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Yesterday I took Cheyenne to the Vet first thing in the morning.  She has an ear infection, got some new ear wash and some ear drops…we will return in two weeks to make sure it is doing better and hasn’t turned into something else.  Other than that, the Vet said she looks really healthy.


Cheyenne was her usual lady like self at the Vet’s office.  Despite her being my oldest dog, they seldom see her at the office because she is extremely healthy.  The young female Vet was there and not Old Doc Kerley…. he would have been excited to see here…..Cheyenne’s Mom use to come to see him.  I would of liked to ask him if she is still around.  None the less I do like the young Doctor, it is just hard to get past the fact she looks like she is about 17 years old.  (Maybe I’m just getting old.)


While in the exam room the Vet tech was chatting with me, she has known me for years and she kept OOOing and Ahhhing over Cheyenne and how sweet she was.  I said watch this and did the “Shoot her with my finger” trick where I point my finger like a gun and say “bang” and she lays down and then rolls onto her side and plays dead.  I swear this Vet tech thought that was the funniest thing ever so she ran out and got the ladies at the front desk and the Vet to have them watch her do it again……..I guess the excitement of all of those people coming to see Cheyenne left her unable to contain herself enough to do her trick.   She went straight to the doorway where they all stood, wagging her entire body trying to act cute for her audience while I sat there saying “Bang, bang, bang” till she finally looked over at me and realized what I was doing and then did the fastest flop to the floor……..(guess she couldn’t hear me) and every body died laughing.  It actually was kind of funny, she did it in such a way she almost appeared to be “showing off.”  I said, ‘Sometimes I have to shoot her 6 times before she dies!”  Ha.


Anyway once we left the Vet’s I decided I would walk at the park, it was a dreary day but it was about 49 degrees out.  I took Cheyenne home and picked up Bear.  Cheyenne cant make my long walk any more and I knew I would be walking further than normal today because I didn’t have to be anywhere for hours and I needed to relax…….I find walking, being outdoors and being with any of my dogs brings me down a notch when I’m feeling stressed.


We pulled up at the park and it looked like a deserted island.  I think there might have been one car where we normally park.  (Normally there is about 30.)  But I would say in this time of the year in Indiana the only people still walking at the park are the diehard health enthusiast and/or dog people.  I love walking in the fall because the wood are bare and you can see things you cant normally see.  One part of my walk takes me past large beautiful houses and I am always fascinated with looking at them…..dreaming maybe. 


There is a path that goes entirely around the golf coarse and that is normally where I go but there is another path that goes off of park property and goes for miles in another direction.  Now when I say path….these are really nice trails paved with black top.   I am not actually hiking.


As I approached that stretch of trail this guy passed me with two dogs in the car, I took a long look at one of the dogs because he took a long look at me.  A beautiful black and white boarder collie with a half black, half white face…. Bear was clueless my eye was wondering as he trotted along continuing his squirrel patrol. 


The man drove down as far as he could on park property and parked.  When he got out I noticed by the dogs movements they were not leashed, he glanced back at me but he didn’t seem concerned about Bear or I, and the dog shot off in the opposite direction of me…. obviously a walk they had frequented numerous times. 


I must admit I found a great deal of joy watching this older man and his dogs while they walked about a half city block ahead of me.  We kept almost the same pace.  Anyone who doesn’t believe dogs feel joy or exhibit emotion might have changed their mind had they seen this k-9 duo romping and running, chasing squirrels and zooming back and forth playing.  They were obviously extremely happy.  Grins on those doggie faces from ear to ear.


The man periodically would send the boarder collie out with hand signals and the other dog followed……pushing thru brush and tall grass deep into the woods almost to the river.   Where there were now bare trees and fallen leaves, not long ago that area was covered in enough leaves and green growth that you wouldn’t of been able to see them 5 feet into the woods……you now could see the dogs both twisting in and out of trees sniffing, digging and chasing squirrels.  They were a joy to watch.


