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Surgery is never easy, well for me it isn’t anyways….but this last one was a doozie. Seriously it knocked me for a loop. I knew shortly after my surgery a year ago that I had caused myself to have a surgical hernia, I had simply done too much too fast…..the reult was a “broken belly”; a big ole’ hernia. (yes, I really was out mowing the grass 2 weeks after surgery; when I had my belly cut wide open and a giant tumor removed…. and thought everything would be fine….Oy!….) 
I put off having another surgery as long as I could, then finally the discomfort became too bothersome. By the time I finally decided that maybe I would go talk to my Doctor about it, I scheduled an appointment ~ and I was having surgery just a few days later. 
I didn’t even have time to panic……No time to say, “Woah, wait a minute”….. 
Just like that….. Boom, bam, I was in the hospital in post opp with Sierah by my side (and we had Acacia there with us on Skype) just shy of a week after stepping into my Doctors office. 


Like most people, I really dislike hospitals…… so don’t you know those famous last words of my Doctor, “You’ll probably be home the same day” crap didn’t happen……… day turned into two, two turned into three, three turned into four…..  


You get the picture.   
Surgery didn’t go as expected, I stopped breathing during surgery, my oxygen levels wouldnt rise in the days following surgery, my blood pressure was too low and then the fever came….the pain following surgery was emense….worse than my “big” surgery a year prior. I woke up from surgery feeling like someone had torn the muscles away from the left side of my pelvis. (A subsequent trip to the ER 2 weeks after my release would show a seroma that was 6 inches in diameter. Let me tell you, it hurt like a Mother ~{bleep}~) er. …oh yeah, did I mention the kidney infection.  ~grr~  

I felt so damn broken. I just wanted to go home. I missed the dogs and my comfortable bed….that old house of mine was calling me.   

After the summer home, the girls were headed back to College that week. I was so disappointed in the fact that I was unable to help them go back to school, I couldn’t do for them what I had planned, they all had graciously juggled coming up to the hospital to stay with me and for the first time in my life I truly felt like a burden to my children.   

Broken AND a burden, neither are good to feel.   

Then Kathy called from the shelter……..”Laura, I’ve got a little dog I hope you’d take”……..I said, “Any idea what type of dog?”(not sure why I asked, as it never matters to me as long as they dont try to eat the cat!)………”I dont know, maybe a poodle mix, he was the worst matted dog I have ever seen, the Vet gave me something to knock him out with so I could try to get some of the mats out, he is tiny, and had so many fleas on him that the bath water ran red when I gave him a bath…..he’s really scared, but really sweat.  Do you think you can take him?”  

……..I paused and said, “Okay, I’ll be to get him”………  

So here he is!  Lil Kiwi.  


All 6.5 lbs of him.  Seen here with urine stained legs and still really matted on his lower half……..He is love!!  Is he not the cutest thing ever??  I love his tiny little face.    

He has been to the Vet, has been working on putting on some weight, dealing with bath after bath to get the urine out of his little legs and belly, suffered seizure after seizure till I switched his food and that has now subsided (thank goodness)…..and tomorrow will be knocked out at the Vet and be groomed.   

I cant wait to see him all fixed up!   I KNOW he’s gonna feel better!


  1. Wow Laura, I’m sorry you went through all of that. I’m glad you’re finally on the mend though. Hopefully you won’t have to go through anything like that again. And good luck with Kiwi. Can’t wait to hear the progress.

  2. Hey Laura – Hope the trips to the hospital for both you and Kiwi have ended! Hope you’re feeling like your former pre-surgery self! Is Kiwi still seizure-free? Hearing his progess makes me happy. 🙂

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