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Sierah and I picked up Devon the other day to bring him home for a cookout.  We had just gotten done with a photo shoot with ptwo boys for Senior photos.  (Sierah is huge help when able to go with me so I drag her along when ever I can.)  I personally find boys harder to shoot.  They are often times really stiff and are always worried about looking to feminine.  *eye roll.
So on the way home Devon says,” I want you to take some photos of me Mom”…..I say “Right now?”………..he says “Yeah sure”……..I say “Do wanna jump for some photos?”….He was like “Sure why not??”……..Music to my ears so we just stopped at this random spot off of Broadway St on the way home and they jumped, over and over again…..PHEW they were tired and my face hurt from laughing……We came up with some fun stuff…..this was my favorite photo of the two of them jumping together.


 I’m not 100% why but people seem to love the jumping photos I take, and I have even had people say, “Before we finish the shoot I want to do a jumping photo”….lol……So they jump and I shoot……Here are a few of my favs (Other than the first photo, that is my most fav jumping photo ever and it’s of my son Devon………he’s got “ups”  🙂   Plus there is something just cool about that photo.

Here is Daisha jumping……..I just wanna know how can you be beautiful and jump at the same time?  Well, just ask Daisha, she knows how……..

Oh and Taryn, after her photo shoot was over we had to do a few jumping photos with her as well…..She looks like she is just floating along…..lalala

It’s a fun photo that makes me smile every time I see it.  🙂   We laughed the entire time we took these…..
Here is one of Sierah after we left a tatoo convention that was a total dud………we decided to do some jumping photos cuz I liked the lighting in the convention center…..the jumping photos we took were way better than that old stupid convention…….
SO if you have a camera, and you wanna have some fun……..find someone to JUMP! JUMP! for ya!  You cant help but laugh!

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