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Tomorrow Sierah and I will be trekking 3 hours up I69 to IU Bloomington for her college orientation. 


Yesterday, along with an invitation to join the National Honor Society she was notified that she has received a total of over $21 thousand dollars in grants and scholarships for school this year, based on grades alone.  (God is good and my child is so blessed….)


I still cant believe my baby is heading to College, but man-o-man her Mom is so proud of her!!


Way to go Sierah!  You go to IU and kick @ss!


You’ll always be my superstaaaaaaar!



  1. Smarts must be in the genes.  🙂  I hear IU Bloomington has a gorgeous campus.  Take some pics so you can show us.  Congrats to Sierah.

  2. Hey Congratulations Sierah – your mama is right you go kick ass girl
    Mama – wow you must be so proud , well done !!

  3. WAHOO!!! YIPPIEEE!!! HOOORAY!!!!  WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!! Sierah, great job on the scholarships!!   Way to keep reaching for those stars!!!  YOU GO GIRL!!! 
    Laura, Good job momma bear!!  You ROCK!!  When you look at that girl with pride, you can know that you made that you helped her to see the stars that she CAN reach!  YOU are the #1 mom!!
    Congrats to the family!!!  Wahoo!!! 

  4. That is absolutely awesome!!!  Having one that is finishing college next month I can truly understand what a wonderful and amazing gift Sierrah has earned from her hard work and determination.  Being able to go to college with that much in scholarships and grants means that she is one outstanding young lady with a mega brains – and looks to boot.  Congratulations to both of you!!

  5. JUST CHECKING IN TO BE SURE YOU ARE OK AND TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.  Last time we didn’t hear from you it was your boo boo bothering you!  Hope your just loving life too much to post and nothing bad is going on!!  Take care of the number one mom! 

  6. Twentyone thousand freaking dollars??? Are you KIDDING me?? That’s incredible! Over here we don’t really have grants etc.. but we all have whopping student loans 😛  Our Government has finally given us a break and stopped the interest on them if you live in NZ, but sheesh – i’d prefer the 21 Grand I think! Congrats on your smart child! 🙂

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