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About 1:00AM Cheyenne decided she wanted to go out, I hear her stir around then I hear her toenails (click ~ click ~ click) from one side of the bed to the other.  I say, “Cheyenne, go lay down.”  (Trying to get some more shuteye)   She paused then did as I requested.  10 minutes pass… ~ click ~ click…she’s back, next to the bed looking at me with that “I wanna go out look”….”Cheyenne go lay down”……15 minutes pass and I hear her toenails again, this time she pushes my foot with her head to let me know she was serious…. so I get up, try to find my slippers in the dark head down the stairs (without falling) and let her out…….


Now most dogs who go out to go potty in the middle of the night, will do their business and come back to the door…..not Cheyenne.  She has to pee in 3 locations, sniff every leaf in the yard and poop in two locations and then tool around the yard sniffing.  While I stand there tapping my toe, arms crossed, waiting. 


Then does she come back to the door?  NoOoooOoo.  She wants to throw a toy up in the air like I’m going to come out in the yard at 1:30AM in my panties and undershirt and throw the rope with her. 


I say, “Cheyenne, come on!”  She comes sulking back into the house slower than molasses up hill.


By the time we got back upstairs she went into Sierah’s room instead of my bedroom so I just went into my room and shut the door……got into the bed, got comfortable…..


Click ~ Click~ Click (Out in the hallway heading toward the bathroom) Then I hear her drinking out of the toilet……”Cheyenne get outta the toilet!”  Click ~ Click ~ Click (really fast ~ back towards Sierah’s room.)


15 minutes pass…..I get comfortable again, start to doze off…….Click ~ Click ~ Click (Then I hear a loud scratch on my door)  Cheyenne was out there and wanted in…….I sat up in the bed and yelled “GO LAY DOWN!!!”   CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! (as she zooms back to Sierah’s room)


By this time I’m sitting up in the bed, looking frazzled.  Glancing at the clock and realizing I have to be up in about 2 hours for work…….while Ms. Cheyenne will spend her day sleeping………Lucky Dog.


**Make mental note to self; cut Cheyenne’s toenails tonight……




  1. Cheyenne is a night person,LOLNot Toby,if he bugs at night you best get up.Pete on the other hand will pace if you don’t shut him in and tell him to lay down.Ol Pacin Pete.LOL Dogs ta just gotta love em,they each have thier own little quirks and personalities.

  2. click~click~click *just to annoy Laura*

  3. My dog Lucky does the same thing at night.

  4. I think I did the same thing last night but it was me driving the dogs crazy.  I had a tummy ache and kept getting up and going back and forth from the bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and every time I would get up and move they both had to get up and follow and since I was grumpy I kept yelling at them to go lay down.  They probably discussed how I screwed their sleep up the next morning after I left for work, LOL!

  5. Oh yea, liking the Christmasy colors of the blog :)!

  6. Lmao!!! Can SO relate to this! I swear my dogs snore louder if I let them sleep in the same room with me….. They enjoy how wild I get without being able to do anything about it – can’t tell a dog off for sleeping can I? They’re clever little mites…..

  7. aahhh…the life of a pooch… all night …sleep all day…..

  8. Well, it could be worse, when my dog "spoons" me then has doggie running dreams i get a full blown massage on my back.!……but i dont like the noises that come out of her mouth!  It wont show my name!  sorry!!!  -Robin

  9. I reached a new Internet low, Laura.
    I put Ubu on Dogster…
    Just shoot me.

  10. Sorry…TAG YOUR IT!!! Go to my site to see what it’s all about!!!

  11. Well, I don’t have a dog story, but my cat can keep me up all night sometimes too.  She likes to kneed my hair while purring to beat the band.  This is great at 2am!  At least I know when she needs her claws clipped.  Ouch!
    I’m kind of lucky on most days though because she has gotten into the habit to actually wait until I open my eyes in the morning before she starts in (this is an everyday thing).  It used to be at all hours of the night, but now she will come bounding up to my head when I stir and look at her.  Some mornings I know she’s there and only open my eyes the slightest bit so I can see her, but she can’t tell my eyes are open.  She just sits there waiting.  But if she thinks it’s taking too long she will let out a little kitty chirp (I don’t know what else to call it, but I’m sure you know the noise I’m talking about).
    Gotta love our four legged friends!

  12. Oh my gosh! This is sooo funny! You wrote this entry so well I saw everything as you described it. Needless to say I was cracking up!

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