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We have a new (temporary) addition to our family.  He is an 8-month-old toy poodle named “Diggie.”  (Marcus, Sierah and I combined picked his name…Marcus actually picked it and the two of us agreed….)


Once Sierah and Marcus get an apartment he will be going to live with them.  L  I am sure I will miss him… he is the sweetest little thing.  He remained with the little old lady who had him because he was too large….his parents were teacup poodles…….teeny tiny little boogers.  To me he is tiny……but to them he was too big.  I am not exactly sure of his weight but I would guess him at about a whopping 8 to 10lbs.  A size that is perfect for the size requirements of the apartment complex.


My love for dogs grew from the relationship I had with my poodle Dino who grew up with me.  He accompanied me everywhere I went……he played, slept and ate with me…..well, ate all of the peas or anything else I refused to eat that I tossed to him under the table to him when my Mother and Father weren’t looking.  He rode in the basket on my bike or ran along with me when I was pushing myself around on my skateboard.  Anywhere I went, Dino went.  When he passed away the Vet estimated his age at over 16 years old.  My Mother had rescued him and we were never exactly sure of his age. He was the best dog ever and secured my admiration for not only poodles but dogs in general.


This morning Diggie met the rest of the K-9 gang at my house and the introduction went smoothly…..Diggie thinks he’s a big dog and held his own showing no sign of fear of the rest of them.  He simply wanted to play……He even met Charlie Tuna today and seemed surprised Charlie didn’t want to play with him.  Diggie stuck his bootie up in the air and barked at Charlie inviting him to play…..Charlie hissed at him, turned and hopped away.  (Charlie Tuna has zero tolerance for silliness)  Diggie looked at me like, “Gesh, what’s wrong with him?”




  1. Laura, you are so cool. I think they should do a movie about you and your family (pooches included).
    My first dog was a pomeranian I named Pretty because she was so pretty. She died when she was 14 years old. I cried for days. It still hurts now when I think about it. I am terrible at handling death of loved ones. When one of my chihuahuas, Yoda, died I was so sad I had to take 2 days off of work. We rescued him from a seized puppy mill few months earlier when he was already 11 – 12 years old and his health was deteriorating. He went from a super shy old dog to super friendly and outgoing little chihuahua. I miss him so much.

  2. Congrats on the new (temporary) addition (have I heard that somewhere before??). Sounds super gorgeous – but teeeeeny tiny!

  3. Ahhh, you….  🙂

  4. Can’t wait to see pics of Diggie.  Her personality seems to fit right in with the whole crew!

  5. tee hee ha ha …..l o l  … tee hee ha ha…..temporary….now that is funny Laura!!   Silly, don’t you know that Marcus and Siera are going to live with you forever and so is Diggie?!?!?  tee hee temporary… tee hee ha ha… Can’t wait to see the photos of your newest member of the household…. tee hee temporary.. tee hee ha ha…  I’m glad the pooch was able to re-kindle yet more of your fabulous animal memories….  love your spirit, love your blog, and love love love your sense of humor… temporary… tee he ha ha

  6. Lita~  If they did a movie on me…….no one would believe it… life is too crazy sometimes.  I can still cry when I think about Dino.
    Diane~  I did take photos of him this morning, just didnt have time to download them yet.
    dobby~  YES…..Temporary!  🙂
    Beverly~   🙂
    Kat~  Diggie fit in with the rest of the crew perfect.
    Silly me~  tee hee hee……NOT FUNNY!  :)~   lol  Oh where is it you live again?  I could send the whole crew to come live with you!  Hope youve got a big house!  🙂

  7. Never a dull moment in your house!  What’s one more, right?  You are the epitome of "one-big-happy-family".  Enjoy the holiday and best wishes.

  8. My first dog was a poodle, a toy poodle.  His name was Sir Charles O’Christy III, but we called him Bimbo, he would hump ANYTHING!  My uncle came up with the nickname.  My grandparents used to breed poodles but he was the runt, which turned out to be the biggest one of the litter.  It always worked out that way with the poodles.  Wierd?  Can’t wait to see picks.

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