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Life…….it happens and if you let yourself get too busy, you forget to really live it.  Experience and enjoy it……


So much has happened since my last post……a long unintentional hiatus from my blog has kept me from writing, but I intend now to return to writing as writing is SO therapeutic for me. 


When I started the blog, it was really about the dogs……their stories….and to bring awareness to animals and animals in need, those in shelters and rescues needing permanent homes and those who have been abandoned or dumped somewhere along the way…that someone might stop and give them a second glance, a second thought……but somehow it also became a blog about my life.  My ups and downs, so many people went along for the ride with me… I have appreciated meeting my blog friends!  I miss you guys!  J


So here I am, I’m back…..ready to write again.


  1. You have been missed. A lot.Teri

  2. Awh thanks Teri! I got your email but I was unable to respond…..!! Thank you again…

  3. you have been missed – welcome back

  4. The Very best news I have had in a very long time! Welcome back. So excited to read and be entertained by your glorious life my dear Friend.

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