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Yesterday when I got home for lunch Cheyenne wasn’t in her normal spot next to the stove in the kitchen, keeping watch on the back door.


I sat down my purse, cell phone and radio on the kitchen counter…….loved on the dogs who came to greet me and continued thru the dinning room into the living room looking for Cheyenne only to find her curled up on the couch fast asleep.  Not abnormal if I’m home and on the couch myself watching TV, but when I’m not at home she always waits in the exact same spot…she has ever since we moved into that house 4 years ago. 


The strangest thing in all of this was the fact that despite the sound of the back door opening, me sitting all of my items down on the counter, doggie toenails clicking on the hard wood floors like crazy, all the dogs swishing all around doing the happy dance, she didn’t budge, she never got up.  She never heard me.  Just lay there on the couch curled up in a tight ball fast asleep. 


It actually scared me…I thought OMG, Cheyenne is she OK?..…so I shouted “CHEYENNE” in this panicked voice!  She jumped up startled, twisting trying to right herself on the couch and then proceeded to go thru her normal routine of greeting me once she realized I was there…. while I sat there with my heart racing.  I’m surprised I didn’t give her a heart attack the way I shouted!


That truly scared me but it also reminded me of how old she actually is…..and Big Mama, as she is affectingly known at my house, is starting to show signs of her age.  She turned 12 this October and that is really getting up there for a dog her size.  


I am going to take her to the Vet this weekend to ease my mind…..I imagine it is just some hearing loss that is starting to set in with age but I just want to be sure. 


She is the only dog at my house that wasn’t a rescue.  I bought her when the kids and I moved into a house in a bad area.  I wanted a big dog that would possibly detour someone from breaking in.  And detour she did.


There was one occasion when she actually jumped thru a window to get a guy who was breaking into our house. 


On this particular night she literally came and woke me at about 3:00AM by poking me with her nose and led me directly to the porch door (it was an enclosed porch and the interior door was shut.)……I could hear a strange noise on the porch and Cheyenne murmured this low bellowing growl that I will never forget… I grabbed this baseball bat that I kept in my room, took a deep breath, held the bat in the air and flung the door open…….Cheyenne instantly hit the porch window (that had the guy with his arm stretch up inside of our porch on the other side trying to Jimmy the lock) and went straight thru the window.  Glass shattered, the guy yelled……I screamed, ran and got the phone and called 911.   


Instantly they were both gone……I went out the door and no one was there……no burglar and no Cheyenne.  I called her and called her….I started balling.  The police arrived a few minutes later and I was sobbing worried about Cheyenne.  I kept saying, “please let me go look for her….please, please, please.”  The cop refused to let me go because I could possibly run into the burglar and called for another police officer and animal care and control to drive around and look for her. 


About 10 minutes passed and I thought I saw her coming up the middle of the street……I rubbed my eyes and stood up.  I said, “Cheyenne!”  And she started trotting…….she was coming down the middle of the street just like some action hero at the end of a movie….chest poked all out, proud of her accomplishment.    


By the time she made it back to the house Animal Care and Control pulled up.  They gave her a through once over and she didn’t have as much as a scratch.  To this day I have no idea how she went thru that glass window and didn’t get cut. 


When Cheyenne came back to the house the police officer was really leery of her, I said, “She is really friendly don’t worry….”  He kind of hesitated because she came directly to him and sat down at his feet, looking straight up at him.  I couldn’t help but laugh because that was her daily routine with the mailman who carried biscuits for her every day……when he came to the house she would come up to him and instantly sit because she knew he was going to give her a treat.  Guess she thought the mailman came early that day!  I had to go in the house and get a doggie treat for him to give her so she would leave him alone!  J 




She is a wonderful dog and everything the breed should be and then some.  So many Rotties get a bad rap but I have got to say she was invaluable in helping me raise the kids alone… She helped me keep the kids safe all those years when we lived in an area that wasn’t exactly desirable.  She never let anyone enter the yard without me knowing, if I happened to be in the house while the kids were outside she didn’t allow them to enter the yard at all till I came out then she greeted them with her entire body wagging, she protected me numerous occasions without being “vicious”, she helped me screen prospective adopters for our rescue dogs ~ letting me know if she didn’t like someone, she protected, loved and even got empathy milk for numerous puppies we rescued an placed……..even kittens; grooming them and stimulating them to make them go to the bathroom like they were her own puppies.  I would often notice her in the yard herding the kids around to keep them together…….watching her do it always made me laugh.  The kids were clueless but she moved them around with the precision of a ranch dog herding sheep.


And lastly Cheynne is Tonka’s best friend.  When Tonka came to us she had been starved and abused and nearly died.  Cheyenne laid on the floor with me day after day when I ran IV fluids in Tonka trying to help her to live, she went in and out the door with me when I had to carry her in and out to go potty and most importantly she brought Tonka back from depression when her body finally re-bounded, her spirit was broken.  Cheyenne spent countless hours grooming and watching over her and never stopped asking her to play by dropping sticks in front of her or slinging a sock back and forth in front of her face while she danced back and forth in front of her acting silly.  Finally it worked and Tonka began to play and to this day she and Tonka are inseparable. ~  Favorite place to be is curled up in front of the fireplace together.  ZzzZzzzZZZzzzzing


I have been blessed to have her for 12 years and I only wish I could count on having 12 more with her…..I know that’s not going to happen but whatever time we do have left you better believe she will be spoiled and loved just like she always has been….I love my fatty-girl!  🙂


  1. I hope that Cheyenne is okay.  This story reminded me of the Rott that we had which we had to put to sleep because of her health.  She looked extremely mean and vicioius but was the biggest cuddly baby in the world.  Everyone in the neighborhood was scared of her and the electric company made us install a new meter in the front of the house because the meter reader was petrified.  She would have never harmed anyone unless they were planning on doing harm to one of us.  It amazed me that she had that gut instinct and I always thought it was funny how scared people were of her.  We sure miss Casey and hopefully Cheyenne will be just fine and you will have many more years of her companionship.  Have a great day!

