate to introduce him so much new stuff in one day, but maybe he will still be groggy.  (People, the Van ride, the Vet….etc.)


He let me get within about 10 feet of him this morning……I could see a small patch of missing fur…ring worm maybe….it was hard to tell.  10 feet…Yes!…way closer than normal.  He always perks his ears as I speak to him…..When he eats he always holds his back right foot in the air….could be something wrong, or may not like wet feet….so much closer, I can notice so much more.


He has a big goofy face, these beautiful sky blue eyes (Frank Sinatra blue) and big floppy ears.  I imagined holding his face and talking to him in my silly voice like I do my dogs…..I always make their ears stand up when I do it….it is funny.  (I think so anyways…)  I say (in this stupid voice)…”I miss my mummyyyyy, yessss I dooooo.”  (Like they are talking to me…) My kids do the eye roll and head shake thing….My other dogs all run over and act silly….it seems to be contagious.  (Except with my all too serious children…..)  Party poopers….geez.



Laura xoxo

This weekend was sort of bizarre.  I didn’t get to see Stacy (the guy from my past) and I am not exactly sure why….. but I can only guess.   The night he wanted to come over (Friday) he worked till 5:00 then was going to move into a new house.  Moving is never easy, but I imagine they were moving and arguing.  The night prior that he had been over, the girl he lives with was trippin.  She even called my cell phone while he was there….twice.  If I were her, I would have been mad too.  He had wrote down my cell phone number on a piece of paper next to the phone….and walked out without it.


The evening we talked he told me that he had forgotten my home and cell numbers and had to look up my work number to be able to call me.  (Home has to be unlisted due to my job)  I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a message left here but for some reason I am unable to get my message off of my phone. Maybe due to the storm.


We had a really bad storm come thru Saturday evening and I went for about 24 hours without power.  It was not restored until about 6:00PM last night. 


If I know one thing about him……it is that he would of never came to my house if things had been right with her.  He needed to test the waters out with me to see where I stood, if I was mad….how I felt about him.  If I still loved him. 


He told me that numerous nights he had pulled up outside of my house and just sat there.  As soon as he said it, I thought of a night when I thought I saw his car out there….maybe it had been him.  He said he went past the house almost daily…….just to drive past the house…….


I imagine he is going thru some turmoil right now and is trying to figure out what direction he wants to go in.  He knows I wont play second fiddle and if we try to work things out again it would be permanent….. he would also have to leave everything else behind.  He and I both know that.


I am just going to take it as it comes……let the pieces fall where they may.  I have no idea how this all will turn out, but I do know I feel better after seeing him Thursday.  It was a huge relief for me.


Hearing him say all of the things I already knew.  I needed that.  What in a way was closure for me, turned out to also be maybe a new beginning.  At least a step in that direction anyways.


One day at a time.





Dane Update:   During the terrible storm we had Saturday night, I found myself unable to think of anything other than the dog.   I imagined him curled up, shaking and water running off of him.  I thought about it for so long my stomach hurt.  The wind was so bad that I thought a tornado had passed thru.  In the morning when I went to feed him, it was still storming wet and cold, trees down everywhere.  I heated up some of a left over roast and put it on top of his food…..something warm….Due to the poor weather I was unable to try to catch him…..I will shoot for a day this week.  Maybe Friday…we are off work that day already.  He comes out now when he hears my car, it he doesn’t appear then he comes out when I whistle for him…..he still keeps his distance but responds to me calling him…he wont approach the food  till I start to walk toward the van.  He at least is slowly becoming more familiar with me.  I just wish he would jump in the van.  I always say, “Ya wanna go bye bye?”  My dogs know what that means……I wish I could just trigger something…..  I wish he would know I’m not going to hurt him……

I had a stroke of luck last night with Stellar. (The Dane in the woods….)  Right after work I went to feed him, I was pressed for time so I hadn’t planned on staying to see if he would creep out of the woods……I had places to go and people to see, so as soon as I got the big bag of dog food back into the Van, wiped the canned food off of my arm (yes, I am messy) and got myself back into the van, started it up……I began to back up.  Much to my surprise he appeared from the woods.  Urtttt!  Stop!


I am thinking to myself…….PICTURE!  Where is your stinkin camera?  The Vet wants a picture…..I knew I had my little camera with me and I had an extra roll of film in the glove box……so I go scrambling thru my giant purse, then thru the glove box, try to hurry and put the film in the camera and get out of the car quick enough to not scare him and squat down.  The stupid camera wouldn’t focus right……maybe I fogged up the view finder, I don’t know…..snap, snap, snap.  I got three pictures.  Not sure if any will turn out right but I DID get 3 photos of him!  I was so excited.  On the way home I had to call Tricia and tell her.


