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Thanksgiving is normally at my house but due to my house being in the middle of a remodel I thought it best not to have it here this year……It’s a good thing because I have drywall dust everywhere and Wednesday the guys working on my house left my entire upstairs filled with ladders, paint, spackle, tools, etc……..My hallway looks something more like a workshop than a hallway.


In absence of my house being available for the Thanksgiving gathering we all gathered at my cousin’s house.  It was great, she had it all decorated for Christmas, had wonderful food but her place is incredibly small for lots of people to all pile in for a Holiday.  I don’t do so well in tight spaces with lots of people so I kind of hung close to the front door and every time I started to feel claustrophobic I just opened the door.  Air! Air! Air…. (It does help.)


I thought me feeling so hot and uncomfortable was due to my fobia effecting me because of all of the people at my cousins and the tight quarters and little kids screaming, but later that night it became apparent that was not the case at all……the flu bug had been knocking on my door.  (Loudly!)  Luckily when it really hit, it only really lasted just over 24 hours, but today Devon has fallen victim to the same bug……the rest of the kids will inevitably come down with it like Dominos.  L  (Sorry guys) 


This morning I talked to my friend Tricia early and she said, “You need to just take it easy today….relax.”  (She knew better.)  I did rest for a couple hours then my sister called and it was time for me to set myself in motion and take her to the places she needed to go.  We did our normal running around then went out for a cup of coffee and on the way home I decided to swing past the park and walk (stroll) with Bear. (He was in tow) 


It was 60 degrees and sunny the end of November in Indiana, how could I resist?  I ended up walking my normal walk until my ankle started to feel really tight, called Marcus and Sierah and asked if they wanted to take some photos together while it was so nice out.  Came home, raked the front yard, cleaned up dog doo in the back yard, went back to the park with the kids, walked almost my entire walk again and took photos along the way, came back home and mowed the yard, washed and hung blankets on the line, cleaned up the yard, etc…….I was fine until my head started to hurt again, but other than that I think the fresh air did me some good.  I am feeling better today.  (Thank goodness.)  Resting didn’t seem to be in the picture for me today.


Since I have been sick Charlie has drove me crazy laying on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love for him to love on me and curl up in my lap, but he has been on me so much the last 3 days that I don’t know when he has had time to do much else, including eating or using the rest room……..gesh……This cat has been up my rear end 24/7 the last few days.  The bad part is once he has settled down on me I don’t move for a long time because I always feel so guilty because he looks so comfortable and I hate to move him…….so then I’m stuck, me stuck sitting in some position for a really long time with a leg going to sleep and him curled up in “warm lap bliss”….  But he has gotten so bad in fact that when I do decided to get up and move… as soon as I pick him up and put him down on the floor… he is jumping right back onto my lap before I can even get up off of the couch.  When I set him back down for the second time he gives me a loud disagreeable meow in protest and proceeds to follow me to my next destination.  (Don’t let it be the bathroom or he meows to get on my lap in there too.)  Crazy cat!  I don’t know what’s gotten into him……


Well, it’s about time for me to pick Acacia back up from the movies…….maybe by the time I get home I’ll be able to get some rest! 





  1. Laura,
    I love your blog!! I have been reading your blog since it was featured on best of msn blogs.
    Just like you, I own 5 dogs (3 Chihuhuas and 2 black Lab mix) and 5 cats. The cats are all rescued and 3 of the dogs are rescued as well(one Chihuahua and black lab mix). Both my husband and I volunteer heavily at our neighborhood’s animal rescue group. In fact, we both helped started it. Anyways, I just want to tell you that your blog is awesome. I enjoy reading it so much.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hey Laura –
    Hope you feel better soon.  Charlie Tuna cracks me up!  I feel guilty, too, when I want to get up, and Benny is sleeping so comfortably on my lap.  🙂  Sounds like Charlie has gotten even more affectionate after the Porkchop run-in.  Love the pic of him sleeping on your chest.  And love, love, love all of your new pics – especially the ones with (what looks like) fog.  Beautiful. 

  3. Hope you feel better soon. The pictures of Marcus and Sierah are too cute. She looks adorable in pink. Thanks so much for your words over on my blog. I am working hard.
    Sorry to hear you were sick over the Holiday. I envy your walks. Every day I say I will start doing that with Stu but I never get around to it and I want him to get used to it now while he’s a pup.
    You sound like my mom with everyone telling you to rest and you doing the opposite. =)
    Feel better soon dear….
    P.S. I missed Ugly Betty on Thursday =(

  4. gotta love passing the germs around…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t… :o)

  5. Wow,another one down with Flu,I am beginning to believe the net has figured out how to infect us all,LOL Charlie Tuna,he has been possessed by the Kling-ons,LOL Pete is like that 24/7 too,all 73 lbs.Geesh.You hate to do it,but some times you just have to put your foot down.They give you such sad eyes.

  6. Lita~  Love it!  Another crazy person with 5 dogs!  🙂  And cats too!  🙂  Glad you do what you do!  Thank you for visiting and hanging in there for a year! 
    Beverly~  Those pics were of fog Thanksgiving morning, Taryn and I walked to the park and decided to take some pics, it was honestly almost too foggy for the pictures. 
    Liz~  I liked the pics of them too!  Sierah and Marcus are good together.  I adore him for my daughter.  I missed Ugly Betty too!  😦    I am keeping you in my prayers…..stay strong.
    Skrumshz~  We are always passing around those crazy germs………grr
    Tani~  You said it exactly right, he has turned into a Kling-on………crazy cat!
    Laura   xoxo

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