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December first…..I can hardly believe it.  Seriously….so much has happened to me the last few months.


I must report that I have found a new job.  A job that I love…..unfortunately the pay is $4 an hour less, but I will be able to make it work now that I don’t have a car note.  (The car was totaled……ummm…..don’t ask.) L


So I spent a period of time walking back and forth to work, considering my new job is very close it wasn’t a bad walk at all…….but this is Indiana and the snow tends to fly early so I decided it was time to buy a “hooptie”… “A to B car”……….”a clunker”…….lol……..


So as of Friday I am the proud owner of a 1991 Saab 9000.  It is 17 years old, but still drives like a champ…….Only one problem.  No heat.  It went to the mechanic’s today and I found out it is the heater core.  Dave told me to just go to Wally-World and buy a plug in heater…..the cost to fix the core would be outrageous because the dash would need to come out.  So tonight I will go out to find a little heater that plugs into the lighter and make it work. 


I hosted Thanksgiving at my house and although I enjoyed it, I am glad it’s over. 


Luna~ a rescue dog I can’t remember if I have written about previously has become a chewing machine.  I love her to death but she seriously has tried my patience the last few weeks more than I can even explain.


I mean I can literally take something away from her and before I can move it to a safe “non chewing zone” she will jump back up onto the couch with a new chewing prize.  Her chewing knows no bounds so this can range from (and has included) shoes, panties, cups, dog collars, the Vaseline tub, socks, wash rags, fireplace logs, cat poop, the remote, a couch cushion, the cat bed, a phone jack, bills, the phone book……..umm……anything she can reach.  (And she can reach darn-near anything!!)


Franny was also kind enough to show Luna how to escape the fence so they can run around the neighborhood digging in trash and sniffing and rolling in stinky stuff.  (I just recently discovered how they were doing it and put a stop to the escaping…..umm I hope.)


So I’m doing okay…….driving my hoopie that I love with no heat, trying to keep stuff out of Luna’s chewing zone and trying to get my life back on track, one step at a time.





  1. One of the best cars we ever bought is a hoopie!  A 92 BMW 318 with over 200.000 miles and runs like a dream, well after a couple of grand to fix it…  Now Hubby is looking for an old Porsche that he can get for cheap and fix up.  I told him before long we will look like a used car lot for old tired cars…
    Yea for the job, one step and one day at a time is all we can ask for.  How are all those kids????

  2. So glad for the new post (although, I’m one to talk…I hardly post anymore…oops!).  Glad you found a job that a) you love; and b) is so close to home.  I know $4 an hour less is a HUGE chunk of change, but if you’re happy and have less of a commute then you will (hopefully) have less stress and that’s a good thing!  Yes, Thanksgiving’s down…Christmas to go!  It’s sure to be crazy…but oh so fun!  Enjoy and don’t be a stranger (I need to take my own advice!).  Cheers…

  3. Hey Laura –  GREAT news about the new job!  Hope to read a blog someday on it, if you care to share.  🙂  I’ve had a couple of jobs where I could walk to work, too.  I live close to our downtown, and my former jobs were located there.  I LOVE being able to walk to work.  Even in the cold weather.  🙂  Sorry about the Hyundai (I know it wasn’t a Scion, but I remember it was similar in boxy shape.  Was it a Hyundai?).  Glad you are rockin’ the Saab.  I’ve always liked them.  I think you and I have similar taste in cars.  🙂  Stay warm!

  4. Beverly~ I will blog about my new job next blog….my last car was a Honda Element, much like your loved Scion.  Yes we do have the same taste in cars.  I have loved Saabs for years.  Yes my job is downtown too and a short walk for me.  I love that!
    Bridget~  YES it is MUCH less stress, well worth the cut in pay.  Less stress IS a good thing.
    Kat~  Got to love an old BMW!  I am right there with your husband, I love them too. 
    The kids are great, busy with school and jobs……Sierah and the boyfriend were home for Thanksgiving last week.  It was nice to see the both of them! 

  5. Laura, You’ve been on my mind lately so I dropped by to see if you had been here and surprise you had!! Wahoo!!! I’m sorry about your lil HE. I know you loved it. Whatever happened to it I’m just glad no one was hurt!! It’s great to hear the kids are doing well also! I love hoopties. I force my lil brothers to use their cars when we go out just so we can ride in the hooptie and have an adventure from the moment we leave!! Tee hee ha ha Long hauls…no but the short jaunts… fun!! Work with less stress is worth more than a million dollars. So don’t fret too much about the money, enjoy this new adventure that you have in front of you and when you get a chance write here. Take care darlin and keep those darn puppy toys close and the people things far away.. .although a couch is hard to hide from a pup!! tee hee ha ha ttfn

  6. Hey Laura, it’s great to have you back. Really missed reading about all your adventures. Sorry to hear about the car, but it’s something that can be replaced. Glad you have a job that you enjoy. Money isn’t everything. My sister has a job that pays very well, but she really hates it and has a lot of stress from it. Enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll have. Glad to hear that the family is doing well. Keep us posted on any new adventures. It’s always great to read your blog. Ever think of writing a book?????

  7. I enjoyed your blog and I am glad I found it. lets hope you puppy gets tired of chewing and that your (puddle jumper) that’s we call them will continue through the winter and then you won’t need the plug in heater. Have a good weekend, Jim

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