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Some days nothing goes as planned…….the last few days have been like that, and the day I took Kiwi to the Vet was no exception. 

Problem #1 is my Vet of 15 years is retiering…..well, he sort of is and in his place he has 4 or 5 vets who rotate in and out of his office to cover for him.  The fact he is almost never there, the staff that are left are often either rude or simply seem to have no clue what is happening; has made me look elsewhere for a regular Vet.  (Last week when I was there, they charged me for services that I didn’t receive and sent me home with a rabies certificate when I had a heart worm test done)  I have been dragging my feet on finding a new Vet for almost a year, but it is time. 

The visit PRIOR they claimed they didnt have me on the schedule at all, then when I went to buy flea meds for the dogs a week ago, the girl gave me the pills for the wrong weight sizes…….I had to drive back to get it squared away.  UGH

It has been a source of frustration and disappointment for me.  Watching his health deteriorate broke my heart, this was the Vet who would get right down on the floor with the dogs when they came in…..  I LOVE my old Vet, Dr Kerley.  I mean, I could call him at home if need be and he would have (and DID) come to my house in the middle of the night if needed.  They just dont make them like that any more…….Having him as my Vet and a friend for all of these years has been a blessing.

Now in his absence, I let them rotate me thru the various Vet’s covering for him and doing so, I found one I truly loved……..

Dr Kruse….she is by far my favorite of all of the Vets I have seen there……since meeting her she has helped me numerous times with my rescue dogs, giving me a deep discount or not charging me at all for office visits, just meds.  I appreciate her so much for this.  She truly loves the animals she cares for and she takes plenty of time to examine them and talk with the human.   (Not one of those rush you in and rush you out Vets.)  BUT the only problem is that she is only there a couple of times a month.  (that stinks.)  She books up way in advance so I seldom get to see her.

So…..She examined Little Kiwi last week within 24 hours of him coming home with me………we sort of set a plan of action up for him and as soon as I left the office I set the plan in motion……


I dropped Kiwi off the other day early in the morning for phase one of Kiwi’s new life and about 3 hours later I get a call from a Vet…….but not one of the Vet’s I was familiar with.

He was concerned about Kiwi, he had given him a brief examination prior to giving him a shot to sedate, him and heard a slight heart murmur.

The Vet explained that due to Kiwi’s age and health he would rather him only been knocked out once for ALL of his treatments he needs, that he would give me a discount on the neuter (charging the same cost of the low cost spay and neuter place I had an appointment at) and take care of all of his other problems at once………they however needed to do pre-surgery lab work, a heart worm test, etc PRIOR to surgery………$$  Cha-ching!!  $$

I said, “They already did a HW  test and it was negative”………..he says, “I have no record of that”……..

Grr….here we go again with the missing paperwork….ugh, those girls at the front desk……….!! (*%$&^%)


So now we have moved on to “Plan B”………..knock him out and take care of grooming, teeth cleaning and pulling and neuter all at once…… little guy is going to be a new man after Wednesday…, maybe a little “less” of a man….but he should feel lots better none the less!  🙂


  1. Ugh, how very frustrating! Since Dr. Kerley is your longtime friend, can you possibly call him to see if he can recommend another Vet? He might like to know how the new staff is acting, too — not that he has any control over that (unleass he still owns the business?), but he might “put a bug” in the new Vets’ ears. I had a similar experience last year at my Vet’s office. They didn’t even have a record of Benny being neutered! They did manage to remember when I missed an appointment once, and clearly recorded it in Benny’s file. grr. I remember you mentioning Dr. Kerley often in your older blogs. Sounds like the ideal Vet. Wishing the best for Kiwi on Wed. Are you feeling better, since your surgeries? Take care. 🙂

  2. I am going to talk to him about it….but somehow I just think he knows…..either way I DO need to tell him.

    I am SLOWLY starting to feel better….this surgery was really hard on me…..

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason today I suddenly thought “I should check Laura’s blog one last time, maybe she’s back” It’s so wonderful to see you writing again. So sorry that you had to have another surgery, hope you’re doing better every day.

    The “new” dogs are too cute… bless you for all that you do. I know firsthand how difficult rescue can be.

    So very happy to see you back.

  4. Teri! I am SO glad you found me! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! How are YOU??

    • Doing ok…this has been such a challenging year. Lots of sad animal stories, but lots of heartwarming happy endings too.

      I cannot believe that you’re kids are all grown and flown the coop, except for one. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?? Thank goodness through it all we have NOT gotten any older. LOL. Can’t believe I am 45 now…. must be doing the math wrong huh?

        • Teri
        • Posted October 17, 2010 at 5:59 am
        • Permalink

        That would be YOUR kids. Not you’re. Argh.

  5. Time does fly! It really does………every time a kid leaves, I get another dog. ugh

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