Watching him eat broke my heart, I give this guy a LARGE bowl of dry food and on top I put an entire can of canned food and one vitamin. (twice a day) He gulps it down, he didn’t chew anything…….making a swallowing motion that almost appeared like he was throwing up in reverse….does that make sense? 


It seemed all of the food I have given him has started to make a bit of a difference……he is such a beautiful dog and for the first time I noticed he had on a collar….but no tag that I could see.  He has started to gain a little weight but he is still so down in weight.  I will finish my roll of film today and then try to catch my Vet tomorrow night to show him the photos.


Tonight after I feed Stellar, I will be going to the girls first scrimmage of the year, then afterwards I am taking my sister out to eat for her Birthday.  I think she will be 55 this year……My buddy Laura will go too because her Birthday is on the 4th.  It will be fun.  Dinner for the kids is cooking in the crock pot as I type this.  (Roast)  You guys will live! 


Got home from doing all of my running around last night and thought to myself, wonder what that large mound of dirt is for.  (Remember the city tore out my side walk a week ago……)  Well, now there is this large mound of dirt……I mentioned it to one of the kids last night and they said, “Mom, didn’t you notice? “  I said, “Notice what?”  …….”They cut down one of the trees…..”  Now let me tell you, I cant believe I didn’t notice.  I have 4 huge buckeye trees next to my house that were pushing up the sidewalk…….One of the 4 were gone and I didn’t notice.  (Maybe I need a day off or something……brain is toast…geez)  I wish they would of cut down all 4.  Not that I dislike trees, but I have the most annoying trees in my yard.  The 4 buckeye trees, 2 large Walnut trees and then this tree that has these giant looking green bean type things on it………grrrrrrrrr.  I hate that tree…….those giant pods drop into the yard, the walnuts project out of our of the mower like a bullet if you miss picking one up prior to mowing….. and the buckeyes……well, when you walk to the car they come out of the trees like bombs.  YES, I have been popped in the head with one…so have most of the kids…….still not sure if that was Mother Nature or an evil squirrel……(I am leaning toward the evil squirrel) either way, I did get hit square on the top of my head with one of those things about a month ago.  Man that hurt!


Well, I will find out today if the photo of Stellar turned out.  I hope one of them did.  I hope you guys have a great day!


I cant wait to see the first basketball game of the season tonight! 




My van has turned into the traveling Dane mobile.  I know I normally carry stuff that is not stuff the average person would carry in their vehicle but this past week my van has became overran with dog stuff.


Normally I carry my “Doggie Bag.”  This is a large pink beach tote that I always keep my traveling dog supplies in.  (A road map, gloves, hat scarf, Murphy’s doggie coat, a dog bowl, dog treats, a regular leash and a retractable leash.)  I keep this bag for walks in the park and/or in the event I find a stray dog.  This has happened to me enough times that I am now prepared.


Along with the “Doggie Bag” I have carrying around a 40lb bag of dry dog food, a couple cases of canned food, large water bottles for water and doggie treats. 


I drove Rosie, Tricia and I to lunch this week and everyone had to move around dog items to get into the van.   


Strangely enough this week I have also had an entire computer in the very back of my van.  The computer was a gift to me, but I decided that one of my residents would be thrilled with getting it; so today it will be a door prize at our “Halloween Door Decorating contest.”  The Grand prize winners win a laundry basket filled with household items, cleaning supplies, towels, laundry soap, etc and two tickets to the Golden Coral for lunch.  I then made 20 treat bags full of candy for the other people who participated, then all of the people who participate will have their name put into a hat and the winner gets the computer.  It should be fun!


I was honestly surprised at how many of my residents participated AND by how creative some of them have been.  I love it!  I spend many extra hours here doing “Game night”, BINGO, Holiday Dinners…..etc.  I drag the kids along with me and today I wish my kids could see the doors.  I know they too would be impressed.


Dane Update:


We have given him or her a name…….All dogs need a name.  Right?  The name is “Stellar”.  It seems to have stuck with Taryn…she always says, “Can I go with you to feed Stellar?”  So Stellar it is.


Taryn and I ventured into the woods looking for Stellar after we had fed him and waited about a half hour and didn’t see him.  We got poked, scratched and covered in little burs…..we finally saw him.  He ran, he was running along tall grass and I couldn’t really see his body.  I wanted to know maybe he was looking a little better…..I couldn’t tell.


