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At about 3:00AM last night I woke to the sound of an upchucking dog……Well, the pre-upchucking noise.  I sat half way up in bed and realized it was Bear and he was standing on my bed about to puke on the bed.  Oh No!


I gave him a quick boot off of the bed, he jumped down, continued the noise and then yacked.  Once he was done he jumped back up onto the bed and laid down like nothing ever happened.


I laid down and thought, “Oh great, I need to go downstairs and get the paper towels and a plastic bag…I must of dozed back off…..the next thing I know I wake up to my cell phone ringing…..I jumped up out of the bed, ran around the bed to get the phone and guess what I stepped in?  BAM!  A big pile of Doggie Hair Ball Yack.


Eww……that was so nasty……





  1. HAHA! Oh the beauties of owning dogs. You must have not been happy.
    Hoping the rest of the day went better!
    Did you watch Ugly Betty? Do you want her with current boyfriend or crush? I know it’s terrible but I really like the crush. Current boyfriend annoys me. I know, I’m evil

  2. Yuck!!  They are especially bad when they are a cold wet hairball.  My cat blesses me with these little gifts once in a while, he sounds like a seal when he’s coughing it up. 

  3. When either of my cats coughed up a hairball, I used to jump up immediately – even at 3 AM – to clean it up right away.  Notice I wrote "used to…"  🙂  I, too, have gotten out of bed, only to step into those "wonderful" piles.  yuk!  Whenever that happens I think, "Karma, baby."  lol

  4. Liz~  I am rooting for the crush too! 
    Teri~  lmao@ sounds like a seal………..heh
    Beverly~  Karma is a trip isnt it?  lol  Well at least it wasnt poo…….

  5. If you keep a bear in your house I suppose it was bound to happen soon or later. 🙂

  6. My sentiments exactly – Ewww–that was so nasty :).

  7. NO WAY! You have to read the blog that I just wrote today!  What the hell is going on with the dogs!?!?!?

  8. Ohhh,gross.I am surprised he didn’t clean it up himself,although I hate how they do that too.Toby and pete have both had the flu recently,yak and poo on the truck floor,and I have to clean it up,Hubby can’t take the smell.Weak stomach,I have hardly no sense of smell,so guess who gets detail Toby butt has still gotten icky a couple more times since the flu,so I changed them back to lamb and rice until his stomach settles back to normal.Brittany’s are known for sensitive tummies.You will have to make yourself get back up next time.

  9. Been there, done that. Feel for ya. Just did the "bare foot on wet rawhide" thing recently…
    So this answers a question I had. Ubu tends to lick his legs and paws like a cat. I have NEVER had a dog that does this. As much as he sheds, I am amazed we have not had a "doggy hairball" yet. Now I know that’s possible – and inevitable, I imagine.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh yeah…in case you want it: you don’t have enough to visit already…)

  11. Oh yeah…in case you want it: you don’t have enough to visit already…)

  12. So I saw your comment and decided to come by and see whats up.I didn’t really look at the photo album last vist.The pix of the kids are great.I said it when you shot her grad. pix,but you have an eye for portrait style photography.Love the natural posing in your shots.I never knew S and M (eww now,that doesn’t sound good does it?) were a couple.So sweet together.

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