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It is rather funny that most people are blissfully unaware of the unusual tics, OCD’s or idiosyncrasies that many of the people around them have……I actually have many… and when people who have known me for a long time discover one of my many quirks they always seem rather surprised.  To me… is just a part of life.  It seems that often times people are interested or amused by this.


Maybe people are just as surprised about me as I was the other night when I watched my eldest daughter repeatedly (10 or 15 times) lap on hand sanitizer.  I thought to myself…..“Oh no, not a germ-a-fobe”…..  I actually had a serious bout with being a germ-a-fobe around the time she was born and it lasted for years…….I am not sure exactly what made it pass but thank goodness it did.  Some peoples lives are completely overwhelmed with this illness……I was a lucky one.


Sierah has been advanced since the day she was born……always doing things very early, even as a tiny baby…  and then as a very young child being moved directly out of pre-school to a magnet school (She scored the highest score on her DIAL test out of her entire school and was then we were offered a choice of any magnet school in the city) and was then enrolled into a school for the fine arts and was mainstreamed in a program for gifted children.  Years later she scored so high on her ISTEP test in middle school that Northwestern University wanted her to come to College and skip High School all together. 


Brag session on my daughter…..not actually, just trying to remind people that they shouldn’t always associate people with tics or “quirks” with people who are mentally slow……they effect many different people……all ends of the spectrum.


When Devon was diagnosed with the Tourettes and we saw Doctor after Doctor they always asked about family history of Tics and OCD’s.  Interestingly enough that’s when I realized Sierah had several……one that still effects only her and no one (unless she tells them) would ever know is that she has to eat things in twos.  (Items like skittles or French fries.)  If she has an uneven amount of them she either wont eat the last one, gives it to someone else, or throws it away.  Yesterday while Tricia, Marcus, Sierah and I were all together we were eating twizler bites.  I ate a few but didn’t want anymore.  Sierah came over and handed me one……I said “No thank you”……she just stood there looking at me and then said, “Marcus gave me an extra one on purpose.”  So I ate it for her.  It never use to effect anyone other than her but the other day we were all at Pizza Hut and I had an uneven amount of things on my plate and she asked me to get another one……I obliged.  Maybe becoming a little more advanced……but they do tend to worsen or wane…..nature of the beast I guess.


I cant say any of my OCD’s are like that but I have a few……..I have a serious problem “splitting a pole.”  I am sure it is something that started with me as a superstition but now it has increased in intensity.  Last night I noticed it when taking groceries out of the car…..the “pole” was the tree in the park strip between the street and my side walk.  Acacia was taking groceries out of the car too and I hadn’t noticed what way she went……I stood and paused and actually thought about it for a moment….trying not to split the pole.  She must of noticed and said, “I can’t believe how many people at school wont split a pole.” 


Maybe it’s just superstition…..or maybe something else……but whatever it is if you’re ever walking with me…..please try not to split the pole… might just have to go back and go back around it the right way.  (Just ask Devon….we all routinely make him go back around the pole!) 


“Devon!  You split the pole!”  ***As he slowly walks back, hanging his head down shaking it back and forth…….




  1. I am sorry; I have NO idea what Split the pole means?

  2. I love it! I have so many OCD’s and quirks!  They worsen and wane…just like you said, but I’m still weird.  Eating things in two’s is a great one.  I used to only be able to eat one thing at a time and there was an order.  No overlaping.  I got over that one sometime in college.  I won’t even get into my current issues!  🙂 

  3. my sister was like that too! she hated odd numbers and you would have to make sure her candy was even numbers only when you gave it to her. my thing is always checking the stove to make sure i turned it off and  making sure i locked the back door. sometimes it goes away but i notice when i am stressed it gets much worse. i also hate capital letters. i never use them except at work when i have to!!

  4. Hi,
    I also have never heard of split the pole…..Does it mean you all go the same way round it ? Hows the puppy ? Can we have an update please xxx

  5. Tee hee ha ha another similarity!!!  HA!  I too can’t stand when people split the pole… to get "over" it my grandma taught me to rub my fingers together middle and pointer and say bread and butter… It helps me… I know it’s crazy but it helps… tee hee
    Oh and I visited a blog you list the Rolling Ranch… HOLY COW!!  What amazing people!!!  Hmmmm I’m thinking of a fundraiser some how… my Polish brain is working…watch out world!  Can you smell the smoke coming from Michigan yet?  tee hee   
    Also, do you really have 2 sets of twins?   And darn that puppy is BEAUTIFUL!!  Thanks for being you!

  6. Not quite sure what split the pole is either but I do know that all of us have a few things we are OCD about.  My worst one is the order of things that I have to do in the shower, if I get it out of sequence I have to start all over again.  If my mind is wandering I sure have some clean hair and smooth legs for the day!

  7. Hey guys!  Oh sorry…..split the pole means when two or more people are walking together and they go different directions around a pole, a doorway, etc……..
    The puppy…..he is doing GREAT.  Fat and sassy.  I will soon be trying to place him.  We are working on potty training right now.
    Yes.  I have two sets of twins that are one year apart.  So the kids now are ages 18 15, 15, 14 and 14. 
    A fundraiser for Rolling Dog Ranch.  I love it!

  8. It’s kind of funny that Sierah has to eat things in two’s, and of all your kids, she’s the only "single".  Very interesting. 

  9. I know with my ex-wife and me, it was having a second child that got us over the germ issue… Plus, clean up enough kid/dog/cat puke/poop/pee and you either go to the funny farm or get over it.
    My last ex-girlfriend (surprisingly 4 years ago!) refused to drive under train bridges during an active crossing, and she was known for constantly counting stuff. My current – also a fan of yours – cannot stand unmade beds. And when we go out for meals, she always orders her milk with her entree…and gets ticked when they forget (which they usually do).
    Here’s where I tell you about MY idiosyncracies:

  10. David~  Tell her I have the same issue with unmade beds…………….I thought no one else had that…….

  11. I love hearing about little compulsions! They never have any good reason, but they sure are hard to stop!

  12. Oh my gosh I am so confused.  I have no idea what it means to "split the pole."  My son has had many tics in his lifetime: finger snapping, snorting, smiling, high pitched noises, clearing his throat.  He probably has some now, but they are normal to me.  Now I am going to be watching him more closely… Stop by and tell me what it means to split the pole, unless you just want to make me die of curiosity. ;-). 

  13. knock knock – you there?!  😉

  14. About to send out a search crew…

  15. I see you lurking…come out of hiding!

  16. Yup, I have a small degree of OCD, I have worked with clients that are overwhelmed with theirs. Have a good week, hugs, Kat Soft Place to Fall, A Safe Place to Heal, A Great Place to Grow

  17. No OCD problems here but I found out that I have a horrible family member who obviously doesn’t like animals.  There is a link in my new blog entry.  You will be appalled.  I am. 

  18. agrees with all of those below…..We need to put out an APB on Laura

  19. Hello…
    I myself always count…I hate it !!!!!
    Love your dogs..I have to add some o mine to my site
    I see no one has been on here in a while…
    email me….

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