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My rescue friend Katie called me Sunday morning to tell me about this abuse case from another county, he had been stabbed, a pit mix, deaf and if he didnt find a home that day, he would be put down.   The shelter is poorly funded and over crowded, the least adoptable dogs get put down first.  Katies rescue was full to the brim and couldnt take him……she called me because she knew I had pits over the years and I owed her a favor. 

He has been here 2 days and we are working on hand signals and learning how to communicate with eachother…..he is catching on quick.  So quick the teacher needs to study today and learn more signals.

He is a strikingly beautiful dog who has sky blue eyes, they remind me of our friend Stellar’s. 


He is of good body weight, but was stabbed with something that went completely thru his neck not once, but twice.  Below is a photo of the “out” side.

I dont think I will EVER understand people and the foul things they are capable of doing to animals. 

Now Z is safe and no longer on a list to be put down, he is in a home, on the mend and he and I are learning… together.


  1. What a beauty! Like you, I will never understand how someone can lay a hand on, verbally and emotionally abuse, or ignore an animal. Does your friend know if Z was born deaf or if it was due to abuse? How did Z respond to you his first night? Hope you can write more on Mr. Blue Eyes. 🙂 BTW, my kit Iris has crystal light blues eyes, too. Beautiful.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Laura!

  2. hi Beverly. Z did great, however he was really unhappy and loud in the crate the day I went to work…… neighbor was NONE too happy.

    I tried it again the following day and the neighbor was then pissed.

    Z had to go to my rescue friend who is home during the day…..

    I couldnt leave him un-crated like the rest of my dogs yet because he would pull my couch pillows off and run threw the house with them…he shredded two dog beds and a rug while out….lol.

    He is ok, I check on him daily.

    He was born deaf, often they are when they are all white.

    He is such a beautiful dog, a big ole puppy!

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