The silence of my serine walk was instantly broken by loud barking from my overly stimulated dog. Bear couldn’t contain himself watching the other dogs ripping and running.  He wanted to chase squirrels and run free too, but he couldn’t.  He would have to chase squirrels from the end of my 20-foot retractable leash.  There was going to be no running free for him today due to our cities leash law, (that I was obviously more concerned about than the guy with the two dogs) but his business of chasing squirrels didn’t get overlooked.  He chased every renegade squirrel he saw  for 3 and a half miles.  He loves chasing squirrels so much in fact he will sometimes slip out from under my fence just to go 4 feet further to the bottom of a large walnut tree to attempt a squirrel snack for lunch.  It never works, but you have got to give it to the guy for continuing to try. 


I enjoyed myself yesterday walking with my dog in the park, watching a man interact with his dogs whom I don’t even know…..none the less, it still brought a smile to my face and made me remember the old saying:


“The best things in life are free!”


You know what… they truly are,





  1. I ENJOYED THE WALK Laura.Yor descriptions so vivid I feel like I was there.Chetenne is so funny.With Toby and Pete the trick that really makes everyone amazed is that they High 5.Not far from shake really,but instead of placing paw in hand they swat at it.Toby speaks,it was funny I taught him,Hubby cam home and tried and he wouldn’t do it.He had to work at it.Voice differences I guess.Hard as I try I cannot get Pete to do it.Sit pretty and stand up both do also.Babe danced,but the best Toby will do is stand

  2. I with Tani, I felt like I was watching the squirrels run away from the  three dogs.  Does sound relaxing! 

  3. How wonderful…I can see how it would calm you tremendously. And yes, dogs get a lot of enjoyment out of things! You can see their smiles! You and that man were priviledged to enjoy the moment with your companions.

  4. Laura,
    I’m so glad that Cheyenne is o.k.  Hey since you are god’s gift to critters (well I think so at least and I’m sure there are many other humans that think so too, not to mention the critters) I have a question…. Have you ever had a traveling cat?  Or have you heard of one?  I’m trying to convince my husband to get another cat… (tough battle) and he said we are up at the cabin too much and he’d be home alone and that’s cruel.. I agree with that, however, I think the cat could just go with us.  I’d crate it, have a water bottle, like they have for bunnies… and it would just ride it the car with us… the trip we usually take is about 2.5 hours and the dog makes it fine.   I’m sure that the first couple of trips would be…loud… but wouldn’t he get used to it?  .. The husband again came back with that’s cruel too… I don’t think so… what are your thoughts???   I of course wouldn’t ask a 3 year old cat to do this, but a young cat should adjust shouldn’t he? 

  5. My favorite walks are with our dogs exploring the wild (as much wild as you can find in the suburbs, LOL).  We like to take them places that we can let them off of their leashes and let them explore to their hearts content.  Cuervo tends to scare people off, after all he is a 120 lb lab, but they are so well behaved and act like little kids in a candy store.  I am glad you enjoyed your walk and I am certainly glad that Cheyenne is okay.

  6. Tani~  Glad you enjoyed the walk too!  😉  A doggie high 5 IS a cool trick…….lol @ Toby and the stand!  🙂 
    Mannyed~  I love those walks!
    Jeankfl~  You said it exactly right!
    Silly me~  Yes!  I have….. and no, it’s not cruel in my opinion by any means.  My sister’s ex-husband had a cat that went everywhere he went, he also went to his cabin with the cat.  The cat got use to the car after a while and rode in the back window like a little dog.   
    He loved it and I think your cat would be just fine.  🙂
    Kat~  I see we both love the same thing!  🙂  I’m glad Cheyenne is okay too!  🙂

  7. Pork Chop is gorgeous. I’m jealous of their walk! I’ve always wanted to live near a park like that. I have yet to take my puppy on a walk like that. It’s not the same through the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing, it made me smile

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