  2. Laura- What a wonderful story of Cheyenne- You really should write a book about all your dogs.  Have a chapter on each one of them and their special story.  Cheyenne sounds wonderful.  I’m glad she’s ok… My doggie is starting to slow down too and she’s only 9.  It’s arthritis I know but it’s starting to worry me that it’s more than that. She’s had bloodwork recently too and everything’s ok.  She can chase a cat when she wants to tho so I think that’s she’s fine.  Just getting more laid back.  Take care! Denise

  3. A very special dog,for a very special woman.Your story of Rescues you have taken part of would be a good book.Maybe someday you will write it.I wish our Dogs lived as long as we,but then we wouldn’t have the chance to have so many wonderful animals come into our lives.

  4. Ilove em all Laura….everyone of your dogs …those pictures make me melt…..Im still looking….went to a shelter a few weeks ago to look at a greyhound…an hour and 15 minute drive one way  only to find out  and she hadnt been spayed and had only been off the track 4 days
    thats too much stress on a dog..the shelter in itself, being spayed, just coming off the track, not housebroken …i needed more than just a few days off to feel confident and give her the time she really needs….it just bothered me that under her picture it said spayed…like she was all set. And then when I told them I wasnt going to take her..the girl was like so cold…..never even tried to show me any other dogs….like i wasnt disppointed also you know? the whole deal left me feeling crummy…….

  5. oh…and i just have to say…that paragraph about cheyenne…trotting down the middle of the street like an action hero….i had this mental picture that was just too funny..i can just see the big momma….proud as peaches that she had done her job…..

  6. Kat~  I love my Rottie, are are all so often misunderstood.  Cheyenne also has such a great instinct.
    Denise~  I think that post was kind of working toward a book!  lol  After I read it I said phew! That was long…..!!
    Tani~  Thank you and yes, she is very special. 
    Diane~  It is sad the rescue didnt tell the truth….maybe they were going to get her in that week to be spayed….who know.  I say let the adopters know EVERYTHING you know and if you dont know much make sure you tell them that too!  I know you will find the right dog, you will know in your heart when you do.  I imagine the dog would of been okay, often if you take them when they are going thru so much it will then help you to bond as they get better.  The greyhounds may not be housetrained but they are always crate trained and are such wonderful dogs.  I adore them. 
    I cant believe they didnt show you another dog….they should of let you walk around and meet them on your own.  Find a dog you wanted to take out and meet. 
    The day I went to get Franny I kept looking at this little beagle pup that was so scared….it’s ear was in it’s water bowl and it was shaking, curled up in a ball, it wouldnt even make eye contact with me…..I hate I left that dog, I should of taken them both……..the thought of that little dog haunts me to this day.  😦   
    I pray you find the right dog……I may have a new rescue, I will know in two weeks.  (I will blog about it and his angel who saved him.)

  7. It’s tough to come to that realization that dogs are not immortal.  They should be.  I love my Brutus.  He’s my little man and my bundle of joy.  He’s 4 and a really good chihuahua.  I’ve loved all my pets as if they were family.  There has been O.J., Butch, Reggie and now Brutus.  I still cry for Reggie when I think of him.  He’s in heaven I guess bugging the heck out of Butch.  They weren’t the best of friends.  It’s funny how they know when we’re down and when they are needed.  I’m sure you’re dog will be fine.  Brutus sometimes doesn’t wake up to greet me either.  I think he’s just in a deep sleep or doesn’t feel like getting  up. He’s got some attitude as well.  I’ll keep Cheyenne in my prayers.  I love ALL dogs.  My dream is to open up an animal shelter for abandoned dogs.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. You are a SAINT!!!   I know how hard the old critter is on your heart.. I just had my boy Barney put down after 17 years together.  And now my dog is mourning and letting her age show more everyday… It’s very hard on the human mom to deal with.   My heart aches for my boy everyday and trying to give lot of love to the old dog to try and get her happy again… trying to convince the hubby that we need more critters is a tough one… I know it’s because his heart was broken when Barney left us. And he’s afraid of being hurt again.   I’ve been bringing it up casually… and tee hee I’ve never put the litter box away… it’s just sitting there clean, full and waiting to be used.  Can’t bring myself to put it away nor his food dish… I’ve looked at those for 17 years!  Can’t wait to hear about your adventure into your dream job… The job you need to show the critters of the world, dreams can come true for them.  Take care you!

  9. DrB~  Awh, I love little dogs……..I still can cry when I think of my very first dog Dino!  😦 
    Thank you for your post!
    Silly me~  I think you should get another critter!  Go down to the shelter and find one that speaks to your heart.  There are so many who are in need of a great new home!  Please keep me posted!

  10. Oh you move me so much with your stories! Lovely, caring, nurturing Cheyenne! What a wonderful helpmate you have!

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