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They say whatever you are doing New Years Eve you will be doing the rest of the upcoming year….based on last year, I concur……..last year on New Years Eve I drank a couple glasses of wine, had a fire in the fireplace, read a book and went to bed about 10PM.  (I guess you can say that was a normal Saturday night routine for me the following year…..)  This year I ate a plate of hot wings, drank a coke float, had some chips and dip while I lost at the game of Sorry to Jenna and Acacia, whooped Acacia’s little bootie 3 times in checkers……..watched about 4 episodes of the CSI marathon and called it a night at around 10:30……Acacia woke me up at about 11:55 and said “Mom, it’s about to be midnight”……I thought to myself…..and your point is?  Rolled over and went back to sleep.  Neighbors shooting off guns at midnight woke me a few minutes later…….


Okay, call me a party pooper……I’ve been called worse.  There was a time in my life that I was the life of the party…..threw the best parties ever…..would drive 24 hours straight thru to Fort Lauderdale JUST to party for 2 days and then drive home……..but now…….being a homebody is good for me.  Give me the party pooper hat… I’ll wear it.




I took the kids…….and a couple of the boyfriends to the movies this weekend.  There are so many of us we have to go in two cars…. And because I’m cheap we stop and get pops and snacks from the gas station BEFORE we go to the movie.  (We all go into the movie loaded down with bags of junk food and pops in our pockets)  We had a nice time and I am happy to say that I am really happy with Acacia’s choice in her boy…..he is polite, well mannered, treats Acacia respectfully, has a great sense of humor, works at the Boys and Girls club, loves basketball and can roll with the punches at my house.  (Oh and all the dogs like him too!)  He has big shoes to fill following in Marcus’s shadow…because we all adore Marcus and he is now a permanent fixture in our family…but I think Jamell will be just fine.  He’s a good kid.




I can’t believe how fast this past year has flown by.  Today is the start of a bran new year….Overall this past year been a good year for me… with just a couple of blips along the way.  You can’t expect the good stuff in life without hitting a couple of road bumps.  (A few of my road bumps this year were just a bit bigger than rest) 


I think people forget growing pains don’t stop when you become an adult….the pains just get bigger and more costly. (Lord knows I’ve had my share)  In life I guess it’s a package deal…….good with the bad.  I’m just looking for more good than bad this coming year……..but aren’t we all?  J 




Happy New Year my friends…….lets make it a great one!




  1. love the new pictures!  The pup is gaining weight!  wanted to tell you to watch The Dog Whisperer on Jan 5th……Author Jogn Grogan (Marley and Me) gets help with his yellow lab gracie from Cesar!  Happy New Year!-Robin

  2. Your new year sounds alot like mine, boring and safe.  Love the pictures of all the dogs, what a crew you have.  Have a great new year!

  3. Oh the new puppy is way adorable!  Does he have a name yet?  Happy new year to you and your family, the furry ones too!

  4. Happy New Year Laura-  What a precious puppy-  People are nuts- Just plain out of their minds- I’m so glad he found you- His name should be "Lucky" but Budha is cute-  Hope the new year is a good one because you certainly deserve it- I think you need a bigger bed!

  5. Happy New Year, Laura!  Buddha is too cute!  So is Diggie.  🙂  Love the pic with all the pups on your bed.  Too sweet.  Sounds like you had a fun New Year’s day, and you could have passed the party pooper hat on to me on New Year’s eve, as I didn’t go out, nor did I watch Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest… Just wasn’t feeling it, and it was fine by me!
    Here’s to a fabulous 2007 to one and all!  toot-toot! *party streamers everywhere* *confetti*  😉

  6. *hyperventilating* I was stuck in an airport on New Years Eve, please, please, please don’t tell me I’ll be doing that for the rest of the coming year. 

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