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Often time people know how much I travel and say stuff like, “I sure wish I could do that”……….bla bla bla………they act like they have NO idea how I can go anywhere………..

So I remind them of two things;

1.  I happen to remember daily that you only live once and you better make a good go of it this time around! 

2.  I always travel on a really tight budget.

Now this last trip just sort of happened to fall in my lap.  My friends Tina and Paul were getting a time share place for a week in Florida……Key West to be exact!  (My favorite place of all time)………so one thing lead to another and I ended up going with them.  The day Tina asked me to go, I found a round trip ticket for $242!!  Yes!!

Was this a good time for me financially to go on vacation right now?  NO, but I did it anyways and loved every minute of it.  The new washer that is needed can wait…… can the tires that I need for my truck……..It ALL can wait, I needed a rest.

And what I got in turn was 4 days in paradise, a few days to let my hair down and have fun after working my rear end off day after day.  The week prior to leaving, I was working 15 hour days……….I was exhausted and it was such a sweet thing to get off of that plane in Key West and not have to worry about reality for a few days…….really, I headed straight for the condo and didnt look back…..I had a BLAST!

So I guess the moral of this story is, if you want to do it………whatever it is, do it now….dont wait!!!  We just dont know what tomorrow might bring!!  Live for the moment!

I know I sure do!  🙂

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  1. Good for you for taking a mini vacation! Sometimes it’s just what is needed.

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