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It always starts with a phone call…….and because I had decided to lay low for a few months, I hadnt given my new number out to many people.  Didnt matter, cuz they knew how to get ahold of me anyway.  lol  I get a call, “They’ve got a hoarding case in -bleep- County and they need someone to help with some dogs.”  My only question is, “Are they big or little?”  Not that it matters but it is the only question that rolled out of my mouth.  She says “mainly little and I think they are in really bad shape, they have one that they think might not make it through the night.” 

My friend who calls me lives in a tiny town just outside of where I live.  I tell her I will head that way, and then we will drive together to another city about 40 minutes further South to meet Lindzy who not only was transporting the dogs to us, but she also was one of the people who went inside of the house when the dogs were pulled.

Once she arrived we got a tiny glimpse into the life of a hoarder….and it broke my heart.  Not only for the dogs, but my heart hurt for the man who seemed to have no clue what harm he was doing to these dogs.

 It was starting to grow dark, but it was clear that most of them were very thin and missing lots of fur…some missing all fur…some just seemed happy to be outta that hell hole, while others were too sick to do anything other than lay in the crate and look at  us.  This pull of dogs included 10 or so adult dogs and 4 tiny puppies.  They were going to try to go back the following day to removed 20 or so more.

Before they met us at transport, they had given them all a capstar because every one of them was overran with flea’s,(matter of fact the entire house was) and gave each one a medicated bath and trimmed nails. 

I had only planned on taking one…… fate would have it, I brought home 3.  An old soul who is nearly naked, who looks very much like my Franny and two tiny black Chi’s.


We are currently taking it one day at a time…..and they have been with me for a total of 5 days now.  All three are eating and doing better than day one.  Lindzy told us of the horrid conditions in the house, the hoarder himself is 85 and a former back yard breader.  She said the conditions of the house were just like you see hoarders houses on Animal Planet.  Bad, very very bad.   The man suffered a stroke and the dogs were found by family members after he went into the hospital.

The older, larger dog who reminded me so much of Franny is also deaf.  He has lost most of his hair and what is left, is like long peach fuz.

The dogs are all covered in sores.  I started counting the sores on the female Chi, and I just stopped counting at 30.

For now they are working on getting healthy, eating good food, drinking as much clean water as they want, rolling in the grass and learning about being a dog, in a normal house……..

They seem to enjoy the sun, fresh air and a drink of water more than I can explain.  It is a shame that they had to live so many years without it.


  1. They are still beautiful little ones. They look pretty happy to be there…hope they keep improving.

  2. God bless you for taking in these animals. You do such good work. I have two rescue chi’s and love them to bits.

  3. Teri ~ They are doing great! Every day a little better.

    Natalie~ Thank you, I love these too already… 🙂

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