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As you know the last few weeks I have been regrouping….


One of the things I have refocused on is the house.  There are still so many things that I need to get done to my old house.  Most of the items are all rather small things….other than building two walls and painting all of the rooms… but I must admit my old friend “B”(who I have been spending time with) has been a big help. 


One thing that has been on the top of my list is to rid my house of mice.  My lazy 3 legged wonder of a cat is lacking in the mouser department.  His idea of an extra snack is Sierah’s birdies….not mice.  When she brings the cage down and sets it on the dinning room table for cleaning….Charlie Tuna seems somehow to know this is happening…no matter where he is at in the house… he comes running…. and stalks around the table until someone leaves him alone in the room with them… then he promptly gets on top of the cage and peers down at the birds while twitching his tail and licking his chops……Interestingly enough the birds don’t seem worried about him, they go on as business as usual…..I yell into the kitchen….”Sierah…..Tuna-man is about to eat Pettie and his girlfriend”…..She yells from the kitchen “CHARLIE I’m gonna get you!”  He doesnt even bat an eye.


As far as the mouse goes, I have seen Charlie look at the bottom of the frig and into a kitchen cabinet that wont close all the way for extended periods of time so I knew we had some mice…. but I have never seen him even attempt to catch a mouse….nor have I had any tiny mice carcass left anywhere for me…. 


This is where my friend “B” came in today.  I hate setting those snap traps so this morning he set three traps for me.  I wont use sticky traps because there is just something so cruel about them……Once last year I had to remove two sparrows off of a sticky trap at work.  They had flown into the garage and somehow gotten stuck.  It broke my heart to see them stuck on there, struggling…still alive.  What a horrible death.  It took me two hours to free them…. minus most of their feathers.


I feel the same way about the mice…I would rather the snap trap bring them to an abrupt end, than to have them stuck to the sticky trap screaming or trying to chew off body parts to free themselves…eww @ just the thought.


I went home at lunch today and peered under the sink….one of my little visitors had taken the peanut butter bait and the snap trap had worked as intended….


ONE down, 399 more to go……


*Makes mental note to self…..”Buy extra large can of peanut butter this week.”  Damn mice.




  1. Oh those glue traps……
    I remember the first time i used one…I thought i was going to die…I kept going down to the cellar to see if life had ended…and it just never did….I was devatated..the poor thing just kept looking at me while he couldnt move a thing ..I swear I made 25 trips down stairs and just kept looking to see if it was moving…Im with you laura…..the snap trap is the way to go  Good Luck! di

  2.    I was looking at your pictures of Mr. Charlie….and I couldn’t help but wondering if he is polydactyl.  He looks a lot like my cat (who is polydactyl)  so naturally I looked at his feet and couldn’t tell.  Silly question, sorry.  I have 3 kitties in my home…and I bought them one of those remote controlled mice, to see how they reacted….it was a failed experiment.  It’s no wonder the shelter we got them from said they were quite willing to come inside…they were probably starving what with being left to their own devices.  Anyways…good luck with your mice population.  XD

  3. Both of my cats spend an inordinate amount of time catching wild prey and dropping them on my doorstep when they go outside but neither of them have EVER caught a mouse in the house.  They only time one of them did was when we trapped a mouse in the bathroom and stuck the cat in with it and then my husband had to coach her from the sidelines.  A trap would have been easier but not as funny as listening to hubby telling her to "Get it, there it is, get it!" over and over and visualizing him standing on the toilet with his coaches hat and whistle around his neck!  LOL – Good luck on the rest of your mouse hunt!

  4. Di~  Ugh…..I hate em too!  gesh.  Poor lil guys…..
    Pallas~  A what?  I swear I have no idea what that is.  Is that one with the extra toes?  Do tell….
    Kat~  lol…..that is too funny……your husband, the cat-coach.  I need to send Charlie Tuna for some training……
    My friend Robin emailed me a story about putting traps in Walmart bags so she wouldnt have to touch them….I thought that sounded like a GREAT idea until she said it didnt work……..darn!  Good idea Robin……..You made me laugh this morning!
    (email)  Janet~  I feel the same way as you do about the mice……..they are so damn cute, but I hate to find the little turds……lol
    No more mice were caught last night.  Acacia and I laughed that it might of been just one like on that movie "Mouse trap"…….the two guys, an old house and the mouse……..I think that is what it was called………lol

  5. aww, that Charlie Tuna is adorable!  Even if he is lacking in the mouser dept!  (i.e. lazy) hehe.

  6. My Mom uses a different set of traps that dont kill. It a plastic rectangular box that traps the mouse inside but it cant get back out. You then take the mouse somewhere else, a park or woods, just anywhere NOT near your house,  and release it.  She has caught many mice that way without having to kill them or leave them to suffer.

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