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The phone rang at about 3:00 AM, it was my friend Trisha calling.  She said “Laura, did you see the news yet?”  She had a sence of urgency in her voice and I knew clearly something was wrong………”There has been an earthquake in Japan”……….My heart sank.  To be honest I had horrible images in my brain instantly,  but I hadn’t even come close to envisioning the enormous amount of destruction that had happened over there…. then I turned on the TV.

I literally ran for my computer and hit “Skype”.  I hadn’t talked to Acacia for a few days and that coupled with the images I had just seen nearly sent me over the edge instantly.  My baby girl………what of my baby?  (She may be 20 and a kick ass Marine, but she is still my baby)

Then she responded, “Hi Mommy!”  I cried with relief.  My Marine was ok…..thank the lord, she was safe. 

I sometimes struggle with the two girls being as far away as IU (3 1/2 half hour drive) but Acacia being SOOOO far away ~ half way around the world~ is harder than I could have ever imagined.  I still can hardly talk about her without crying ~ on a good day …….I miss her so much….

But every time I see more images of the devastation in Japan I am reminded of how blessed I am… so many ways.

Thank God she is okay and my heart is with Japan and it’s people



  1. I am so glad that she is fine…this must be so tough for you. I keep checking your blog for updates, and the past two weeks have forgotten. Glad I checked today. Take care!!

  2. Thanks Teri. 🙂

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