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I was sitting on the side of my bed putting on my socks and Acacia stuck her head into the room…….”Guess what I did today Mommy?”  I pause and say “I have no clue” in a rather monotone voice as I continued to pull my socks across my feet.  Acacia responds, “I joined the Marines!”


~ Crickets chirp ~  My heart races.  I sit there and try to collect the right words….it didn’t work.


I just blurted out, “You did WHAT?”…….she replies, “I joined the Marines.”  It felt as if all the air had been instantly sucked out of my lungs.  No, as if the air had instantly been kicked out of my lungs.  I said, “BUT WE ARE AT WAR!!!……”


I don’t remember the exact conversation that transpired shortly there after but I do remember crying……..days of crying.  Shock….tears ……disbelief. 


It took a couple weeks of wandering thru my life in a fog, but it eventually sunk in that no matter how many tears I shed, she was soon going to be heading to the Marine Corp boot camp and maybe eventually war.  I simply needed to get with the program.  ~ It was happening whether I liked it or not.


I also needed to remember she was an adult, and it was her decision…….I was the Mom who needed to be supportive of her child.  I needed to embrace what was coming and stop fearing it or else I wouldn’t be able to give her the support she needed to make the transition.


So I watched her prepare physically (daily) and mentally as much as she could……it was hard watching her pack away belongings and prepare for a phase of her life I ultimately couldn’t protect her from or participate in…….my baby was leaving me.


Writing her while she was in boot camp was easy, it was hard however to get her mail….. I never read a letter and didn’t cry.  Each letter made me miss her so and in reading those letters I listened to her grow.


As the photos already posted would indicate, she made it thru boot camp!  She was home for 18 days and is now in North Carolina…..


We traveled to South Carolina to see her Graduate and it was such an awesome experience……it was also truly amazing to see how much she had changed……both physically and mentally.……it’s hard to explain.  She is still my baby, but she is also now a Marine.


She made a decision that will change the direction of the rest of her life.  She proved to be more resilient than most would have ever imagined…..I am incredibly proud of my child and am in awe of seeing her grow and become a woman.  Stretch your wings and fly baby!  Great things await you!


Semper Fidelis my Devil Dog. 


Your Mom is SO PROUD OF YOU!


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