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The new photos were taken at our indoor “bonfire” when weather didn’t permit for us to have it outside.


Sierah brought home her new boyfriend from IU to meet the family, we had all the fixins for Smores, a huge pot of beans and rice and some “better than sex cake”……ummm… favorite.  Oh yeah, and a house FULL of people. 


Due to an anxiety disorder I don’t generally like to have lots of people in the house at once but I guess I did okay, didn’t pass out or throw up or anything… I guess all went well.


I had to corral the dogs in my room the 4 hours people were at the house, so the people who didn’t like animals weren’t frightened but also to protect the dogs from my niece.  She is seriously like Angelica from the Rug Rats……Holding the cat up in the air by its tail, rubbing its fur the wrong way while saying….”Nice Kitty” (in a little evil voice)…..


Speaking of cats…….AJ is now affectionately known as “Chubby”.  He is an eating machine, not only is his food and my food fair game, but he periodically even eats the dogs food.  (I hear a yipe, yipe, yipe from the kitchen and go in there to find AJ eating out of Murphy’s bowl and Murphy hiding under the table shaking.  (Murphy is such a punk)  lol     All AJ has to do is walk past him and look at him and Murphy screams and runs off.    Thinking




  1. O.K. since I seem to be in my "prime".  I don’t think any food could complete with sex…tee hee!  But lets have the recipie and see! 
    Hmmmm does that mean that marcus and diggie are gone?  
    Poor lil Murphy!   Like Piglet used to say… It’s hard to be brave when you are very very small.
    take care.

  2. I’m glad you had a good time and did okay with the crowd.  What has happened to Marcus? 

  3. How hilarious that "Chubby" is eating dog food!  BTW, when I first took my Benny in, he was skinny as could be, but now I sometimes refer to him as "Budda Belly."  😀
    Glad to see that you’re feeling a bit better.  🙂  Hope you’re having the same great Fall weather we are!

  4. Yes!  While the new boyfriend is cute and seems to get along well with the furry family members, what about Marcus & Diggie?

  5. Well Sierah broke up with Marcus a few months prior to going to IU.  I didnt write about it because I felt like maybe they would hold on somehow…. but I am glad in the fact that at least Sierah was realistic and knew it would be hard for them to continue a relationship so far away from eachother.  I love Marcus and his family and always will…..they are like my family and I was really hurt when she broke up with him but I know those life choices she will need to make on her own.  I just want my baby to be happy!
    I do really, really like Devin….the new boyfriend, he runs track for IU, has a degree in psychology and adores Sierah……not to mention the fact he looks just like Taye Diggs .  He is soft spoken, polite and very respectful.  I was impressed with his home-training as you might say.  Really nice young man.
    Mr. Diggie has gone to live with two old people who had no other pets.  A much better situation for him than at my house…..He was such a little jealous little turd.  Now he is an only, spoiled child!  🙂

  6. Better Than Sex CakeCDKitchen http://www.cdkitchen.comCategory: Better Than Sex Cake Serves/Makes: 10    |   Difficulty Level: 3    |   Ready In: < 30 minutesIngredients:
    1 box dark chocolate cake mix1 can sweetened condensed milk1 jar (12 oz) Mrs Richardson’s caramel topping8 ounces whipped topping (Extra Creamy Dream Whip is good)2 Heath candy bars, crushed (or Nestle’s Heath bits, if you can find them)Directions:Bake the cake as directed. As soon as it comes out of the oven, poke holes all over it with a fork (I actually use a small diameter chop stick) and pour sweetened condensed milk evenly over the cake, followed by caramel sauce (microwaved about one minute until warm and easily pourable – I use only about 10 oz of the jar). Refrigerate overnight. Shortly before serving, spread whipped topping over cake and sprinkle with crushed Heath bars (or bits). Enjoy.

  7. yummy!  will have to see if it lives up to its name… 🙂

  8. aww Chubby! Glad AJ "Chubby" is doing well.  Poor Murph, grow a tail, lol. :o)

  9. (BTW, my earlier comment was a reference to the "Better Than Sex" cake recipe, and not to Chubby!!  LOL)

  10. So, guess what?  I "adopted" a family for Christmas! And I owe the great idea all to you from your post a while back.  My church usually has a tree that you pick out gift ideas from and I have always done that in the past, but this year I decided to step it up a notch, thanks to your idea, and found out that the church does the adopt a family for christmas program. Its run by St. Vincent’s De Paul Society, and I’m thrilled to be doing this. Thank you!!

  11. Stoppin by to say HI and sending happiness wishes your way.   Any new Man spoiling you the way you deserve.  Not the furry kind silly!  Tee hee!!! 

  12. How’d it go with B&BW?  You know I think you’re nuts!!  LOL  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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