It almost seems to me that fear is his most prevalent motivating factor right now, rather than hunger a week ago.  I can only hope that this week bring goods news with him.  I was lucky enough to get in contact with a Dane Rescue lady who is really trying to help.  Once I get him and get him past his 3 legal holding days I know I have the resources to help him. 


I spend a lot of time at home thinking of him, especially on cold nights.    I hope all goes well really soon with him.  In the mean time, I go twice or three times a day and feed him and give him water…….then sit and wait for a glimpse of him.  I just wish he would know I am not going to hurt him….






This will be a busy day as there is a Hoop Fest at the older girls High School and Taryn and Jenna will be stepping twice today and Sierah and Taryn will be volunteering at the concessions and then basketball practice will follow.


I have been going to feed the Dane twice a day.  I give him a big bowl of dry food and a can of canned puppy food each visit.  He is drinking 3 liters of water a day.  At first he was hardly drinking it, now he is drinking all of it.  That is a good sign.


I didn’t see him this morning, but maybe I will this afternoon… worries me when I don’t see him.


I will let you know how it goes……it seems I have help lined up for the guy, if I could just catch him. 


I honestly am afraid to have Animal Care and Control come try to help for fear that he will run away and I wont be able to find him……The last I knew though, they wont come out for a stray dog unless you have caught it.  I wish I could, then I know I could help him.


I couldn’t help but think to myself about how lucky my dogs are.  They didnt start out lucky….All but one of them are dogs that came from shelters or rescues.  Each has come with a story and each and learned how to become a spoiled housedog in my care.  Despite living the good life with me, I don’t think they ever forget where they have been because it seems each one appreciates what I do for them.  (Some may think I am crazy for saying that, but I swear they do.)


I was watching TV last night, had a fire going in the fireplace, holding “Him black cat” (He rarely actually sits on my lap…) and looking around at my dogs…..while they lay all over the couches, in front of the fireplace and on my feet, tummies full, Murphy sleeping with his chin on his “woobie” (his stuffed animal he loves….it is in his picture with him)…..thinking of the Dane in the woods and how cold he must be……


If he would only let me near him, if I could only get him into my van……his whole life would change.  He would never know another hungry day or another cold night. 


I’ll just keep trying…




I went back to see about the Dane in the woods with the girls after the Doctor appointment…he surprised us because when we walked up the path….. he was laying right there and when he saw us he left as quickly as his boney body would carry him.   We were all about 10 feet from him.  I am sorry to say, he looked even worse that close.  I did get a glimpse of beautiful blue eyes though……they have such a soulful face. 


He had eaten everything I left him and again drank about half of the water.  I am sorry to say but I think it was a real eye opener for the girls.  It is one thing for someone to tell you about an animal in need…. and how skinny it is and it is another to actually see it.  You cant help but wonder how he got there, was he abandoned, had he been abused.  Had someone paid a nice price for him only to discover how much food he would actually eat then dumped him like garbage…. Seems a million things go thru your mind as you look at him. 


The second bowl of food we put down, Taryn volunteered to sit close by to see if he would come near her and we went back to the Van……she was about 5 feet away from him when he came to eat.  He ate, but was really scared and then finally left.  He went about 30 feet into the woods and was watching her.  I refilled his bowl and we left.  I will return tonight after work.  He will begin to associate me with food….eventually.  Watching him move thru the woods he almost appears like a dear…..other than the coloring. 


Seeing him prompted lots of questions from the girls…….”What will we do with him if we can get him?  How long do you think it will take us to catch him?  Etc.  It is obvious to me that this dog could easily carry about 160 or more pounds on his frame.  I would guess he is less than half of his idea body weight.  He may be 60-70 lbs……total skin and bones.


There is a large AKC dog show that will be here in town this next week.  About 5000 dogs and handlers come from all over the country.  If I have been lucky enough to catch him I will see if anyone is willing to help with him in some way.  In a network of dog show people there is always someone in that breed who does breed rescue.  I also contacted the Great Dane Association person for Indiana and I am waiting to hear back from her. 


I have called my Vet’s and explained the situation and they said to call when I catch him and I can bring him directly in.  If need be, my Vet will come to my house. 


Our plan is to keep him at my house (once we catch him) till I can find an alternative plan.  At least till I could fatten him up enough to move and have his health checked by the Vet.  I am at my limit for dogs.  I am sure something will work out….




Sierah update:  An MRI of each shoulder is being scheduled……