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I did it.  I am scared and excited but I finally did it.  I bought a car… a truck… it’s a……um part car, part truck, part funky milk truck…..a Honda Element and I love it.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  But now I have the dreaded car note…….like I said, I’m scared but I will find a way to make it all work I guess.  You only live once.  Right?


I swear it is so cool……the flooring in the entire little thing isn’t carpet, its this rubber mat stuff so you can just sweep it out or wipe it off with a damp rag when dirty.  Both back seats will either come all the way out or flip up to the side so you can haul stuff……or better yet, dogs.  To me the fact it is so perfect for the dogs, sold me on it.  It’s a seriously perfect little dog hauler. 


The ONLY bad part, no AC…… can you believe I bought the car of my dreams and it has no air…….it was 90 some degrees here in the fine state of Indiana yesterday and I was driving the dog hauler and sweating like a stuck pig.  Damn that sucks, but the rest of the vehicle is so cool I guess it makes up for it.  My other missing item is a stereo but the dealer is going to put one in it for me so I just have to make the appointment.

 I am like a little kid who gets a new pair of shoes and wants to wear them all the time….I want to just drive it…….all the time……J


  1. Congrats on the new car!!  I bought an old Liberty to be my dog hauler (my budget was a little lower than a new car would allow)… if Lucky gets the seats too nasty, it really doesn’t matter.  🙂

  2. How cool is that!  There is nothing better than having to figure out how to get the dog hair out or off of something, good thinking!

  3. (Mannyed)
    Congratulations! Having a new car is so exciting and this one sounds like it will really be practical for you.  Consider it a sound dog hauling investment.   Me and Manny are wishing you lots of safe driving adventures!

  4. Congratulations! New cars rock! The freedom is positively addictive…. Drive it baby drive it! And I bet those dogs luv it 🙂

  5. Sounds great,but I fear next sumer you will hate it in the heat. Why no A/C,I haven’t seen a car without A/C in a long time.Seems most cars when new are equipted these days.

  6. WAHOO FOR YOU!!!!   

  7. Congrats on the new car.  It is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  I bought a new car 2.5 years ago (my first NEW car that I actually bought…I had a used one and then leased one before buying new).  I was at the dealership for FIVE hours until I got it the way I wanted it.  It was very stressful, but I am still satisfied two and a half years later so that’s good!  Have fun and be safe! 

  8. Cool!  I like Elements, but what I like (no – LOVE) even more are the Scions xBs!!  They are even more boxier and more milktruck-like than the Elements.  I love ’em!!  Glad I found a fellow compatriot of oddly shaped cars!  😀  Have fun with your new baby!!

  9. Hi!  Not sure where I am or how I got here but… Hi!
    I LOVE Elements.  As soon as I give up my kid-taxi ‘job’, that’s what I’m going to get.  I didn’t know you could even buy a car with no A/C anymore.  What’s THAT all about?

  10. Thanks everybody and I swear the more I drive it, the more I love it. 
    Beverly you are right, I love those too.  It is kind of funny my kids hate them and I love them.  But they do love the new E.
    Okay, since all of my blog friends are so creative and came up with such great names for the new kitty…….I REALLY need help with a name for the E.
    As you know, my little blue wagon was "The Mother Ship", the Kia jeep was "The egg" and the van was "The soccer Mom van" so now the Element needs a name.
    Be creative my friends! 

  11. Hey Laura…how about EleMUTT?  My friend (who happens to have 4 German Shepherds) has one and she LOVES that car.

  12. Just stopped by to say HI!!   Hope your enjoying the new car!
    Take care you!! 

  13. I’m having a creative block!  I’ve tried to come up with a name for your new baby, but I got nothing.  😦  I can only think of the obvious at the moment:  The Milktruck or The Box.  Sad, very sad.  😀  Maybe it will help if you tell us the color??
    Have a great weekend!  TGIF!!

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