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I have a new soul in my care……an old soul named “Mama”.  I had a dream several days prior to her arival that I was calling a dog named “Mama”……….went to pick her up and Katie said “Her name is Daisy”.  We sat in her livingroom and discussed the neglect case surrounding her previous owners and I kept talking to her and calling her Daisy and she would never even look at me… soon as I said “Hey Mama, you ready to go?” she swung her head around and Katie said, “I guess Mama it is”…….
I have neglected to write about her for two reasons.  The largest one being I truly wasnt sure she would survive.  She was just THAT bad.
She is an elderly dog, severly malnourished, and has a severe upper respritory infection……..I simply didnt know if her broken body would be able to mend or if years of neglect and living outdoors without even adiquite shelter would take it’s toll.
 When I saw the photo taken of her at the shelter…… broke my heart.  I couldnt leave her there…..this elderly, gray faced. boney dog….. who would adopt her?  No one it seemed, so I had Katie pull her.  Here she would gain weight and get healthy….
She was taken along with two other dogs, a pony, a horse, chickens, and other various farm animals as a result of all of the animals on the farm being severly neglected.  For Mama it seemed, they got there just in time.  I dont know how much longer she would have lasted.
Batteling the Kennel Cough has proven to be difficult.  She is now on her second round of antibiotics and I’m giving her some over the counter stuff for her cough….it does seem to help.  She is slowly getting better….slowly.
She is gaining weight and at the Vets office last week they said she had gone from 39 lbs to 44!  🙂  Even at 44 she is still way under weight……but we are headed in the right direction.  ~ But to be honest, I imagine she should be about 60 lbs.  She is still thin but you can no longer see any ribs…..she is filling out.
I am finally writing about her because I feel like we have turned that corner……she is getting better, gaining weight…happy.  She is an awsome dog, who deserves a loving, forever home! 


  1. She has beautiful markings doesn’t she? I’m so happy that she is safe with you. Give her a (gentle) hug from me.

  2. She does….I think she is a Mountain Cur mix….she is SUCH a good dog. I pray she gets a great forever home soon.

    I am waiting for the case against her previous owners to go to court so I can see the photos from where she was taken. 😦

  3. Some people have no business having animals of any kind.

  4. I haven’t blogged in so long and was so happy to catch up with you. Your ability to love dogs astounds me! I wish more people in the world were like you. PLUS – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos! You are a true artist!

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